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Here is Great PLR Package…this time on Affiliate Marketing…

plrartcover Affiliate Marketing PLR Package


  • Exclusive ebook (40-60 pages). These ebooks are available only with these package releases and are not available with PLR anywhere else.
  • Report that you can give away to build your list (exclusive content)
  • High Quality Website Design with full source code for all graphics, so you can easily edit them as you wish.
  • Professional Sales Page showcases each product (easily modified)
  • Squeeze Page designs (with full source code – all originally designed and exclusive to our site)
  • Article Packages (10-20 original articles with each package. You can use these on blogs, article directories or in email campaigns).
  • Autoresponder Series presells your product, and offers subscribers with your free report.
  • Keyword Swipe File reveals top keywords for each niche.
  • Affiliate Program Swipe File features high paying affiliate products in each niche, so you can easily add affiliate links to your download pages, or within email sequences


EXCLUSIVE:  All PSD source files included……


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plr simpler is better 225x225 Affiliate Marketing PLR Package

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The Craigslist Blackhat System are the same techniques responsible for making James Starr over $8,000 per month online. He used to work as a waiter making less than $2000 per month…now he lives a carefree lifestyle with no worries. Grab your membership right now and start making the money you’ve always dreamed about. It’s quick, easy, and simple…YOU CAN DO THIS! START RIGHT NOW!

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You get to look directly over the shoulder of one of the top Craigslist earners in the world! James Starr will guide you step by step as you watch him on his computer going through every little detail that will reveal how to start making thousands in no time flat.

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Secret Craigslist Cash Manual

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Easy Ad Suite Deluxe – Craigslist Autoposter

If you post more than one ad a day on Craigslist, then this may be the most important letter you ever read. I’m going to show you how to post a hundred times more ads than you can by hand, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, but the more I learned about EasyAd Poster the more I couldn’t believe I’d gone so long without it. It simply revolutionized how I marketed on Craigslist, and it can do the same for you too.


Craigslist Power Posting

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No matter your knowledge of Craigslist, you most read on… you’re marketing success depends on it!

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* You want to learn how to bulk post on Craigslist. You want to learn the secrets – how to place the same ad throughout the major cities like the top advertisers do, allowing you to pull in massive free traffic and revenue to your website.

* You’re looking for Craigslist software that will enable you to post faster (I am sorry, but this IS NOT software, its a down-and-dirty detailed ebook that includes a piece of hotkey software — read on to learn more! Want software instead? I promise you, you’ll need this book to make it work.)

* You want to know how to create killer, compelling Craigslist postings that pull in traffic that leads to sales.

* You want to know to repost your Craigslist ads so they will show at the top of the list to gain maximum exposure and advertising attention.

* You want to know why your multiple Craigslist ads are disappearing, are being blocked and/or “Ghosted” (Not showing up at all).

* You want to know how to completely cash-in on the power of Craigslist Advertising to its fullest degree.

* You already own a Craigslist Auto Poster and you feel special.. but its not working well at all! You want to learn how Craigslist really works – why your ads keep disappearing, getting blocked, etc. (In other words, you need a “Craigslist Bible”.)



yahoo answers(1) You Can Make $700+ a day by Mastering Yahoo AnswersIf you’ve been sleeping under a rock for a few years I bet you don’t know what Yahoo Answers is well LISTEN UP! Yahoo Answers is becoming one of the fastest growing websites on the web for a good reason, it solves people’s problems. People come online for a solution whether it be a product or information, making a sale or generating ad revenue is as simple as being helpful.

Let me start off by stating this, you will get what you put into this. Sure this method like most can be automated and outsourced eventually but for the noobs starting out, you will have to put some work into it. Much like the craigslist post method whether it be e-whoring, CPA, or products, your ad (response in this case) will have to be somewhat thought through.

I can guarantee the people out there willing to put in the effort, following this guide will make you $100+/day easily and of course once mastered with new accounts and/or products that convert more often the possibilities are endless.

OK let’s jump into this thing and make some cash, Yahoo Answers is much different than most classified/posting websites. It allows any user to come in with a question and have people compete to answer it. Generally the more detailed question which strikes the user to have the most knowledge will win, this is why I felt it was necessary to post the previous information.

Let’s look at the accounts you will need and some of the limits of Yahoo Answers, much like craigslist there are people out there looking for savvy IM’s trolling the website to paste their affiliate link. YA is not against people helping people and making a sale while at it, however there are some issues. YA limits your account if it is new, meaning you cannot dive in and spam the place (unless you like getting banned of course). Your going to need some patience (or a sh*tload of accounts) obviously we are BH marketers and we don’t have much.

So let’s make some accounts, while creating your new accounts it is advised that you change your I.P. address for each account created, this is so YA will not ban our main ip address believing we are just making accounts to spam the website. Let’s make about 30 accounts on different IP addresses, I’m going to have to assume you know how to change your ip address at this point if not ask around someone will be willing to guide you in the right direction. 30 accounts means we will have 15 fresh accounts to ask questions, and 15 fresh accounts to answer questions. You can answer other people’s questions with either set of accounts however this would mean that you are gambling at not being the top choice. This makes your accounts more credible however so don’t be afraid to do it every once in a while. When answering your own however you can certainly pick yourself as a winner while doing this however it is recommended you are not logged in to two accounts on any one IP address, this is a really baitout way to say “hey look YA, I’m answering my own question like an idiot. Please ban both accounts!”

When you answer your question with an affiliate product, CPA offer, or a website with your ads on it to generate revenue, wait a few days for other answers to build. Don’t just give it all away at once let it turn into as popular a category you can before choosing your own answer as the winner. This guarantees more views/ gives you a look of legitimacy.

While posting your link add it to your ‘source’ when posting and YA only accepts formats of http before the link. This source should *always* be followed up by a great answer that shows you have knowledge about the question otherwise people are going to wonder why their 300 word answer wasn’t picked over your 30 word one with no intelligence. OK so, by now we have at least 1 question account, and 1 answer account, let’s get some traffic to this YA minisite (your question page).

This is what I wanted to cover next, I know some of you are saying why would I do this over and over again if I can just put an ad on craigslist once and get 200+ responses… you idiot. Google considers YA to be an authoritative website, all of us SEO specialists know this means big potential results on some even bigger keywords. Each of your 15 question accounts should have a product to promote EACH, you should be looking for keywords on the niche of this product that you can tackle down and slaughter on the search engines. Too bad we can’t control the title of the question though, ooohhh yeaaaa, we STARTED the question so we have prime placement of our keyword possibly in the headline (see what I’m getting at?).

If you thought Youtube, and craigslist can bring traffic to your offers/websites you can mark down another new website that can bring you more traffic (not to mention it’s more targeted as well).

flat You Can Make $700+ a day by Mastering Yahoo Answers
Let me explain why this is more targeted, most people here are sharing life experiences and solutions that work for THEM PERSONALLY. Any marketer can tell you a true genuine response in someone’s brain is better than an ad, it just works better you cannot compare the 2! You will have more eager people to write your CPA’s, read more quality content, signup for your opt-in lists, or even buy your products than ever!

Sorry getting a little carried away here as usual, let me mention some more specifics for the starters out there.

Much like craigslist postings you are going to want to mask your affiliate links however to remain inconspicuous within YA your going to probably need a domain related to your niche. If your making a post about acai berries helping your kid get out of his hospital bed your going to want some kind of diet/cleansing domain like w w w . nutrional – help. comx (did not check the actual domain also cannot post links as my account is still new).

Also for the starters out there some great affiliate programs to join to promote these offers are:

Neverblue Ads
Azoogle Ads

Also each of your posts should have a unique IP address to them, yes this is a daunting task but nothing compares to looking legitimate and continuing your business without disruption.

Let me recommend some offers/types of questions that convert well in YA.
Some great ones are freebies, yes there are people that see them as illegitimate however you would be surprised of how many idiots there still are on the internet thinking they will really get an iphone if they input their email in a field. Another great niche to target is the mortgage/loans niche. We can use some fear marketing in this current economic situation and promote these products. Some of these loan application can go for about $9/lead with about only 6-10 fields, and there completely free to the user so why wouldn’t they want to do them.

I had a few days where I got about 60 leads for this loan offer paying about $9.50 for an application, most of them found me online as I had a very lucrative keyword at the time that was in the top 10 in google showing my mini site (YA page). This is not uncommon you can get many keywords in the top 10 using this method, and make BANK while they are up there. Making $1k/day is not an impossible task at YA, however be prepared to do some thorough keyword research, if you have a great keyword research tool then you will be fine, I’d personally recommend keyword discovery.

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