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How about a little Extra Income

Easy$20aday Easy $20 a day



20dollarbill Easy $20 a daySo…… 

If you could make a really EASY $20 a day……..

That would mean $140 in a week  OR…….

About $600 per month  OR……..

That would be $7300  in a year.



Now it all adds up right.   That could pay for your new car , might pay your Apartments Rent or House Payment. Or it might just get you something that you secretly want !! 

Might even give you some extra cash to spend on your significant other.  There is countless uses for an Easy Extra $20 a day !!

If you are not making anything online right now then $20 a day is more than you got now.  If you are making money online a the moment, I am sure you would take this Easy $20 a day anyhow.

I am gonna show you a very easy method of earning $20 per day by investing literally minutes a day.

  • YOU Do Not Need a Website.
  • This is not Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing.
  • Perfect for the Noob ………… YES – You Do Not need to be Tech Savy.
  • I have developed this method to Work in any Country in the World.  SO NO……  You do not have to live in the United States.
  • And of Course, it is NOT Ilegal !!
  • As Always  I lay it all out Step-by-Step.
  • Just follow the instructions and the process and I am sure your gonna make money from now on.
  • I even give you some Additional ways to Scale Up the Method and Automate the Earnings.

So are you ready to invest a little time and make a little extra Cash ?


I have Two ways for you to Get the Guide

One is Free or you can buy me an expresso ! 


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button5 Easy $20 a day

Now….. Don't let the title fool ya.


youtube noob You Tube Cash for NoobsI call this YouTube Cash for Noobs, because any Noob can pull it off and because you are going to make money off other Noobs that may be even more Newbie than you.

But even the intermediate or experienced marketer is going to just love this.



If you cannot earn at least $50 with this method in the Next Two days…..

GIVE UP trying to make money online.


SO – What is this Method is all about? 

YouTube + A secret website = 50$ in your account every day.  

It’s Totally NEW !!   YES – Unsaturated & Unique !! 

STOP: Enough of this sales page Talk….Just Listen up !! 

This is new and unexplored territory, Nobody is doing it so the market to make money is Wide Open !!

Just spend a quick couple minutes reading the guide and an half hour or so to TAKE ACTION and the money will roll in…….. 

Warning:  After Reading this Guide you might say – Why the heck did you let this secret out?    Well, you see, I had to learn all my marketing skills on my own, no one ever gave me anything except a bunch of empty promises.  I “pay it forward” because no one ever did it for me.  And, I live by the words below !!




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Instant Traffic in 5 Minutes


traffic chick Instant Traffic TrickThis method of generating traffic is very easy to implement yet very few people know about it. It's very powerful and if you use it with a great affiliate product or any product that you're selling. It has the potential of making some money quickly. I've been using this method for a few months.  This may be just the kind of information that will take you to the next level of income and traffic generation.

I discovered this trick by accident. I was just messing around with a few things and BAM,   A few hours later, when I checked and affiliate account I was promoting to look at something else, I discovered that I had made 3 sales.  I was shocked! So I stopped everything and tried to figure out what was happening. What I found was nothing short of amazing…..


I was really hesitant about posting this up, but I see no possibility of any saturation.

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Viral Script to Make

Tons of Money with CPA Lead


Click the Image below to go to a Sample Site running the Script

Sign in to Check out how the script Works

Username: demo

Password: demo

logo(2) Your Road to Riches with CPA Lead


I have been Experimenting with CPA Lead recently and have found that there are lots of Web Servers who will actually fill out surveys and offers to get FREE stuff. 

I set up a test site to experiment with the scripting and was amazed that without any promotion at all, I was getting sign ups and people completing offers on my test site.   I have actually made over $200 with my test site with NO Promotion what so ever !!

So when, I actually created another site and promoted it a little, the money began to flood in using this script.


So What is CPA Lead? (for those who do not know)

CPA Lead is a performance-based, online advertising network that develops technologies to promote incentive-based advertisement. By using this service you can reward users who fill in surveys and offers, based on a set ratio of points to $. So you determine your own profit margins!

What surveys/offers are available at CPA Lead?

CPA Lead automatically geotargets your users, and only show surveys/competitions available in that country. Below, you can see the gateway in action. Full psds will be provided for this, the logo, and other grapical elements of the site.


Sample Gateway Window Included with Script

Custom Gateway Your Road to Riches with CPA Lead


What do I need to use this script?

- You will need to register at CPA Lead  (I will show you how to get instantly approved)
- You will need about 30 minutes to set it all up.

VIRAL Referral System Added !!

This will make your site go Viral in no time.  The system works by giving each member a unique link and ID, which they will email to others and post on forums or blogs , ect.  The referral system rewards points to the referring member every time one of referrals completes an offer.  So you will get an Army of others posting your site all over the Web.


Easy to Use Administration Area !!

admin area Your Road to Riches with CPA Lead


What do you Get:

-  The Complete Script – Un-encoded so you can make any changes you want.
-  Complete Setup insructions.
-  Photoshop and PNG source files for  the logo, Gateway, and all images.



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The Twitter Tumbler Blackhat Method


twitter money 300x300 Twitter Tumbler Blackhat MethodI guess you all know what Twitter is. Recently I have been doing a little experimentation with some things and I found some hidden GOLD with Twitter. I will assure you that you will not make less  than $30 in an hour. I know many of you may be thinking about all the lame claims out there saying the same thing.

However, I personally test each method to make sure that it is viable and profitable. 



It's SIMPLE – If I can't make money with something,

I will not Publish it !!


  • Never used Twitter Before – No Problem – Any Noob can turn a Profit !!
  • International Friendly of Course – Make Money from any Part of the World !!
  • Just can't think of anything to Tweet about – I am going to give you the GOLD and tell you what to Tweet.
  • Can you scale it up and Turn more Profit – Of Course you Can , the sky's the Limit !!
  • No Cash to Start up – Won't Need a Website either !!


AND NO – YOU WILL NOT BE POSTING THOSE CRAPPY Teeth Whitening Ads or anything of the Sort ! 

I worked for an Hour and Made $40 bucks, then I took a nap !


With that Said, I give you all TWO options to get This Golden Method.

This way I know you are serious about making some Real Money !!

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button5 Twitter Tumbler Blackhat Method


Quick Cash System

How you can make $30 to $100 plus per day for about 1 hour of work !!


QuickCash Logo Quick Cash System

This Guide is not anything fancy, and it's not supposed to be. It's a simple, workable system that generates quick sales easily & consistently when you use it.

This method is Great for newbies, or anyone else that wants to add another quick-cash system to their arsenal.

This is a method that I have used in the past, and have recently started playing around with it again and have seen some very profitable results.

It a simple System that takes almost no time to setup, is 100% free to do, (you won't need any cash to get started) and you can make anywhere from $30 a day all the way up to a couple of hundred bucks a day. 

For myself, on average it takes me about an hour to setup and complete the whole system, which in turn, will make me an average of $60-100+ per day. The great thing is you can rinse and repeat, (spend another hour and do it again) then profit an additional $60-$100+ per day again.  So it is up to you, work at it an hour a day, or spend 3 hours a day and set it up three times to triple your profit.

You get the meaning, I think !!

It’s all about creating a  FREE simple, informative style landing page and then driving instant, targeted traffic to that landing page. Sounds simple? Your Darn right it is.  Any Noob can do this,  I tested this on a couple of Noobs that I offered Mentoring services to, and they both made money !! I do not like to  spend too much time on any Quick Cash System, and I would not  want you to either.

The kicker is that  you can just repeat the traffic generation step to drive another wave of traffic and make more money since your landing page is already there.


Ok Readers, I have to get rid of the Leechers who seem to scrape my site or upload my Guides to some forum with a sharecash link hoping to make a few pennies, I publish these guides for all of you that seriously want to make MONEY !!

With that Said, I give you all TWO options to get the Guide.

This way I know you are serious about making real Quick Cash !!

One is FREE and the other will allow you to get me an expresso ! 


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button5 Quick Cash System

Another note for my readers:

My gateway cannot be cracked , so it is easier to follow the instructions than try to get around it (a simple offer to complete and you get the guide for FREE), hey I gotta pay the bills too.  Also, for those of you that have tried, or are thinking about trying,  to change the code and send me a penny for the download.  It will not work, I have a perfect script that I have perfected for the distribution of my downloads.  I am a blackhatter, remember, whatever you are thinking about doing, I have already tried.

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