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….Blackhat Twitter on Autopilot System….


BH twitter Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System

Yes…. I am going to Show you How to

How to Create a  Twitter Money Making System

That Runs on Complete AutoPilot

in a Few Easy Steps

Twit BH2 Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System



This step-by-step guide shows you How to make Serious Money using Twitter with a System that Runs on Autopilot. You can create your own Fully Automated Money Generating System(s) and make Cash from Lazer Targeted Twitter Traffic on a regular basis in any niche you can think of.



With this System, you will be able to  Create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot to make a substantial Income from Google Adsense™, (or) Clickbank™, (or) Amazon™, (or) Ebay®, (or) CPA Networks (or) any other Affiliate programs, (or) all of the above !!!  And Guess What ?  You can also use it to build a Fully Automated List Building System. You only need to spend around 15 to 25 minutes to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.


Twitter traffic flow Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


The whole system will work full Autopilot – you won't have to do anything to run it. This is Literally a Set it  and Forget it system where the Money continues to Roll in . The Instruction guide is arranged in a no-nonsense – straight to the point manner with full details and screen-shots. When you are reading the Guide, you can open your Browser at the same time and follow each step as outlined in the Guide.


No programming knowledge is necessary. It is helpful to have  have basic knowledge about Twitter, Gmail, Adsense etc. and  be familiar with uploading files to a website.  But the Guide takes you through this anyhow, so totally NOOB friendly !!

You need only 4 things to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.

  •     The Step by Step Guide (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     A Firefox Browser connected to the Internet
  •     A special PHP Script that makes the Magic Work (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     15 to 25 minutes of your time


Once you create one Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot , you can start duplicating the whole thing again. This way, you can build a network of Fully Automated Twitter Money Machines. Just Rinse and repeat the  steps to make more money. The whole system is managed by the PHP Script provided with this Guide and some other  Tools available on the Internet.  Of Course I will walk you through it.

How this system works:

There are 2 Main Components in a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot:

1)     A Self-updating Twitter Account

2)     A Self-updating Website


In a Self-updating Twitter account, tweets will be posted automatically in regular basis with links back to your self-updating website.


Script plan Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


Every post in your Twitter account will be pointed to the Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot. So the traffic from all tweets will be directly sent to your Money Machine.    Blackhat Twitter System is a fully Template driven system, so you can easily modify it at any time by modifying a single template file and hundreds of pages will be updated automatically. For example; if you find a new Affiliate Offer and want to cash it, you can easily change the setting and all pages will be updated accordingly.


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moneyman 50 Ways to Make Money Online

Hey All,

I get email after email, and comment after comment about the same general question…..

How do I make Money Online ?

So I thought that I would sit down and brain storm for a few and jot down a few methods to post up.

Well, after about an hour I stopped at 50 – YES FIFTY, general methods to make money !!!


Instead of posting it up here on BHB – I created a short PDF so all of you could have the reference safely stored on your computer.

Even though you all probably have bookmarked any number of pages on the site. wink smile 50 Ways to Make Money Online

Keep in mind that this is a pretty comprehensive list, and you will have to use your creative side to spin them to your needs.

Many of the Ideas have been spun is some way on many of our posts.

Good Luck – Take Action – Make Some MONEY !!


Download it FREE Here ……….

Click Here to Download


Want to know how to Use Ebay with CPA offers ?

Method Details:

Using an Ebay seller account, post an auction.

Find an email submit offer that is giving away the same product you are selling. You should probably find the affiliate offer first.

Get a domain and redirect and mask to your affiliate link for the offer.

Now use a second ebay account to ask a question about your auction, making sure to find a way to discreetly add your domain in the question.

Using your seller account again, confirm that the domain and offer is legitimate and safe. Make sure you post the question to the listing.

This way you can now drive traffic from ebay without getting your accounts closed and auctions canceled.

Of course you will need to pay for the listings, but that is just like paying for advertising, just a whole lot cheaper.

You can also use this method to push traffic from ebay to your site, then bounce them back to ebay thru EPN. This is called roundtripping, but it would be very hard to catch on to this as long as you don’t make connections between your accounts.

The traffic will be type in traffic and hard to discover where it is coming from. Feel free to twist this method. I guess what I’m trying to say is you can use this method to push traffic to all kinds of stuff, just use some creative instincts.

Things you may Need.

  • Ebay Seller account

  • Ebay Buyer account

  • CPA Affiliate Network Accounts

  • A Domain that is redirected and masked

Now – What do you need to Do ?

Choose a product that matches some of your affiliate offers. For this example we will use an Blackberry Storm. Go to Ebay and post an auction for an Blackberry Storm with your seller account.

Get your domain and redirect it to a free Blackberry Storm email submit. Don’t forget to mask it.

Now that the auction is up, use your buyer account to ask a question about the item you just posted.

It should go something like this:

I saw these free Blackberry storm Phones,, think it’s legitimate?

Now using your seller account answer the question saying something like yes it is legit, that’s where I got mine. Click the post question to auction box so your affiliate link will now show on your auction.

It won’t be an active link, but even most Noobs know how to copy and paste a link.

As always – Enjoy and make money


willy RoundTripping CPA offers with Ebay


Black Hat Methods to Make Money

BHbuzz brought Making Money With Black Hat Methods

The following is a collection of BH methods that can be used to make money Follow the methods with your own twists as that will boost your income greatly. Don't do it word for word, you'll still get money, but not as much.

We are going to randomly go to different methods because I'm an unorganized dude (haha).

No fluffy crap, let’s get down to business.


Want to Know more .. ??

Download it Here ……

BH galore2 Making Money With Black Hat Methods

Click the image to download

Here’s an ebook that teaches you the method that could easily make you  $40.00 dollars a day for 30 minutes worth of work each day.

To use this method you only need the following:

  • Active Paypal account
  • Active Ebay account

You will also need to sign up with two other websites but the ebook walks you through that.

Here is the cool thing about this method.You can eaily make 40 dollars a day doing it, but the potential is endless. If you worked 8 hours a day on this you could make 640 dollars a day in profit. Now with ONLY working 30 minutes a day and a little bit of set up. If you wanted to start working one hour a day and make 80 dollars a day it would take you a few extra hours to set up .

Download it Here…….

 noob2 Newbies Can Make $40 a day with 30 minutes work

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