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Yes – It has finally arrived for the Masses.

One of my Deepest and Darkest secrets on how to Turn Easy Cash Using PPD and CPA.


Banzai blackhat 300x70 Banzai Blackhat   Easy PPD Cash


I am going to show you how you can make up to $3000 per month using PPD.


There are many methods with CPA/PPD. As you may already know, you may spend hours just setting up one of these methods and you would be lucky to get maybe a  few conversions a day. 


banzai BH Banzai Blackhat   Easy PPD Cash


That is peanuts compared to what I can teach you with Banzai Blackhat
Quite frankly, many of these methods are a total waste of time and effort. And we all know that our time and efforts are very valuable indeed !!

Now….. Let’s get down to the most balls on method that will definitely MAKE YOU MONEY….


Well, with my step-by-step instructions, I guarantee that you will not get banned from any PPD networks and you will MAKE MONEY….



So , you have a simple choice to make here.  Should you run out and get a burger and brew today or invest that into a system that can literally put thousands  of dollars into your pockets each and every month !?


Not really a hard choice to make is it ?

Download Banzai Blackhat today or miss out on a very profitable system.  


I will say this much.  This is extremely BLACKHAT. But – Extremely Profitable to say the least.  I guarantee that if you follow the step-by-step guide to the letter, you will see Easy PPD Cash within an hour of using the guide.


Well, enough of the talk, need to take some action and start using the Banzai Blackhat System. I am only going to leave this up for a limited time.


Oh, I forgot to mention,  This will never – ever – I mean NEVER get saturated.  This is rinse and repeat all the way.  And,  It will never – ever – and AGAIN I mean NEVER get outdated.  This will always work.  I have been using it for the past couple of years with success everytime.


Get it Now – Download it Today…..

How would you like to Create a CPA Landing Page in Less than 5 Minutes?  

How you you like to embed a video into this page with little or no effort? 

How would you like to include social buttons on your page without doing anything at all?


In Fact, just before writing this post I created a CPA – PPD landing page in 3 MINUTES FLAT !!

Click the LInk below to see the sample Page done in 3 Minutes…

Just Click on the Submit Button and see what happens.



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Well NOW you can create a CPA landing page in 5 minutes with the Video CPA Landing Page Creator.  Yes – Create Different CPA Landing Pages that convert in between television commercials.


CPA landing page creator 300x144 FREE CPA Landing Page Creator

Easy User interface and of course a Detailed Guide to get you through and let you start making some money.



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And here is the real Kicker…


I am giving it away absolutely FREE.  Now that has to be in your Price Range.


Click the bouncin' Dude below  to get it NOW !!


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Happy Earnings – Let's go make some money !!


Cash girl 300x244 Easy 10 15 Bucks a day on Auto Pilot

Hey All – I have been getting tons of emails, all will the same general question.   

How can I make a little Cash Online?

Well, I got to thinking and decided…

I need to make a simple straight forward guide that anyone can follow that will make at least $200 to $300 or more per month for anyone, either total noob or experienced marketer.  

Then I decided that it has to be fool-proof and it must be done on auto-pilot.  Not a small task in its own right.  But, after some testing and trial and error, I think I came up with something unique, easy and most of all fool-proof that runs on Auto-pilot.

Well, here is what I made in 15 Days. You can get paid Twice a month!!


PP proof Easy 10 15 Bucks a day on Auto Pilot


Alright so here’s a way for you to make money while you sleep.


Oh Ya ! Did I mention that this was Internationally Friendly !!

Works anywhere in the World. US – UK – India – ANYWHERE !!

Easy 10 15 bucks 300x67 Easy 10 15 Bucks a day on Auto Pilot


Check out my Offer and Get It Free here !

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cher noob Totally Easy CPA MethodCould you Use and Extra $100 a Week?

How about and Extra $100 a Day ?

Are you a Noob at CPA Marketing ?

Or Maybe you are an Intermediate or Experienced Marketer That Just Wants to Join the Fun !!

Well,  I did a little testing and Came up with

Totally Easy CPA for Noob's

I almost made this fool-proof or rather Noob-Proof………

  • I give you the Niche I was using.
  • I give you the Offer that has been converting at an astonishing 12 percent.  (Yes , 12 out of every 100 people have completed this offer when it was presented to them.)  And at $2.60 per conversion, the earnings went through the roof.
  • I give you the Methods I used.
  • I give you the PLR Copy that converted like crazy !!


  • I give you a Bonus Method that made me $547.00 (that's Five Hundred Fourty Seven Dollars) in one weekend, with an investment of $8 Bucks……..

So if some asked you to hand them $8 Bucks in exchange for $547.00.  Would you take it ??


Yep, just follow the Guide and the possibilities are endless.  With a little twist here and there, your imagination can produce an endless stream of cash.

And of course, you can outsource the methods and double – triple – quadruple your earnings.


Time to Get Started !!


You have Two Ways to Get the Guide…. 

Check out my Offer and Get It Free here !

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"Get 9 Blogging & Web 2.0 guides, 20 Website Header Graphics, 300 Website Buttons, The Squeeze Page Profit System & 12 Squeeze Page Templates, That You Can Use – Sell or GiveAway ……."

Grab All these NOW, Before I Pull This Offer Forever

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You can Discover the Secrets of Building Money Making Blogs & Driving Hordes of FREE Traffic from Web 2.0 Sites.  Yes……..  You get all these ebooks, courses, website graphics and MORE !!!

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20 Website Header Graphics
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300 Website Buttons

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Blogging On Steroids
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Squeeze Page Profit System

Just Click the Download NOW Button below to instantly get access to all of these ebooks and resourcesYES….. TOTALLY FREE !!!!!


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Introducing the MarketPlace from BlackhatBuzz

Got an ebook or money making method you would like to Sell ?

Is your Hard Drive full of MRR or PLR products that you could make some great cash with ?


The BlackhatBuzz MarketPlace offers an easy and fast digital goods eShopping service for anyone selling or buying intangible goods online.

We provide a service to buy and sell downloadable items such as:

Software, eBooks, music, movies, graphics, manuals and how-tos and anything else that can be downloaded.

Our system operates with PayPal's online payment system, a reliable solution for sending and receiving money for your online business.

You can sell anywhere from web sites, to emails, and at auction sites. We highly integrate sites like Facebook with your customized pricing on the fly!

We DO NOT charge any Setup or Membership fees.


We also offer an affiliate program where you can get paid for each and every person you refer and makes a purchase from the BlackhatBuzz Marketplace. You can post your affiliate links in emails, forums, on your website or any other place you can place a URL link.  Just so you conform to our spam policies.


We Help You To sell Downloads:

We provide an efficient secure and fast reliable service for you to sell your downloadable items such as: Software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded.

Our automated service delivers your products to your customers instantly after payment. Our system operates using PayPal's online payment system. Our sellers see an average 1,000% increase in sales using our service.

Sell your PLR (private lable rights) and MRR (master resale rights) products.

Do you have tons of info stored on your computer in the form of PLR and/or MRR products. Now you can turn all that stored information into cash, by offering these products to the rest of the world.

Sellers Can Join Free:

You can Join for free, find new customers and start selling your Products instantly. Register Here

This system is integrated with PayPal for payment processing and the standard service backend to handle the digital file delivery. This means that all digital products can be delivered instantly when the customer continues after payment.



  • Store your digital products securely on our server.
  • Getlinks and sell the products on your own web site and on any other website.
  • Sell your digital goods and deliver instantly to buyers after payment via Paypal.
  • You can sell with any of these currencies – USA, British Pound or Euro.
  • Buyer receives an email with the product download link from our system.
  • Seller can restrict the number of downloads for security, so that the download link cannot be shared.
  • Default Download link expires in 2 days. Seller can increase this value.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis to Sellers.
  • Access buying and selling details in your members area 24 hours a day.
  • Run your own affiliate program and let the others sell your products.
  • Check your Affiliate Stats
  • Refer more members and earn more affiliate commissions fees.
  • Excellent support
howitworks The Marketplace from BlackhatBuzz

How It Works:

You post Product on the Marketplace at BlackhatBuzz.com

  1. Customer browses product on the Marketplace at Blackhatbuzz.com or on your Product Affiliate Site (Who added Product code to Sell on their site from the Marketplace)

  2. Customer purchases via paypal and continues after payment.

  3. Paypal IPN then notify Blackhatbuzz.com about payment

  4. Customer redirected to secure product Delivery page instantly. Customer also receives an email with the Product download link.


Sell downloads free on the Marketplace at Blackhatbuzz.com. Sellers get unlimited Storage Space. No Monthly fees.

    There is :

    • NO Account setup fee
    • NO transaction limit
    • NO bandwidth limit.

    Easy to use, inexpensive solution that requires no programming skills. Alternative way to promote and sell your digital products. Only your paid customers will be able to download your products.

    To get a Free Seller Account Register Here

    To browse products either choose any category from the left or Click Here


    BHB reloaded3 BlackhatBuzz Reloaded

    Cashing in on the Buzz !

    Taking Blackhat to the Next Level – Reloaded !

    Learn How you can Grab the Web by The Throat And Ride A Wave Of Traffic For Free! 

    All while lining your pockets with cash!


    All While the Other Guys do all the Wrong things just hoping For 10 Clicks,  You can bury these guys and get thousands of hits to any offer – product – or webpage you choose !!  Which Type would you like to be ?

    Today I am going to reveal to you a method that I used to generate around $700 in less than 5 hours. I am going to go into every detail so that you really understand the basis of the system. I am also going to reveal exactly what I did in a test case I did. By the way, it only took me about 5 minutes (seriously) to create the content and start raking in the sales. (I had more than 20 sales in a matter of hours).

    This is not just a one shot system. I have since used the system time and again with similar results. I have raked in hundreds of dollars in a day with same small amount of effort. I would implement the method more, but I’m really busy with other projects, so I have decided to unleash this incredible power to you.

    I just want to make this totally clear right now – This method when worked correctly can be a substantial source of income to you.  You will get varying results depending on what type of traffic you’re sucking in and what offers you’re pushing.  With a little effort, the rewards are substantial !!

    This method will make you a lot of cash if you implement everything and use some creativity.

    This method is GOLD. And no, before you ask,  it won’t get saturated anytime soon.

    You will get an Exclusive set of  resources, never before published, that will give you an extreme edge on turning your efforts into cash.   These are all tried and true and when utilized correctly will put you in a league above the Guru’s hawking all their worthless products. I am giving you the tools they may mention, but never reveal.

    Some of these resources are closely guarded secrets in the internet marketing community. While others may accuse me of going rogue for letting them out, I just look at it as sharing the fruits with you, in an effort to further your endeavors.

    But, why stop there.  I am also going to provide you with my distribution list. This has never been shared before, so keep it under your hat.  Other internet marketers would sell their mother for a list like this……

    I guess your ready now, Get Blackhat Buzz Reloaded here…….


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     Special Note - Some readers have asked why I charge a minimal fee for some of my Guides.  Well, I used to give everything on this site away – free of charge – only to have the same guide show up on another forum or else where on the web been sold as "their" product. And in many cases, there are the "leechers" that need content for their own blog and/or forum, of which they copy and paste my material, download the guide or tool and link the download to a pay-per-download site.   Most of my posts and Guides are still free and I strive to offer quality material and guides either FREE or at a Minimal cost. For  less than the cost of a burger and fries, you will get quality material that will put cash in your pocket for months or years to come.  Think of it this way, instead of buying that energy drink today, spend that couple of bucks on a guide that will allow you to purchase a truckload down the road.  Most of my guides go for $3-$5. This does not make me rich by any means, it just sorts out the real people serious  about making money, and gets rid of the "leechers", "copycats", and "wannabe's".




    Now….. Don't let the title fool ya.


    youtube noob You Tube Cash for NoobsI call this YouTube Cash for Noobs, because any Noob can pull it off and because you are going to make money off other Noobs that may be even more Newbie than you.

    But even the intermediate or experienced marketer is going to just love this.



    If you cannot earn at least $50 with this method in the Next Two days…..

    GIVE UP trying to make money online.


    SO – What is this Method is all about? 

    YouTube + A secret website = 50$ in your account every day.  

    It’s Totally NEW !!   YES – Unsaturated & Unique !! 

    STOP: Enough of this sales page Talk….Just Listen up !! 

    This is new and unexplored territory, Nobody is doing it so the market to make money is Wide Open !!

    Just spend a quick couple minutes reading the guide and an half hour or so to TAKE ACTION and the money will roll in…….. 

    Warning:  After Reading this Guide you might say – Why the heck did you let this secret out?    Well, you see, I had to learn all my marketing skills on my own, no one ever gave me anything except a bunch of empty promises.  I “pay it forward” because no one ever did it for me.  And, I live by the words below !!




    Interested?  Download the FULL Guide Here……



    Instant Traffic in 5 Minutes


    traffic chick Instant Traffic TrickThis method of generating traffic is very easy to implement yet very few people know about it. It's very powerful and if you use it with a great affiliate product or any product that you're selling. It has the potential of making some money quickly. I've been using this method for a few months.  This may be just the kind of information that will take you to the next level of income and traffic generation.

    I discovered this trick by accident. I was just messing around with a few things and BAM,   A few hours later, when I checked and affiliate account I was promoting to look at something else, I discovered that I had made 3 sales.  I was shocked! So I stopped everything and tried to figure out what was happening. What I found was nothing short of amazing…..


    I was really hesitant about posting this up, but I see no possibility of any saturation.

    Download it FREE Here…….





    Quick Cash System

    How you can make $30 to $100 plus per day for about 1 hour of work !!


    QuickCash Logo Quick Cash System

    This Guide is not anything fancy, and it's not supposed to be. It's a simple, workable system that generates quick sales easily & consistently when you use it.

    This method is Great for newbies, or anyone else that wants to add another quick-cash system to their arsenal.

    This is a method that I have used in the past, and have recently started playing around with it again and have seen some very profitable results.

    It a simple System that takes almost no time to setup, is 100% free to do, (you won't need any cash to get started) and you can make anywhere from $30 a day all the way up to a couple of hundred bucks a day. 

    For myself, on average it takes me about an hour to setup and complete the whole system, which in turn, will make me an average of $60-100+ per day. The great thing is you can rinse and repeat, (spend another hour and do it again) then profit an additional $60-$100+ per day again.  So it is up to you, work at it an hour a day, or spend 3 hours a day and set it up three times to triple your profit.

    You get the meaning, I think !!

    It’s all about creating a  FREE simple, informative style landing page and then driving instant, targeted traffic to that landing page. Sounds simple? Your Darn right it is.  Any Noob can do this,  I tested this on a couple of Noobs that I offered Mentoring services to, and they both made money !! I do not like to  spend too much time on any Quick Cash System, and I would not  want you to either.

    The kicker is that  you can just repeat the traffic generation step to drive another wave of traffic and make more money since your landing page is already there.


    Ok Readers, I have to get rid of the Leechers who seem to scrape my site or upload my Guides to some forum with a sharecash link hoping to make a few pennies, I publish these guides for all of you that seriously want to make MONEY !!

    With that Said, I give you all TWO options to get the Guide.

    This way I know you are serious about making real Quick Cash !!

    One is FREE and the other will allow you to get me an expresso ! 


    Download the Quick Cash System here FREE ! Buy me an expresso and get the System instantly !!
    button5 Quick Cash System

    Another note for my readers:

    My gateway cannot be cracked , so it is easier to follow the instructions than try to get around it (a simple offer to complete and you get the guide for FREE), hey I gotta pay the bills too.  Also, for those of you that have tried, or are thinking about trying,  to change the code and send me a penny for the download.  It will not work, I have a perfect script that I have perfected for the distribution of my downloads.  I am a blackhatter, remember, whatever you are thinking about doing, I have already tried.

    forums digitalpoint The Re Hash of Digital pointGosh Guys,  I Recently was Surfing at DP and was amazed at the Crap I found there. Some of the Marketers out there just Re-Hash everything.  I even found some of my stuff there. 

    Now, I am not saying that some of the Downloads and Methods I offer are Totally New, But I always try to improve and Twist the information around so It will actually work and you can make money with it. 

    I must have read the same guide about ewhoring a least 100 times.  You know the one – Find a chat room then find a horny guy then send them to your affiliate link, and so on and so on !!!! 

    Shame on you for Selling and Shame on you for Buying !!

    With that Said, I sat down for a few minutes and wrote a couple of Guides for you all with Tried and True Methods to Generate some income.

    I call the First one Auto Classified.  The method is similar to others, But I created a step-by-step guide on how I used it to generate income.  And BEST of ALL.  I am not going to SELL it to you as the next big thing. 

    Download it FREE Here……….

    I then Put together a little Guide that has six (6) methods that anyone can implement and make money online.  Yes, Noob Friendly, International Friendly, and even an experienced marketer may get some inspiration out of it.  Some of my Best Income has come from so called "Saturated Methods" that others have abandoned because they had too much competition,  they could not think outside the box and "Re-Hash the Twist",  or they just got Lazy and quit. 

    I have found that if I have 5-10 methods going, at any one time, that Generate between $30-$50 per day each,  It is much more rewarding than searching for the Killer method that will take all my time and I may not make any money at all.

    So,  here are some methods that are tried and true.  Each one could make you some money everyday, so if you start today and make , say $30 bucks a day with each method.  An easy $180 a day !!!

    Download it Here – FREE ……….

    More Affiliate Cash

    As always, Good Luck

      Blackhat just isn't the word for this !

    I suppose that "Bizarre Blackhat" is more appropriate for this Guide.


    BH leggs(1) Make easy Money with Bizarre Blackhat   NOOB Friendly



    With the Bizarre Blackhat Guide you can:


    Make up to $300 per day

    Totally $0 investment – Yep – nothing – nada – zero cost

    Extremely Noob Friendly – My Girlfriend could make money with this (Dumb Blonde – of course)

    I tell you where to get all the tools you need – FREE

    Can set up in less than 30 Minutes.





    Sound Interesting?

    Download it here free!

    Oh – By the way 

    Limited to the first 100 Buzzer's , so get it quick !!




    Here is a Simple Guide for a very easy way to make up to $180 day for a few hours  of easy work.

    The Blackhat Flip


    BackFlip Blackhat FlipEverything is set up  STEP-BY-STEP

    Just follow the Steps exactly and you will be making $60 an hour profit by Tommorrow !!

    ARE YOU a  Marketing Noob ? 

    Definition of NoobNoob is a slang term for a newcomer to an Internet activity.

    Well, No Problem, because you do not need to know anything about this type of money-making venture in order to profit from it. I have literally laid out everything into steps that anyone can follow.  AND, I will give you the tools you need.



    Even the seasoned marketer will be amazed by the simplicity of this !!

    With this method you will make at least $60 and up to $180 within 24 hours – GUARANTEED !!


    Ok Buzzer's, I have to get rid of the Leechers who seem to scrape my site or upload my Guides to some forum with a sharecash link hoping to make a few pennies, I produce these guides for the True Blackhatters that seriously want to make MONEY !!

    With that Said, I give you all TWO options to get the Guide.

    This way I know you are serious about making $60 an hour by Tommorrow !!

    One is FREE and the other will allow you to get me an expresso ! 


    Download the Blackhat Flip Guide here FREE ! Buy me an expresso and get the Guide instantly !!
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    Simplicity is Brilliance !!

    Introducing the Blackhat Triple Play

    Here are Three Methods (totally NEW) that will increase your CPA earnings 10 fold, at least !!

    BlackHat autopilot CD Case Blackhat Triple Play
    Blackhat AutoPilot:

    'Discover a legal, quiet secret that enables me to generate in excess of $5,000+ every single month '

    Want to make money from CPA networks on Auto-Pilot ?  Would you like to have a FAT check delivered to you each and every month without lifting a finger?  Tired of posting links on Forums, in Blogs, and other places ?  Not making the Money you think you should from the CPA networks ?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you NEED Blackhat AutoPilot !





    blackhat brokerage Blackhat Triple PlayBlackhat Brokerage:

    Unlike other methods that utilize PPC or SEO, Blackhat Brokerage lets you get started with very little money (really $0 with the method I'll show you how) and it carries absolutely no risk. Very few people use this method, and even less are willing to talk about it because they just simply don't know it exists and the ones that do know don't want the competition.

    I will give you full step by step instructions on how to do everything to enable you to pull in thousands online each and every month.



    blackhatcpa(3) Blackhat Triple PlayUltimate Blackhat CPA:

    This is the Revised Version of EXTREME CPA – Revised and Working Properly !

    VERY Black Hat CPA Method Make $50-$100 per Network per Day

    Let me begin right now by saying that this is an incredibly simple method and VERY Black Hat.

    I am really hesitant with Sharing this, BUT, what the Heck !!

    I  give you the SECRET Method and the SPECIAL Codes to make it all Work.

    It is SO BLACKHAT that I can't even post it in my Blog for fear the the Networks will stumble upon it !!




    At this moment, you are probably thinking…'But what will I be doing online to make this sort of income?'

    Download the Guides to Find out.  I guarantee you have never read anything like these  before. The Methods are international Friendly – Work with them anywhere in the World !!

    Ok Buzzer's , I have to get rid of the Leachers for the Blackhat Triple Play Package, in such case I give you all TWO options to get the package. 

    One is FREE and the other will allow you to get me an expresso ! 


    Download the BH Triple Play Package here FREE ! Buy me an expresso and get the Package instantly !!
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    Do you want to know how to  put together a Facebook Fan Page with over a Million fans and how to monetize it?

    As an Internet Marketer you MUST be on Facebook and use the power it has. Learn how to Harness this power and MAKE MONEY too.

    facebookmoney FaceBook Marketing   How to Get over a Million FANS



    Did you know that Facebook has over 300,000 million active members? Over 50% of these members log in on any given day. The largest demographic is the over 35 crowd. Did you know that over 10 million members become fans of something EACH DAY! You need to capture a piece of the 10 million each day. Can you imagine having over a million fans that you can directly communicate with whenever you want? I can and I do each day.


    No matter what niche you are focused on you NEED the immense power of Facebook Marketing. Facebook marketing brings your fans and people that are directly interested in your niche right in the palm of your hands.

    We spent almost a year trying and trying to create fan pages that would viral and bring in fan after fan. We failed and failed…until I figured out a method and process that WORKED!

    Whether you are new to Facebook or a Facebook veteran this method may just change your thinking on how to find your customers and your direct audience. I have searched and researched different methods on how to get fans and my method was not anywhere to be found. You found it today!


    Again, this method is very out of the box. BUT in order to be successful and get ahead of the game, you MUST think out of the box.

    Everyone needs to use the power of Facebook. I want to make it clear though that this is not a tutorial on how to use Facebook.  THIS IS A METHOD TO MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK !!

    Any niche will benefit from this!


    Download the FREE Report Here……



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