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….Blackhat Twitter on Autopilot System….


BH twitter Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System

Yes…. I am going to Show you How to

How to Create a  Twitter Money Making System

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in a Few Easy Steps

Twit BH2 Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System



This step-by-step guide shows you How to make Serious Money using Twitter with a System that Runs on Autopilot. You can create your own Fully Automated Money Generating System(s) and make Cash from Lazer Targeted Twitter Traffic on a regular basis in any niche you can think of.



With this System, you will be able to  Create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot to make a substantial Income from Google Adsense™, (or) Clickbank™, (or) Amazon™, (or) Ebay®, (or) CPA Networks (or) any other Affiliate programs, (or) all of the above !!!  And Guess What ?  You can also use it to build a Fully Automated List Building System. You only need to spend around 15 to 25 minutes to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.


Twitter traffic flow Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


The whole system will work full Autopilot – you won't have to do anything to run it. This is Literally a Set it  and Forget it system where the Money continues to Roll in . The Instruction guide is arranged in a no-nonsense – straight to the point manner with full details and screen-shots. When you are reading the Guide, you can open your Browser at the same time and follow each step as outlined in the Guide.


No programming knowledge is necessary. It is helpful to have  have basic knowledge about Twitter, Gmail, Adsense etc. and  be familiar with uploading files to a website.  But the Guide takes you through this anyhow, so totally NOOB friendly !!

You need only 4 things to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.

  •     The Step by Step Guide (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     A Firefox Browser connected to the Internet
  •     A special PHP Script that makes the Magic Work (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     15 to 25 minutes of your time


Once you create one Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot , you can start duplicating the whole thing again. This way, you can build a network of Fully Automated Twitter Money Machines. Just Rinse and repeat the  steps to make more money. The whole system is managed by the PHP Script provided with this Guide and some other  Tools available on the Internet.  Of Course I will walk you through it.

How this system works:

There are 2 Main Components in a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot:

1)     A Self-updating Twitter Account

2)     A Self-updating Website


In a Self-updating Twitter account, tweets will be posted automatically in regular basis with links back to your self-updating website.


Script plan Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


Every post in your Twitter account will be pointed to the Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot. So the traffic from all tweets will be directly sent to your Money Machine.    Blackhat Twitter System is a fully Template driven system, so you can easily modify it at any time by modifying a single template file and hundreds of pages will be updated automatically. For example; if you find a new Affiliate Offer and want to cash it, you can easily change the setting and all pages will be updated accordingly.


No dates present

Want to know how to Use Ebay with CPA offers ?

Method Details:

Using an Ebay seller account, post an auction.

Find an email submit offer that is giving away the same product you are selling. You should probably find the affiliate offer first.

Get a domain and redirect and mask to your affiliate link for the offer.

Now use a second ebay account to ask a question about your auction, making sure to find a way to discreetly add your domain in the question.

Using your seller account again, confirm that the domain and offer is legitimate and safe. Make sure you post the question to the listing.

This way you can now drive traffic from ebay without getting your accounts closed and auctions canceled.

Of course you will need to pay for the listings, but that is just like paying for advertising, just a whole lot cheaper.

You can also use this method to push traffic from ebay to your site, then bounce them back to ebay thru EPN. This is called roundtripping, but it would be very hard to catch on to this as long as you don’t make connections between your accounts.

The traffic will be type in traffic and hard to discover where it is coming from. Feel free to twist this method. I guess what I’m trying to say is you can use this method to push traffic to all kinds of stuff, just use some creative instincts.

Things you may Need.

  • Ebay Seller account

  • Ebay Buyer account

  • CPA Affiliate Network Accounts

  • A Domain that is redirected and masked

Now – What do you need to Do ?

Choose a product that matches some of your affiliate offers. For this example we will use an Blackberry Storm. Go to Ebay and post an auction for an Blackberry Storm with your seller account.

Get your domain and redirect it to a free Blackberry Storm email submit. Don’t forget to mask it.

Now that the auction is up, use your buyer account to ask a question about the item you just posted.

It should go something like this:

I saw these free Blackberry storm Phones,, think it’s legitimate?

Now using your seller account answer the question saying something like yes it is legit, that’s where I got mine. Click the post question to auction box so your affiliate link will now show on your auction.

It won’t be an active link, but even most Noobs know how to copy and paste a link.

As always – Enjoy and make money


willy RoundTripping CPA offers with Ebay


White Hat CPA Methods

Well – Maybe a little Blackhat can be thrown in………

CPA, or cost per action, is by far and large the best source of an online income. It is the great middle ground, between AdSense and other affiliate programs. Unlike AdSense you earn a lot of money per simple action and unlike other affiliate programs you do not have to get the user to fork over big bucks
on the spot to make your commission. Unfortunately everyone else knows this too which makes
breaking into CPA marketing pretty difficult. Fortunately you are about to discover the insider’s
methods and tricks for an entirely white hat way to earn a full time living from CPA offers.

This Guide contains the following information, which together makes a complete white hat CPA campaign:

Classic Craigslist Method
eBay Want it Now Method
Yahoo! Answers Method



Classic Craigslist Method:

craigslist main full(2) Whitehat CPA MethodsThe first thing that we are going to cover is a standard Craigslist campaign, of course with some good twists and advice. Although most of you have probably delved into CPA and Craigslist the fact that you are reading this would lead me to believe that you most likely spent all day posting ads and got maybe 1­2 leads/sales if you were lucky. This is because, like all things in life, there is an easy and a hard way to run a Craigslist CPA campaign!

The first thing we are going to be doing is, of course, choosing an offer. Now, you should – at least at some point – have a bunch of different CPA accounts so that you can always find an offer that inspires you. If you have only one or two then head over to your account and start browsing. If you have multiple CPA accounts then your best friend is going to be, you have to sign up but it is free. This will allow you to search offers across all of the top networks (a little hint, if your network is not listed here they probably either shave really bad or possibly do not even pay! Stay away from the unknown CPA networks).

You are going to want to find an offer that inspires you with a campaign. After a few campaigns this should start coming fairly naturally to you. For now just read through once and see how I do it, then you can go back to the start and run through this to create your own campaign.

The offer that I selected today is going to be for free business cards. This is a free trial so the person will pay like $2­5 for shipping but will be rebilled big later on. This allows the advertiser to pay me out $14 for each person that wants a set of 250 free business cards.

Now that I picked out my offer I’m going to make a redirect.

This serves two purposes:

1. If your CPA network/particular advertiser doesn’t allow e­mail marketing it will look like you are doing PPC, which is always allowed.

2. It gives a nice clean URL to put in your e­mails, way better than that mile long affiliate URL they spit out at you.

To make a redirect simply look for a link that is designed either for PPC or e­mail/plain text if available.

If not take any affiliate link they spit at ya for this offer. Now, we are going to create a new .txt document and paste this in it (see example):



<title>Loading page…</title>

<meta http­equiv=”refresh” content=”0;”>



if(document.images) { top.location.replace(url); }

else { top.location.href=url; }




<a href=>.</a>.. Please Wait While the page loads!



Simply replace the three spots where appears and replace it with the affiliate link you just generated. Now save this as index.html and upload it to your host.  Your domain has now become an instant redirect to your product which not only hides the referrer but also makes everything look nice  and clean.

So, I am now going to set up my delayed auto responder using gmail. I know this seems kind of  backwards but I already have thought up my plan for turning people into leads and this is just how my mind works so hang in there it will all make sense soon.

The first thing I’m going to do is to create a new gmail account, hopefully you can get that figured out!

A couple of pointers here:

1. Always use a girl’s name.

2. Use her name, first and last, or some variation thereof for her e­mail address as well – this lends to the believability and helps me out a lot because I was born without much creativity.

3. Remember the girl’s name – you’re gonna need it when we get started with Craigslist posting. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for this which is great because it does all of the leg work for you and it is FREE. After you have Thunderbird installed on your computer just power it up and tell the application, when prompted, that you are going to be using a Gmail account. It will load all of the pop/imap settings for you and link it all together! Now all you have to do is to create your auto response. For this feature compose a new e­mail, don’t fill out who it is to just the subject and body. My e­mail, for this campaign will run like this:

RE: Free Business Cards Craigslist
E­mail Body:
Hi thanks for getting back to me so quick, sorry to say though I already let the voucher for the free 1,000 business cards go a little while ago. I got a whole ton of people mailing me though so I tracked down a company that is doing a promotion and giving away 250 free business cards, you can find them at :

They’re free so that should get you going, sorry again!


Of course I would replace the girl’s name and the URL would go to my domain where I uploaded that redirect. By now you are probably seeing where my plan here is f lowing, I am going to be offering a free voucher for 1,000 free business cards. Then when people respond to my e­mail I will mail them back, all automatically with my delayed auto responder, telling them it is gone; since they already have their hopes up some of them will order the free 250 business cards from my offer and I will make $14 for each one who does so!

So now it is time to get posting. I will head over to some major cities in Craigslist and get started here. A little trick for everyone, your IP will get softblocked if you try to post a bunch from it so either change your IP every two posts, if you have DSL or dial­up just disconnect, or acquire some phone verified accounts (they run about $3 a pop and a Google search will find a ton) which you can post 2 ads per PVA, or phone verified account, each day.

I will be posting in the ’For Sale’ section in the sub section ’Free Stuff’. For this example I have AT&T DSL so I can simply unplug/replug my modem after each two ads so I am not going to worry about PVAs since this section does not require them.

So I will post my ad in the ’Free Stuff’ section bearing in mind a couple of important points for each individual ad:

1. Each ad must be about 60%+ unique. This means no copy/pasting you actually need to write out each ad. This is easy as you can just kind of change your backstory slightly.

2. Backstory is EVERYTHING. If you just say you are giving away free stuff people are going to know its an ad for a CPA offer and you will get f lagged extremely fast!

3. Title/E­mail needs to be different in every ad as well. A little trick here for the e­mail part is that if you ad +numbers at the end of your Gmail address it will look unique to Craigslist but the e­-mails will still come to you. Example: Your Gmail is, for your next post input – your e­mail will look unique to Craigslist’s system but it will still come to your inbox because Gmail disregards the + and anything after it.

4. We want to always select the ’Hide’ option on the e­mail then write the e­mail address you picked out in the body of the ad. This is because it will require people to manually e­mail you instead of going through Craigslist’s system. If you do not do this you will be responding to e­mails and after you send out 20 mails they will bounce back undeliverable.

5. Never put your link in the ad. It will get f lagged & removed really fast. Sending your link out is the whole purpose of that auto responder we set up!

Alright that pretty well covers that, so now let us move on to what my ad in the campaign would look like:

Free Voucher for 1,000 Free Business Cards

Ad Body:
Hey all,
I attended a church fund raiser last weekend and my prize ended up being a voucher for 1,000 free business cards from B&L printing in town. Anyways long story short I don’t have a business and am not the kind of gal to get personal cards printed up to hand out at the bar (haha!) so if you can get better use out of these than me go ahead and shoot me an e­mail to and I’ll leave the voucher in my mailbox for you to pick up.

That’s all there is to it. Remember, the key to Craigslist is volume. Get PVAs if you cannot change your IP but you get out what you put in. You should be able to post up 20-30 ads in a couple of hours which should be your minimum for any campaign. Most campaigns like this one will yield me 10-50 responses per ad and out of those 1 in about 20 will buy. That means that after you spend a couple of hours posting on Craigslist you should be looking at about $120 a day (conservative figure, I like to shoot low and let high earnings be a pleasant surprise).

Now that you have learned this method pick out an offer of your own, come up with a back story and let your campaign fall into place. Since, after initial setup, you are only going to be spending a couple of hours on this (I can’t stand posting so this is all I’m willing to devote) we will go out now and use a couple of other means to generate some leads for this very same offer.

Using I Want it Now (eBay):

ebay logo Whitehat CPA MethodsI want it now is eBay’s marketplace which allows users to post that they want to buy something that they cannot find. Then, sellers may respond via a form with the link to their auction. There is one fatal flaw to this system that we are about to exploit the hell out of and that is the fact that they let you send a message to the person who wants something’s e­mail right from a form there; seriously, could they make it any easier for us?

To get started you will need an eBay account and I recommend you make a new one for this because we are going to be borderline spamming, although not really in my eyes because the person is, after all, soliciting sales pitches on a desired product. You account does not need to have a credit card/seller abilities tied to it. Just create a new one real quick and run with it. Now head over to the Want it Now website which can be found at:

From here just run a search for ’Sellers’ with a keyword that your CPA offer fits. In this case I am going to run business cards. The amount of postings here is pretty low but for some types of offers, especially fitness related stuff it can be huge. In order to send them a little message use the box that says ’Ask a question about this post’. If you try to actually respond it will require you to use an eBay listing but this way you can put anything that your little heart desires.

A little tip – they don’t need to be looking for your exact product. As an example, if they are looking for an exercise machine then send them a message saying that you bought it and really didn’t get any results BUT you did manage to lose a ton of weight and feel better in the process with the help of a great all natural diet supplement. The best part? They have a FREE 14 day supply trial going on right now that can be found at

So I have located a few postings for people looking to get business cards done. This offer is pretty easy to get near 100% conversions on because these people were actually already looking to pay money right now for the exact product I am going to show them how to get for free. I will send them a message that will look something like this:

I saw that you were looking to pay for some business cards. I just got mine done at and they let you have 250 for free to try to rope ya in. The best part is I came back and ordered another 250 and got those free too. Just thought I’d give you a heads up, no need to pay for something that is free for the taking!

See how easy that was? This method will result in an almost guaranteed sale because they are looking for the exact product I am promoting and probably already had their credit card out ready to spend.

Who doesn’t like to save a little cash? Ok, this method was pretty straightforward so I’m sure you got the hang of it. Lets move on to the next thing I do to promote my CPA offer.

Yahoo! Answers CPA Method:

yahoo answers main Full3 Whitehat CPA MethodsThis is one of the oldest tricks in the book but it works VERY well with CPA offers. I mean, if it made so many sales with crappy ClickBank products where the person actually had to fork over cash just imagine the kind of dough you’re going to be rolling in with free or free trial CPA offers.

The first thing to do is to create two Yahoo! Answers accounts. I suggest you make them on separate IP addresses if you can, if not it is really not that big of a deal I just like to take extra precautions whenever possible. We will call these accounts: Account 1 and Account 2 (yes, again, I am about the most creative person you will probably ever have the pleasure of encountering).

With Account 1 you will make a couple of posts. The trick here is that Yahoo! Answers ranks extremely well in Google so you want to make your title the phrase that a person would be searching for and you are sure to capture a spot somewhere in the top 1­3 places. The other thing is you want it to also look like a question so that users over at Yahoo! Answers don’ report you and get your question taken down.

For this campaign I will make 3 questions to start with all of which just popped into my head. Probably tomorrow I will do a little keyword research (Google AdWords rocks for this if you have an account) to see what kind of things get a lot of search traffic related to free business cards and I will post up a few more questions. My questions today are going to be, posted with Account 1:

  • How to Get Free Business Cards?
  • Where to Get Free Business Cards?
  • Best Free Business Card Website?

That was pretty easy. I suggest you put a line or two in the body of the question so that you don’t get f lagged as spam. Something like ’how can I get free business cards online?’ should do the trick.

Now I am going to come back with Account 2 and answer all of these questions saying something like:

I got 250 free business cards for my business online a few days ago. Check out for their promotional offer which is where I got them!


That was pretty easy. In a couple of days I will simply come back and log on to Account 1 and then choose this as my ’Best Answer’ which puts it up there for everyone who comes from Google to see.

One little note here is that each day I create two new accounts because eventually, if you make too many posts like this, your account will be closed down. Having many accounts means that you will not lose all of your posts if an account is closed. This is one of my favorite CPA methods because this can bring in passive leads/sales for months on end.

That’s all there is to it. You now have a Simple approach to making money, the white hat way, with CPA offers. If you use this method daily you can expect a full time income for far less than a full time work week.

Here’s an ebook that teaches you the method that could easily make you  $40.00 dollars a day for 30 minutes worth of work each day.

To use this method you only need the following:

  • Active Paypal account
  • Active Ebay account

You will also need to sign up with two other websites but the ebook walks you through that.

Here is the cool thing about this method.You can eaily make 40 dollars a day doing it, but the potential is endless. If you worked 8 hours a day on this you could make 640 dollars a day in profit. Now with ONLY working 30 minutes a day and a little bit of set up. If you wanted to start working one hour a day and make 80 dollars a day it would take you a few extra hours to set up .

Download it Here…….

 noob2 Newbies Can Make $40 a day with 30 minutes work

Click the Noob to Download


As much as I love my BlackHat methods, I’ve really found myself making good money by doing a twist on an old method….I’ll give you a general overview of it….It’s easy to get started, not too time intensive, and you’ll have much better SERP results than traditional bum marketing……

Here it is in easy to follow steps…..

You will be using Web tools to find the hottest products and then using EzineArticles and other 2.0 properties to get multiple places on Page 1 of Google.

It’s so easy….If you’ve done traditional bum marketing before….This is way better!

Step 1 ) Find a product that’s hot right now…..2 places you can go.

Amazon Bestsellers:

Browse by category and these will give you the hottest items in any given category.

Google Product Search:

This is even better….Check out the bottom of the page. They are real time
searches for products. If you refresh (or F5) you can get updated searches.
These are the items that people are looking for now.

Step 2) Write down 5 items from step 1 that you can :

a) Find an affiliate program for and

b) Develop a long-tail keyword phrase for your articles.

Let’s go over these two points in more detail…..

Finding the affiliate program – 3 ways

Amazon Associate Program (4% And Up) – This is okay only if you have no other affiliate options AND you are dealing with a $200+ item:

Ebay Partner Network ( Varies) – This is overall better than Amazon but you have to deal with items that sell regularly on eBay:


Do a Google search for: "product name" affiliate program OR "product category" + affiliate program – 90% of the time, you will find an affiliate that pays good commissions for whatever product you wish to promote. This takes a little more research but it’s worth the effort.

Developing a long-tail keyword – When you did your product search, you want to be a specific as possible of the item. Consumers that are looking to buy, type in the exact name and model of the item they’re looking for. So you don’t want "Panasonic TV", you want "Panasonic Viera TC-32LZ800".

Here’s how you determine if your long-tail keyword is a winner…..

Go to Google and type in your exact keyword surrounded by quotes in the search bar. If you get 50,000 or less results AND you see 4 or more advertisers in the sponsored/AdWords section (right side), you have a winner.

If your results are slightly above 50,000, then try allintitle:"keyword phrase" and if you get 10,000 or less results, then you should be fine.

Step 3) You should have 2-3 items among your original list of 5.

Now, let’s pick the winner of the bunch.

This is a two-step process.

Go to Google Keyword Tool:

Enter each item separately (be sure that use synonyms is not checked) to determine monthly volume for that search term. Write down the approximate average search volume for each phrase. Obviously, the higher the better!

Go to Google Trends and enter each item name, separated by comma:

From the graph, pick the one item that has the most attractive curve (not downward or highly volatile).

Take the item with a high search volume and an attractive graph….You should now have a clear winner to run with.

Step 4) Bum Market using your product keyword phrase.

Oh no, bum marketing! Yes, but your results are going to payoff a lot quicker because your articles are going to hit page 1 of Google right away since most specific product searches have very few competitor pages.

Here’s how to you bum market quickly and painlessly. Let’s use our Panasonic TV keyword phrase from before…."Panasonic Viera TC-32LZ800".

To bum market this phrase, you will have it in your title (Preferably at the start of the title) and you will have it repeat throughout a 250-300 word article 2-3 times. (Be sure the it first appears within the first 100 characters of your article text)

Focus on Ezine Articles 80% of the time but also setup articles on proven, high-PR Web 2.0 properties like Scribd, Quizilla, and WordPress just to mix it up. Ultimately, you want your pages to take over most of the top ten of Google but for now just focus on one article at a time.

Once your article is published, see where it shows up on Google. If for some reason, it doesn’t crack the top 10, use social bookmarking sites and other backlinks (slowly, don’t go crazy….Google likes slow!) until it is in the top 10.

So what are you going to write about….Easy!

Talk about the products benefits, features, why you like it. Take information from the product homepage. Paraphrase articles that have been written about it. So for our Panasonic example some titles might be, "The Panasonic Viera TC-32LZ800 -You Got To Get This!" or "Top 5 Benefits of the Panasonic Viera Tc-32LZ800" or "Here’s Why The Panasonic Viera TC-32LZ800 Blows Away The Competition".

Don’t reinvent the wheel….Google information on your product and paraphrase it.

Step 5 ) Collect Your Money $$

I’d be the first to tell you that sometimes, Black Hat is the way to go, but mixing your revenue streams is so crucial. Once you got your Black Hat methods in place,  you may give this method a try. I think you’ll find it to be a consistent money maker for you…..I know it has for me! smile Demand + Bum Marketing=$$$ In Your Pocket


Cookie stuffing

Before even considering cookie stuffing please read this  post on dropping affiliate Cookies.  It’s not my place to judge people and their methods but I want to at least point out the moral and legal implications before you go running amok and stuffing cookies everywhere. This page isn’t because this is a new amazing method of making money, its old and pretty much talked about everywhere. Ths page is here as a result of a debate elsewhere. If you already have an idea on the different cookie stuffing methods, what’s involved etc then read This  updated post on Cookie Stuffing.

What is cookie stuffing?

As a normal affiliate you would signup to an affiliate program such as with ebay and then promote the link they give you on your own website. When someone clicks on the link and goes through to ebay-  a cookie is put onto their system to track them and if they purchase something you earn a little bit of money.

However when you’re cooking stuffing you don’t actually send visitors to ebay, you simply force the cookie onto their system in the background without them ever knowing. This means you don’t have to drive traffic to them or give them any kind of promotion at all. And because ebay is so big, the chances are a lot of your visitors are going to buy something from them at some point anyway.

How can I start stuffing cookies?

There are several methods of stuffing cookies. There are some paid solutions out there but I can’t see they offer much/any benefit over doing it yourself.

The solution you use will depend on how much control you have over the site. For example you will use a different method on sites you own yourself against other peoples forums you signup and post to.

All of these following examples are going to be based on the victim merchant being ebay. This is just a random choice and any affiliate program could be used. I’m going to use a made up url of

I have created this Resource File which includes the code for each of these examples.

Download it Here

cookie 0611 02 All about Cookie Stuffing

The most basic method ever..

The most basic way of stuffing a cookie would to use a html img tag which references the affiliate page which drops the cookie. The visitors web browser will goto this page, even though its not an image and will accept the cookies returned.

Iframe cookie stuffing

Description: This is one of the oldest and most simplest methods out there. Most people who cookie stuff have started out using this method. Basically you put a 1 pixel iframe on your existing website and everytime someone visits your site, the affiliate page is loaded within the iframe and the cookies are dropped onto the visitors system.

Resource folder /iframes/1/

Description: You literally just take your affiliate link and make a 1 pixel iframe with the source being the affiliate link.

Pros: The biggest pro point of this is that its extremely easy and just about anyone can do it without even having to think about it. To improve your chances of not getting discovered running the hidden iframe you should ensure that there is actually a [ebay] banner or texual link on the same page as the iframe so that at first look the advertiser will think you are sending them genuine traffic.

Cons: This is quite an easy method to pick up on. The merchant or affiliate company simply needs to view the html source code of your site and see the hidden iframe.

Resource folder /iframes/2/

Description: You again go with the same idea of a 1 pixel iframe but instead of having the iframe in your normal page you include an external javascript file which obfuscates the iframe html code. You can find thousands of free online services which will obfuscate your code by searching for ‘html encryption’. For example you could create stats.js which holds the obfuscated iframe and then include it within your normal page.

Pros: Even if the merchant checks your html code, they’re just going to see normal html and are unlikely to think anything of the javascript file. Even if they do then they won’t understand the contents of the javascript file because it’s been obfuscated.

Cons: Some advanced merchants might go to the extreme of checking all your javascript files and then de-obfuscating your code.

Resource folder /iframes/3/

Description: You may be thinking that the affiliate is going to check your external javascript files and then de-obfuscate the html.   Okay well how about another layer or protection! We will use htaccess to tell the server to treat our JS file as a php file and then check the referer. If there is no referring page then we know someone has gone direct to the javascript file and we will output some bullshit JS else we output the real stuff.

Pros: Even if the merchant checks your html code, they’re just going to see normal html and are unlikely to think anything of the javascript file. Even if they do then they won’t understand the contents of the javascript file because it’s been obfuscated.

Cons: Again if you get a merchant on interweb steroids then they may send a fake referer to the javascript file to see if you’re cloaking the content based on referer. Very unlikely but possible. Another problem is that if they sniffed the raw packets when viewing your main site then they’d see the code come in. This is even more unlikely and they’d still have to them de-obfuscate your code.

Overall pros of the iframe methods: These methods can be used very simply and setup extremely quickly. They’re the starting step for most cookie stuffers and give you a good introduction into how it works. You would work upon these scripts with different ways to protect yourself from being caught.

Overall cons of the iframe methods: The biggest con of this is that at the bottom of the visitors browser window they might spot the affiliate url as the page is loaded in the background.

Image cookie stuffing

Description: This method is a little more advanced and secure than the iframe methods. This time you include a standard image on your page but set the source of the image file as being the affiliate link. The browser will follow this and although it won’t be able to load it as an image (since its actually a webpage), it will still read and act on the headers returned, and as we know.. cookies are sent via headers. We set the alt of the image as a space so that when it doesn’t load it simply produces a blank space rather than a broken image picture.

Resource folder /image/1/

Description: You literally just take your affiliate link and make add a new image to your page with the source being the affiliate link. You set the alt text to a space so that no broken image picture is displayed.

Pros: This is better than iframe methods because instead of many urls passing in the visitors browser for the affiliate page as each component within the iframe loads, there will only be one url and it will pass very quickly.

Cons: Just like the iframe 1 method, the affiliate/merchant could view source and see something sus. is going on pretty easily.

Resource folder /image/2/

Description: This time to decrease the chances of getting caught we actually include what appears to be a local jpg file but infact it’s a php file which uses a redirection header to send the browser onto the affiliate page. Just like iframe method 3 we check referer so that if someone goes direct to the page they wont see the redirect.

Pros: Even if the affiliate/merchant checks your source code then they’re almost certainly not going to think anything of just another image tag within your code.

Cons: The visitor/merchant might spot their domain at the bottom of the browser as it passes by once quickly.

One huge pro about using the image method is that you can signup to OTHER PEOPLES forums and then post the image link in your signature. For example you signup to a poker room who pay $100 for every customer you get to join them. Then you go signup to a huge poker forum, you stick the image in your signature and start posting on the forum. Before you know it you have dropped your cookies on everyone on that forum and the chances are quite high they’re going to go signup for a poker room anyway. You can’t do this with the iframe method since most forums won’t allow you to post html.

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