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The Ultimate Cookie Stuffing Packages


 1)  Ultimate Cookie Stuffing Guide with Scripts

Detailed guide about Cookie Stuffing.   Complete script package including:

  • Image stuffing
  • Iframe Stuffing
  • Flash Stuffing
  • Javascript stuffing
  • htaccess stuffing


2)   Counterstrike Cookie Stuffing Package

We do not know much about this package.  It has a built in admin panel.  Does Cron Jobs and uses proxies.   It has quite a few advanced features.


3)  Smart Stuffer

 Smart Stuffer is the web’s most powerful cookie stuffer. Feel safe while running Smart Stuffer, our method is 99.9% secure. We go beyond beyond competitors in protecting your safe being.

 Smart Stuffer sets affiliate cookies upon visitors of our software which can be embed on any site, be it blogs, forums, static html, even ebay.


4)    Advanced Cookie Stuffer


  • Fully Blanked Refers Easy
  • Admin Panel
  • Will Stuff Cookies Once Per IP
  • Add or Edit Campaigns & URL’s
  • Integrated Image Stuffing Option for forums


 5)   Flash Cookie Stuffer with Easy Administration Panel

Flash Cookie stuffer with easy to use administration panel.   Great for stuffing auction sites.


6)   wpCookie – WordPress Cookie Stuffer

"Got Cookies? Your Competitors Are Literally GIVING Them Away To Every Visitor… You Can Too"

Introducing wpCookie… The Absolutely Simple As Stupid Way To Stuff Cookies
On WordPress Blogs.

All you need to do is install the script and then on ANY post or page you want to stuff some cookies you just add a custom field using the built in WordPress field editor. It doesn’t get any easier than this and it works like a charm.

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