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Warning: you are about to discover the most devious list of Black Hat techniques that are proven to make the most money possible, in the shortest amount of time. I have personally scoured the internet and tested each one myself, and eliminated the 90%, or so, of CRAP that is either too complicated, too pathetic, or just too hard to make any real money.

What I was left with is the "Creme de la Creme" of all Black Hat methods that I reworked to make more user friendly for the average person trying to make money online. I also found a "tester" (guinea pig) to implement the techniques for feedback. So far he has reported over $700 in profits.

The book consists of 26 pages. There are 5 methods explained in this book. All the methods involved in the book are blackhat. So if you are not gonna feel comfortable with this, do not read. But I can say that these techniques are quite amazing. Some of them are twisted versions of commonly known methods, making them original and new but still blackhat.

There are 5 techniques. Personally, I already knew 3 of them. This is because I’ve been here for quite a while and bought many other books. So I’m guessing if you have bought many many blackhat books before, you might know some of the techniques mentioned. But otherwise, this is quite a good book. The methods will definitely bring in money although some work is needed first. All the techniques will involve using CPA sites.

So now for the pros and cons:

* Nearly All methods are free. No investment required.
* Methods explained stepwise and very noob proof …
* A long list of links/resources is given at the end!
* 5 Methods in 1 book!
* You may not try all methods .. but every single one is guaranteed to land in money!

* Some techniques are old .. You might already know them
* Might need to invest some hard work and time before starting to earn a stable high income.

Final words:
Well this book is worth reading I believe. As you get 5 tricks in a single book!
My advice would be if you are an internet-guru, you might already know a few of these techniques .. but if you are new to blackhat, try this one. It’s worth it!


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