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Time to share a great tip with all the Buzzer's.

Most blog owners are not big fans of Twitter. I spent  a bunch of time working on the whole "getting Traffic from Twitter" thing before I even tried to make it do anything to get results.

Lets talk about feeding your  Blogs or Auto blogs to twitter. I can say the secret  in one word……



Simple enough, just go to the site, create an account and follow the directions.  Just put your  Blogs or Auto Blog's RSS feed in and set the post limits and start adding twitter accounts to the feed.

Here's the trick. If you look at the advanced options, you will see a prefix and suffix field.

Here is the Trick to Getting Massive Traffic.
Whatever you type in the prefix, when twitterfeed sends the update out to the masses, it starts the tweet out with whatever you have in the Prefix field.

Now , Twitter is a funny mother. You can set your Blog feed up and amp it out to all your twitter accounts and may get like 2 hits per hour.


If you put in the top trending keyword from twitter into your prefix and now you may get 30-50 hits per hour on that one feed.

Problem: Twitter is like a rabid beast that the trends change all the time.

Solution: Use your favorite Macro program to do the following:

  • Do a search for the top trending keyword
  • Copy that word
  • Paste it into the prefix of your twitterfeed feed prefix

Do this for every feed you have set up every couple of  hours. Traffic will increase an estimated 300%

I tested this with 32 feeds and I set up dedicated machine set up just for this task.

Hope this helps. I know may are working with auto blogs. Twitterfeed and making sure you are tweeting with the top trending keyword is a great way of integrating the autoblog into the crazy world of twitter.

Ramp it up, or even outsource the work! Twitter can be a valuable traffic monster if you keep the content flowing, streaming and keywords up to date.

I had 38,000 hits to one of my  test blogs last week. It works and it is FREE !!



….Blackhat Twitter on Autopilot System….


BH twitter Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System

Yes…. I am going to Show you How to

How to Create a  Twitter Money Making System

That Runs on Complete AutoPilot

in a Few Easy Steps

Twit BH2 Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System



This step-by-step guide shows you How to make Serious Money using Twitter with a System that Runs on Autopilot. You can create your own Fully Automated Money Generating System(s) and make Cash from Lazer Targeted Twitter Traffic on a regular basis in any niche you can think of.



With this System, you will be able to  Create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot to make a substantial Income from Google Adsense™, (or) Clickbank™, (or) Amazon™, (or) Ebay®, (or) CPA Networks (or) any other Affiliate programs, (or) all of the above !!!  And Guess What ?  You can also use it to build a Fully Automated List Building System. You only need to spend around 15 to 25 minutes to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.


Twitter traffic flow Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


The whole system will work full Autopilot – you won't have to do anything to run it. This is Literally a Set it  and Forget it system where the Money continues to Roll in . The Instruction guide is arranged in a no-nonsense – straight to the point manner with full details and screen-shots. When you are reading the Guide, you can open your Browser at the same time and follow each step as outlined in the Guide.


No programming knowledge is necessary. It is helpful to have  have basic knowledge about Twitter, Gmail, Adsense etc. and  be familiar with uploading files to a website.  But the Guide takes you through this anyhow, so totally NOOB friendly !!

You need only 4 things to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.

  •     The Step by Step Guide (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     A Firefox Browser connected to the Internet
  •     A special PHP Script that makes the Magic Work (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     15 to 25 minutes of your time


Once you create one Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot , you can start duplicating the whole thing again. This way, you can build a network of Fully Automated Twitter Money Machines. Just Rinse and repeat the  steps to make more money. The whole system is managed by the PHP Script provided with this Guide and some other  Tools available on the Internet.  Of Course I will walk you through it.

How this system works:

There are 2 Main Components in a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot:

1)     A Self-updating Twitter Account

2)     A Self-updating Website


In a Self-updating Twitter account, tweets will be posted automatically in regular basis with links back to your self-updating website.


Script plan Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


Every post in your Twitter account will be pointed to the Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot. So the traffic from all tweets will be directly sent to your Money Machine.    Blackhat Twitter System is a fully Template driven system, so you can easily modify it at any time by modifying a single template file and hundreds of pages will be updated automatically. For example; if you find a new Affiliate Offer and want to cash it, you can easily change the setting and all pages will be updated accordingly.


No dates present


The Twitter Tumbler Blackhat Method


twitter money 300x300 Twitter Tumbler Blackhat MethodI guess you all know what Twitter is. Recently I have been doing a little experimentation with some things and I found some hidden GOLD with Twitter. I will assure you that you will not make less  than $30 in an hour. I know many of you may be thinking about all the lame claims out there saying the same thing.

However, I personally test each method to make sure that it is viable and profitable. 



It's SIMPLE – If I can't make money with something,

I will not Publish it !!


  • Never used Twitter Before – No Problem – Any Noob can turn a Profit !!
  • International Friendly of Course – Make Money from any Part of the World !!
  • Just can't think of anything to Tweet about – I am going to give you the GOLD and tell you what to Tweet.
  • Can you scale it up and Turn more Profit – Of Course you Can , the sky's the Limit !!
  • No Cash to Start up – Won't Need a Website either !!


AND NO – YOU WILL NOT BE POSTING THOSE CRAPPY Teeth Whitening Ads or anything of the Sort ! 

I worked for an Hour and Made $40 bucks, then I took a nap !


With that Said, I give you all TWO options to get This Golden Method.

This way I know you are serious about making some Real Money !!

One is FREE and the other will allow you to get me an expresso ! 


Download the Twitter Tumbler here FREE ! Buy me an expresso and get instantly !!
button5 Twitter Tumbler Blackhat Method





Introducing …

twitspam Twit Spam Now you can Automate your Tweets


This handy little script allows you to automate your tweets.

It can be used on Multiple accounts.

Each occurrence of the script sends 41 tweets.  This makes it so each of your Twitter accounts can run continuously throughout the day (and night) and never stop without worry of getting banned for spamming !!

I was going to Charge for this Script….

But, I am releasing it to all my

loyal BlackhatBUZZers – FREE !!


Download it Here…….





This method is so BLACKHAT that i was hesitant about sharing it.

twitter black hat Totally Blackhat Twitter CASH

Well this guide will teach you how to earn from Twitter the TOTALLY BlackHat way.

I have included a script that will automate the process and increase your earnings TEN fold.



Download it here……..


CLICK the image to download

twitter bird 300x198 Totally Blackhat Twitter CASH




tanklogo2 Make Money on Twitter with Tweet Tank


What is "The Tweet Tank", and what do I get exactly ?

"The Tweet Tank" is a series of eight very well constructed fun instructional videos totaling more than one hour of hands on training. All you have to do is follow along and do exactly what the videos show you. These videos were created with inexperienced computer users in mind so they are very fun and easy.

How much can I make using "The Tweet Tank" ?

Amazingly, there is absolutely no cap on what your earnings could be and there is no limitations on usage of this product either. Simply put, the amount you and our other customers earn is completely up to you to decide! There are no income or earnings guarantees being made as such guarantees would be illegal for us to make, however this is a wonderful system and we have yet to see anyone fail to earn money!

How much work is it to use "The Tweet Tank" ?

"The Tweet Tank" is an incredibly easy system to use as 99% of it only has to be setup one time. However there is maintenance needed to grow your earnings to the level you wish to achieve. You will need to work at this for 15 minutes a day and that’s all that is required in order to build up a very lucrative income in under a month.* However, if you choose to work harder you will undoubtedly experience even better results!


 index 11 Make Money on Twitter with Tweet Tank






Make Some Money Very Fast

 twitter logo Make some Money using Twitter

Step 1)Get one or more twitter accounts. Twitter requires no email activation, so get between 1-10 accounts to start with.


Step 2) Join twitterad. This is a advertising network specially for twitter. They pay by paypal, within 48 hours! You choose which ads you want to post on your twitter profile and you will get around  $.06 to $.20 per click. It doesn’t really matter as you will get a lot of clicks, so don’t worry!  After you joined twitterad you can add more twitter profiles. To post an ad, simply press ´post ad´ and select the profile.


Step 3) Mass follow people. If you follow them they will follow you back and then you can ‘promote your ad’.This can be done with the free website twollo. You can follow people that twitterad about certain items with twollo. To get an higher clickthrough rate, you should follow people that twitter about the same subject as the ppc ad. You can set it up in less then a minute and it will work for you till the limit has been reached. Now that’s what I call time-effective………..


To auto-follow you can also use hummingbird…

You an also use tweetlater to auto-tweet and auto-message followers with your ad. This will improve the amount of clicks significantly.

 twbird Make some Money using Twitter

Step 4) Wait for people to follow, and  rinse and repeat….


Click Here for Twitterad and sign up

 Enjoy and prosper….



It’s cheating… but it works!!

"Discover How I Got Over 74,000 New Twitter Followers in 11 Weeks Using My 15-Minute a Day Brute Force Secret Tactics"


You’ll Never Worry About Spending Time & Money Building an Email List, Doing PPC or Anything…
All You Need is a Big Following on
Twitter to Make $$$ Online

“Twitter is Facebook on Steroids”

Twitter is big now, but it’s going to be huge. How do I know this?

Look around… watch CNN or FoxNews… these mainstream media outlets are pushing their Twitter accounts onto the viewers. It makes Yahoo’s home page when NBA stars get caught Tweeting during halftime of their games.

The mainstream media IS turning Twitter into the new mainstream media.

Twitter recently passed Digg in popularity. Since January 2009, Twitter has grown by 1600% in the USA. The growth is exponential each month. Celebrities worldwide are flocking to Twitter.

The picture is quite clear… YOU need to not only get on Twitter, you need to have a big presence. And now is the time to do that so you can be ahead of the curve. Social media is the future and Twitter is the future of social media.

Look, if you’re famous or some big well-known business, you don’t need my system because you’ll naturally get followers. You just sit there and they’ll come. That’s life. An example… CNN uses its TV platform to get 5,000+ new followers a day and rank #1 on Twitter.

But for us normal people, we need to “earn” each follower.

Maybe you’ll mass follow your way to 2,000 followers. That’s what the average person usually does. It kinda works, but it’s horribly inefficient and a waste of your time. But after 2,000 followers… then what?

Let’s Cut to the Chase:
You Want to be Popular & Make a Ton of Money…
Answer These 2 Questions Before Continuing

Do you have a lot of followers on Twitter? What about money… are you making any SERIOUS money off of Twitter? Guess what… they go hand-in-hand.

Download it Here………..

part 1
Click here to Download part 1
Click here to Download part 2



I thought I will share this KILLER Twitter Trick with my fellow BlackHaters, this is SOO freaking simple but yet so powerful that without using any script you will get thousands of people following you day and night.

So lets get started –

Getting Followers at Twitter can be pain in butt, you can use some tools to automate your work but it sucks, because not everyone will follow you back. But with this trick people will follow you, no need to beg or follow them..these people will find you and follow you..

Step by Step

1. Go to:

There you will find list of top 100 twitters with most followers, now you can move on and see other people as well but I stick to the top guns.

2. Select 10 people that you wanna target, or in other words 10 people that you want to follow "like I follow top 10 guys sometimes I go to lower down the list and find people with 20-30k followers so on and so fourth. For time being to get started just start with top 10.

3. Open 10 tabs and in each tab you must have each profile open, so tab 1 = profile 1, tab 2 = profile 2, so on and so fourth so you have 10 tabs with 10 twitter profiles of top 10 twitter gamers.

4. Now follow all of them, one by one follow all the 10.

5. Now here is the TRICK, every time you follow someone your name comes on top of their list of followers, so anyone who is following them will follow you, anyone who is following their followers will follow you first, anyone checking their profile will check your profile, anyone that sees their twit see yours first, so if you have 10 profiles and you keep following and unfollowing them every 5 minutes within 10 minutes you will have 200-300 people following you.

How this works?

Basically top 10 twitter guys get 1000s and 1000s of adds every hour (not only that they get thousands and thousands of visitors to their profile), and when they are adding they check their followers so if you are on top of their list they follow you as well. Or if anyone else is using bot to follow the followers of these top 10 you will be the first one they will follow.

This is a bug and it works all the time. I have 30 profiles open and I just follow them and after 5 minutes I unfollow all of them, I do this for few hours a day and then I get 500 followers I stop and continue next day.

In just few days i got 2600 followers doing this.

I did get feed up so I made a macro with JitBit, so now i have 50 tabs on my Virtual Machine and I am following and unfollowing these guys every 5 minutes.

This works all the time, whats even funnier, YOUR PROFILE gets a high PR backlink LOL..

  • Once again, follow and unfollow do this again and again.
  • Profile really does not matter it can be of a chick or a guy, I go with girls just because, I like it and people go easy on them and there are tons of perverts on twitter makes the whole thing go smooth.

No need to pay 500-600 USD for a bot. THIS REALLY WORKS. And no GURU will share this trick with you..


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