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Hey – Now this is EXTREME Blackhat – so the weak in the Knees have to QUIT reading NOW !


This little trick and script allows you to disguise any advertisement as any image you want.

For example, a fake "Intermission" page and the "Continue" button is simply your adsense ad, when "Continue" is clicked they are prompted just as they would be if they would have click any other adsense ad…most likely they’ll X out pretty quickly, but you get your money – and it’s a "legitimate" click..


Here are the script Codes:

1) The display page….aka the "Intermission" page, or maybe the page with a small thumbnail of a Half-naked chick that makes people want to click it to enlarge. Edit YOURSITE.COM/iframepage.php to the page with the PHP file BELOW this.

In the below CSS, change the iframe width/height to whatever the size of the image you’re using.

position: absolute;
top: 450px;
left: 550px;
height: 100px;
width: 100px;
opacity: 0;
border: 0px none transparent;
position: absolute;
top: 430px;
left: 510px;
height: 150px;
width: 150px;
<b><center><font size="5">It appears you haven’t been here before…</font><br><br><br>Please take a moment and check out today’s partner below and click continue when you’re ready.</font><br><br>
<img src="/continue.jpg" class="lol">
<iframe name="continue" src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" vspace="0" hspace="0" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="100" scrolling="no" width="100" class="lol"></iframe>























2) The PHP page, iframe page. Name it whatever just make sure its linked to above accordingly. Make it something legit looking like "rightads.php" or "aboutus.php" etc.



$mmeedle = "yoursite";

// THAT THE DISGUISED ADS ARE ON. Example: If you’re displaying them on
//   you can simply enter
// freewidgets above.

$pkop = strpos($ref,$mmeedle);

if($pkop === false) {

else {



That’s it! There’s a bit of editing that you’ll need to do so just read my instructions and feel free to mess around with it. It’s flawless – does exactly what it’s supposed to do.


Put your mouse over the "continue" button – notice how it goes to that link. Now view the page source of that same page, there is no link to that, it’s in the iframe. That can/will be your ad,  just didn’t want to put any ad code on that page for obvious reasons .

Yes, I know, it’s a crappy quick example but it shows you how it works.



***Be careful, someone used this with adbrite and had like a 40% click through ratio, and got banned. Make sure to inflate the impressions with uniques somehow to balance it out…don’t make this mistake***




The VERY Black Hat AdSense with Google Trends Method

A couple of notes before we get to the Full Effect:

  • The highlighted parts don’t work properly in WP. If you cannot figure out the template on your own then just head over HERE and get the PDF version of this blog post which will lay out the site’s .php in color coded format to help you with editing if you are new to web design.
  • Be careful! I recommend not doing more than $20-$50 a day with this method. I taught this method to one of my coaching clients and he did $30K in about 2 weeks, needless to say he got banned. The key to going dark black hat like this is to fly under the radar, don’t bring attention to yourself and don’t get greedy! Also if you use your AdSense for a lot of white hat stuff consider running with AdBrite – they pay less but at least you aren’t risking your AdSense account.
  • I thought the traffic method makes perfect sense but apparently some people are not capable of comprehending this so let me lay it out. Your submission uses the exact trend for title/description. It then ranks in Google, your page itself does not. If the trend is low competition (no big .coms like Fox/CNN/TMZ) then your story will be one of the top results for the trend in a few hours and people will click it and then click through to your website.


It seems that more and more often people are dropping AdSensea revenue stream do to ever decreasing ad clicks and the fact that traffic is just worth more through affiliate sales or CPA offers. With every intention of being banned from AdSense and just playing around before dropping them completely I started a VERY black hat AdSense campaign which, my to my initial surprise, is still going strong 5 months later and getting me a paid a ton!

I will not lie; this is very against AdSense ToS so you do risk being banned. All that I can say is that I have not gotten banned and I get paid. If you are a bit faint of heart or perhaps using your AdSense account for white hat things and do not want to risk it that is 100% fine just check out other programs, who do not care so much about quality for their advertisers and do NO manual checking.

These networks include:


  •   BidVertiser
  •   MSN
  •   AdBrite
  •   YSM

All of these networks pay out slightly lower, on a cost per click basis, than Google AdSense but they do still pay and with this method you will still earn big!I can also attest to the fact that my friends who use this method have never been banned from AdSense either. As I said though, use it at your own risk and perhaps consider applying to another network so a ban will not hurt your current or future AdSense prospects.

Alright, now thatyou’ve made up your mind about what pay-per-click program you’re going to use how about we go ahead and get on to the method…

Set Up

The first step for setup here is start out a brand new site. You will need hosting for this, a domain is optional as you can always use a redirect/shortening service but you will need your own hosting as you are going to be editing some .php files. You can use for free hosting but it does not
look clean so I recommend moving away from it once you get paid. Since Google Trends, and our traffic technique, are both very short lived you will be spending about 5-10 minutes each day setting up a new page based around a new trend. It gets more simple next time as you have your template and only have to edit the URL forthe new picture as well as put it the dimensions for it. This can be done on hosted sites only! blogs will NOT work as you need to edit a .php page to make the code for this work!

Your very first step for the day is to head over to and look for a suitable Google trend for the day. An ideal trend, for this method, will need to posses one of the following attributes:

Not covered by the major media networks such as Associated Press, CNN or Fox News. These networks will be the only things that will outrank you in Google, which is going to be your traffic source. Generally speaking about 1/3 of the top 100 trends fit this criterion and you can run with them!
The Google Trend needs to be about some sort of content that people are dying to get. This works with mainly two things –videos and pictures. For this method to work you will need your visitor to click on the picture, you will see why later.

In this example I am a bit limited today because it is the 4th of July so that takes up a ton of Google Trends and is not too useable to me. However, there are always at least a few Trends out there that I can work with. Today I went with ‘versus cycling’ which holds some great qualities; it is not covered by
the big networks, itis related to TV so I can put up a clip and it even has a related Trend a little further down the list which means the possibility to add some extra traffic (this method will let you target up to 2 Google Trends per blog post)! Here is a little shot for y’all:

Gtrends The VERY BlackHat Adsense Method

Now it is time to get a little content for my new page for the day.I will head over to Google Image search and just type in ‘versus cycling’. I found a suitable image in about a minute, anything that looks like it could be a frame from a video will do just fine. Here is the image that I went with:

bike1 The VERY BlackHat Adsense Method

Now I want to make it look like a video, this is pretty darn simple! All we are going to do is to stick a play button right on top of it. You don’t even need Photo Shop to make this look good; I’m doing it in MS Paint on my laptop as a matter of fact! I have found the perfect button for you and you can get it at:

Just take that image and paste it right on top of the picture that you found. My final product, for my new webpage, is this bad boy:

bike2 The VERY BlackHat Adsense Method

Nothing too fancy but since you have to do this daily I prefer to only spend about 2 minutes total to slap up this picture! From here you can upload it straight to your server for use in your new web page. You may be thinking that it is pretty black hat toget a person to click on something that isn’t what you make it out to be. Well, you’ve been warned this is a VERY black hat method and you haven’t seen anything yet! I am about to show you how to get credited for an AdSense, or other network of your choosing, click every time someone clicks on that video!

Now it is time to generate your AdSense code. The big thing here is that you do NOT want a 100% CTR. Since Google made clicks only count on the text links and not the whole ad this helped a lot. Although you could easily still get 80%+ CTR it WILL get you banned as it initiates a manual review by Google!
Because of this you want to make your Ad Unit smaller than the picture size. What is going to happen is that this will make it so that people will have toclick the correct area of the picture –your fake video – in order to get an AdSense click. This way only a percentage of people clicking on the image will also be clicking your AdSense ad unit so you have a reasonable looking CTR.

So, it is now time to take this picture and hide it over your AdSense ads. In order to do this simply use the template that is on the following page. Create a new .txt document and paste all of it in there, then I will show you what needs to be changed to make it have your current image up and your AdSense ads
behind it. Also please note AdSense now uses a new format for ads, I use copied+pasted ad units from my old site so it looks like this. If you do the newer ones just stick that code where my AdSense code shows up.

Ok then, here it goes for you:



opacity: 0;

border: 0px none transparent;

position: absolute;

top: 0px;

left: 0px;

height: 300px;

width: 250px;




position: absolute;

top: -50px;

left: 0px;

height: 475px;

width: 342px;






<img src=””/>

<script type=”text/javascript”><!–

google_ad_client = “pub-YOURPUBID”;

google_ad_width = 300;

google_ad_height = 250;

google_ad_format = “300×250_as”;

google_ad_type = “image”;

google_ad_channel = “YOURCHANNEL”;


<script type=”text/javascript”




<center>Watch versus cycling in this video clip.<br>Versus Cycling is some

great videos to watch!




As you can see this is designed for a 300×250 ad unit. If you use a smaller ad unit (a must do if your picture is somewhat smaller) then just also change the dimensions to the dimensions of your ad unit.The areas highlighted in green reflect the height of width of your picture, be sure to change these to reflect whatever picture you use as well.If you are using a fairly large picture and do not need a smaller ad then simply change the parts. The first thing to
change is to add the URL of the image that you created earlier (in the img src area). Next just replace the Google AdSense code area to reflect the code that you have generated in your account.

As you know AdSense displays ads based on keywords so if there is no text here you will be showing VERY low paying public service ads. You will also note that I put a <br> in between sentences. Keep it short and keep that after the first sentence or else it will get moved behind your image and look a bit fishy. If you are using a different advertiser such as AdBrite then obviously you would place the AdBrite code in place of the AdSense code at the bottom.

This is now the end of your page set up. So to cover things, we have identified a Google Trend and built a page that will get all the interested traffic clicking on ads. Now, aside from my very handy promotion trick, all that is left is to create your ‘safe’ page to keep a manual review from slamming you –just in case!

We are going to go and make a new .txt document in wordpad. This  will be extremely generic and safe, just slap in the following code:





<center><script type=”text/javascript”><!–

google_ad_client = “pub-YOURPUBID”;

google_ad_width = 300;

google_ad_height = 250;

google_ad_format = “300×250_as”;

google_ad_type = “image”;

google_ad_channel = “YOURCHANNEL”;


<script type=”text/javascript”





<center>Versus Cycling News</center><br>


A fire that destroyed Team Type 1’s rider transport van threatened to burn up the team’s lead Sunday morning in the Arizona desert at the Race Across America (RAAM). But quick action by the crew kept the eight-rider team going and Team Type 1 led by more than an hour Sunday afternoon at Time Station No. 7 in Cottonwood, Ariz., 437 miles (704 km) into the race.


The fire started beneath the mini-van that hauls the riders and pulls the trailer carrying their Orbea bicycles. It happened when the van’s hot catalytic converter came in contact with tall grass on the side of the road while the vehicle was pulled off to make a rider exchange. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But the van was permanently damaged and a large area of the pavement was scorched.


Team Type 1 General Manager Tom Schuler, who is serving as a crew member for the team during RAAM, said he was amazing by how fast riders and staff responded to the situation.   “They had to put out the fire, disconnect the trailer hitch, reconnect the trailer to another vehicle,

move the bikes around and get a new vehicle,” Schuler said. “We were really fortunate that we were able to disconnect that trailer from the frame of the burned-out vehicle and move it onto a different van.”


As a temporary stop-gap, Team Type 1 and Team Type 2 RAAM manager Dave Eldridge put his utility van into action as the rider vehicle until he was able to secure a new rental. Eldridge is the father of Joe Eldridge, who co-founded Team Type 1 with Phil Southerland in 2004.   In the wake of the fire, RAAM organizers put out a message to the more than 70 other crews following teams or individuals in the transcontinental race. It read, in part:

RAAM wish to extend their appreciation for the quick reaction of the crew to mitigate what could have been a very dangerous event. RAAM is unable to control all aspect of the Race and therefore they cannot take responsibility for unfortunate events that may occur during the Race.


Please be aware of your surroundings (especially the dry ground cover inCalifornia) and the impact you may have on them during the race. Follow the progress of Team Type 1 and Team Type 2 during RAAM by going to Both squads are providing inspiration to people affected by diabetes around the world.

Now what you will have to change is simple:

Just Google the Trend you chose and grab a short article. Copy and paste it in there and you have your ‘safe’ page ready to throw up. When you start to get a good burst of ad clicks simply throw up the safe page after you earned your goal for the day ($100? $300?) and the ‘safe’ page will replace your old one. This is dual purpose, first of all it will now greatly lower your CTR because you have the same ad up but no sneaky technique to get it clicked. Second this method will also give you a ‘safe’ page so that by the time an AdSense rep comes to manually check it, if you happened to go a bit overboard, everything will look 100% legit to them!

That’s it for the site creation. Just remember, watch it closely and throw this up once you have a comfortable amount of cash in for the day. Even if you do not hit your goal for the day still throw this up early so that you can lower your CTR and avoid suspicion.

Now all that is left to do is to get some traffic. Simply head over to Digg and submit your new site. In the title box put your first Trend keyword exactly as it appears, in this instance it will be ‘versus cycling’. In the second box put your second Trend exactly as it appears also. Although this is optional as you will often only have 1 Trend at a time that fits well. Also put a little link bait at the end of this in the description, after all you do want people to click through.

As an example my title now reads: Versus Cycling

And my description reads: Versus TV –Watch versus cycling here, great clip of today’s action!

Now just go ahead and submit it. The way that this trick works is that is LOVED by Google, at least short term. So, since you are not competing with CNN and Fox News your story (not the actual site but the Digg submission) will hit the top of Google in about an hour for your Trend and
remain there for 12-24 hours. This way people searching for this Trend will click on your story and the click through the link there which will lead them to the page that you setup. You now have a TON of traffic ready to click your invisible AdSense ad!

Enjoy it and please do not get greedy and forget to throw your ‘safe’ page up. It really is some great money so be sure to do this and milk it long term instead of getting banned!


If you would like the Ebook explaining this Method in Detail

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This method is so BLACKHAT that i was hesitant about sharing it.

twitter black hat Totally Blackhat Twitter CASH

Well this guide will teach you how to earn from Twitter the TOTALLY BlackHat way.

I have included a script that will automate the process and increase your earnings TEN fold.



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The Amazon Method

amazon king Amazon Method = Big Bucks

This method is only suitable for people who are willing to do some actual work,
have a good command of the English language, and have  basic knowledge of Photoshop.

The method detailed in this Guide, The Amazon Method, is completely original and is not known to many. The idea came  one morning and  instantly realized what a goldmine it was.

The great part is that the income it brings in is enough to change your life.

Let me tell you what this ISN’T about:

* Becoming an Amazon affiliate
* Kindle
* Dropshipping
* Any kind of affiliate program
* Articles
* Social Networking
* Craigslist
* Blogs

Basically, it has nothing to do with anything you’ve read about before about making money.
It’s completely original. I can’t stress that enough.

Did you know Amazon gets over 40 million hits a month? Or that it has a page rank of 9?

That’s the  powerhouse you’re going to have behind you when you use the method I outline for you in this guide.

The Amazon Method is:

  • 100% Legal !  You will Never worry about getting banned.
  •  Surefire !  If you don’t make a killer income from this, you must be brain dead.
  • Tested ! I’ve used the method myself, and I know it works.
  • Original ! You won’t find it mentioned anywhere else.

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Steals and Deals Amazon Method = Big Bucks

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It’s cheating… but it works!!

"Discover How I Got Over 74,000 New Twitter Followers in 11 Weeks Using My 15-Minute a Day Brute Force Secret Tactics"


You’ll Never Worry About Spending Time & Money Building an Email List, Doing PPC or Anything…
All You Need is a Big Following on
Twitter to Make $$$ Online

“Twitter is Facebook on Steroids”

Twitter is big now, but it’s going to be huge. How do I know this?

Look around… watch CNN or FoxNews… these mainstream media outlets are pushing their Twitter accounts onto the viewers. It makes Yahoo’s home page when NBA stars get caught Tweeting during halftime of their games.

The mainstream media IS turning Twitter into the new mainstream media.

Twitter recently passed Digg in popularity. Since January 2009, Twitter has grown by 1600% in the USA. The growth is exponential each month. Celebrities worldwide are flocking to Twitter.

The picture is quite clear… YOU need to not only get on Twitter, you need to have a big presence. And now is the time to do that so you can be ahead of the curve. Social media is the future and Twitter is the future of social media.

Look, if you’re famous or some big well-known business, you don’t need my system because you’ll naturally get followers. You just sit there and they’ll come. That’s life. An example… CNN uses its TV platform to get 5,000+ new followers a day and rank #1 on Twitter.

But for us normal people, we need to “earn” each follower.

Maybe you’ll mass follow your way to 2,000 followers. That’s what the average person usually does. It kinda works, but it’s horribly inefficient and a waste of your time. But after 2,000 followers… then what?

Let’s Cut to the Chase:
You Want to be Popular & Make a Ton of Money…
Answer These 2 Questions Before Continuing

Do you have a lot of followers on Twitter? What about money… are you making any SERIOUS money off of Twitter? Guess what… they go hand-in-hand.

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The top two goals of any marketer are more money and more time. At least they should be their two top goals. That being said, I wanted to integrate both of these things into my Article Marketing business. And, that’s exactly what I accomplished.
I developed this method a little over a month ago. However, I wanted to actually test it for a month before I released it. Here are my final results:

$4,300 revenue (Roughly)
4 hours worked (Roughly, excluding time you won’t have to spend)

I’d say that’s pretty damn good if you ask me. Would you work 4 hours (of easy work) for $4k? And, it’s passive residual. Meaning, it keeps flowing in (passive) and it grows (residual). I guarantee that from the work done in December, I’ll keep seeing income from the articles submitted for probably over a year.

This method is going to be a bit detailed, as I don’t want any people attempting it coming back and complaining it doesn’t work. Even if you don’t complain, I still would like it to work for whoever goes and does it. It’s definitely worth it. If you’re having problems funding PPC/PPV campaigns, this can be your “funding money”…
In a nutshell, you’ll be getting free articles by splitting your commissions with freelance writers. If you’re rich already, paying for articles may be worth it to you. However, most of us aren’t that rich. And even if I was, I don’t know if I’d want to buy 1,000 articles at $5 – $15 a piece.

I’ve also tried “Scamming” people out of articles. That doesn’t work that well, and is definitely NOT a long term solution. You risk the hot headed freelance writers getting “too” pissed off at you and reporting you. Trust me, not a smart thing to do for a long period of time.

So, splitting commissions is the best way to go. Everything is free, so this shouldn’t be a problem. You’re doing very, very little work.
So, let’s get started:

1. You’ll obviously be getting freelance writers for classifieds sites. Craigslist is all that is needed, as it’s a little difficult to work with a large amount of people. I personally only worked with 2 people. However, I’ll be developing my own personal system that will allow me to work with over 100 – 500 people, easily. So, what you’re going to want to do is make a Craigslist ad (preferably in your own area if you live in the U.S.). Always, always keep your ad professional. Proper structure, grammar, use of words, etc. Nothing’s worse than a poorly written ad. Be honest and straightforward in your ad. I’m not going to post the exact ad I used, but it’s fairly simple. You’re looking for a few article writers to write articles for you based on a revenue sharing commission structure. You can lie and tell them that previous writers earn roughly $2 – $5k a month. No cost to get started, and will be able to see their articles published on the web. Keep it short and simple.

2. After the posting, if you’ve done it right, you’ll get a few hundred emails. At least I did. Instead of having an auto-responder, I just copy/pasted a pre-written response. All I did was replace their name at the top and bottom. (Eg. Hey ____ and Talk again soon _____) Obviously, the email response will detail the project more and then ask if they have any questions.

3. After they’ve responded to the first email response, I have a pre-written 2nd response to go with it. Along with that response, I’ll read over their first email and answer any questions they may have. The 2nd response starts with questions they have, and then a “Here’s a little bit more detail about everything”. And again, will ask them if they have any questions to get started.

4. If they’ve responded to the 2nd email, you’ve pretty much got them. At least I did.

Now basically what I’m describing to you now is what you’ll be describing to them. Which start with how you should have them write your articles.

• Offers
However, before you can have them write articles, you need an offer and keywords to go with it. The offer doesn’t really matter that much, so I’m not going to go into what offers/niche’s to target. However, I would advise you don’t target brand new offers. If it’s a brand related offer and the merchant shuts down or pulls their aff. program off the network – you’ve got a problem. Especially if all the articles list the brand name. If you find a “related” product to switch out your links on your site instead, then all the articles will ideally need to be changed to the new brand name. With 500+ articles floating around – that’s a bit of a task. So, stick to things that will be around for at least a year. And a good way to tell is by looking at how long they’ve already been around.

• Keywords

This is one of the most important things. If you’ve done article marketing or SEO – it’s all about keywords. You’re not going to be throwing up random articles and hoping for them to rank for random keywords. You should, and will be targeting each article for specific keywords and specific search engines. One article that ranks on Yahoo! may not rank on Google. All search engines have trends. Follow the trend and you’re golden. But, I’ll get into that a little more down the road. But for now, you need to get keywords for your niche. Ideally, you’d want to rank for heavy searched for keywords. However, those are a bit harder to rank for. So, you need more long-tail keywords as well. What I do is go into Google AdWords keyword tool, punch in the most generic phrase related to my offer and get ALL the results in the first section (which means all the results contain the word(s) I put in the search box. The second section is “related” terms) So for example, if my offer was free grant money, I’d type in free grants, free grant, grant money –etc – and get all the keywords.

Once I have all the keywords, I use a proprietary piece of software to determine the competition for each keyword. I personally like to start from the bottom up. I like seeing results first. And with low competition (which most of the time result in low search counts), you can see results faster. I’ve seen some guides and posts regarding not doing it this way, but I find it best. If you have your writers write 20 articles on high competition or medium competition searches and they don’t show up 1st, that can be “disappointing” to them. Even if you get them ranked #1 for a less searches for term, it’s still awesome to them to be #1 on the search engines. Remember, they know nothing about SEO, so THEIR content as #1 for a search is “amazing” to them. It fascinates them.
For those that don’t have software to use for analyzing competition, you can download a “FREE trial” of SENuke at You can use the competition analyzer for free – forever. Without ever having to actually buy the program. It may shut down on you, but all you have to do is restart the program – but that’s only if you’re going to use the software for more than about 10 minutes.

• How to Write Your Articles

It’s not “all about” ranking #1 on search engines. Unfortunately, you can’t really split-test 2 different articles. If you change your content, there’s a good chance the search engine(s) will knock you down. I’ve done it maybe a dozen times, and every single time I was knocked down the page, or knocked it off completely. That being said, you should have a general knowledge of what a good article looks like. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with a blueprint article to go off of. You do have to do some things yourself, and it’s not hard to find a well written article that sells something. In a nutshell, the article should be part review, part description and part sales. The articles that perform the least are heavy sales articles. They get flagged as spam – by real people. No one wants to feel like they’re trying to be sold on something. Good articles are informational and provide value. The type of article that you’d send to a friend. A lot of my articles are pure information on a basic subject. For example, I may write an article about how to fix your slice in a golf swing. I won’t promote some magic tool, but at the end of the article I’ll have a link to “Buy pre-owned Callaway golf clubs at 50% off!”. You’d be surprised how many people click through to your offer. Same goes for any other niche. As another example, I’ve written articles about “weight loss tips” for random things, and at the end of the article I’ll link to a weight loss offer. I’ve gotten thousands of dollars just using that technique.

That, in my opinion, is what the general pitch of the article should feel like.
Now, you have to structure your articles properly for each keyword. For very low search count and competition, it’s easier to rank because you don’t necessarily have to target the exact keyword density and word count of the other top 5 – 10 results because they didn’t target in the first place, and there’s no “trend”. However, you’ll find that with the more competitive keywords search engines have a trend for the top 5 – 10 results. For example, a keyword like “food” – the top results will have generally the same keyword density and word count. Sometimes there will be flukes (eg. The top 5 have an average of 663 words, and the 6th result has 7,000 words on the page) Same goes for keyword density. Some pages will have a 1 – 3% density and then one of the top results will have a 0% or 5% density. That being said, I usually ignore the “flukes” to get a better idea of the average keyword and word density of the pages that are currently ranking. And, each search engine will have different trends for different results. Which is why for the most part I have my writers write 3 articles for the top 3 search engines.

Now that you have a list with the competition levels for each keyword you grabbed, I then do batch research of averages for each keyword to send to my writers. To do this, I use SEO Studio from which can be found at:

It took me about 3 weeks to find software to do exactly this. And even after I found them, I had to ask the programmer to edit the way it does the research. What this program does is “perfect” for what we are trying to accomplish.

It does the searches for each keyword inserted (just like a human would), and then gives you the averages of that keyword, as well as other data if you wish for just about any search engine(s) you want. Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask, AltaVista and a bunch of others.
I then export the results, and send them to my writers. After of course explaining to them how to read the report and write the articles.
For the low competition keywords, as mentioned the averages don’t matter that much. I generally say 400 – 700 words, using the keyword ONCE in the first paragraph and ONCE in the title. That’s what I’ve found to work best for the long-tail – low competition keywords.

• Link building

After an article is submitted, I bookmark it on all the top bookmarking sites, plus a few more if it’s higher competition. Digg, stumbleupon, mister-wong, etc. You can get a list of the ones I use inside the SENuke program under Social Bookmarking.
For a few of those submissions, I use the keyword targeted in the title of the bookmark. And for the rest, I use related keywords.

I always give my writers 50/50 profit. They don’t know you’re actually really doing all the work with buying the domains, designing the site, hosting it, having the aff. network hookup – bumped payout, etc. So naturally, even if you tell them, they think they’re doing all the work. Even though they couldn’t do it without you. But, 50/50 is very fair, as you’re spending very little time publishing the articles and doing the linking to them. As mentioned, I made about $4,300 – half of that went to my writers based on their own generated commissions. I used Prosper202 to track each individual writer. I added them as “PPC Account” in step 1 in the setup. I keep in touch with the writers (but in the future when I work with 100 – 500 I obviously won’t be able to do that). And when you’re first getting started with them, you need to treat it as JV. And if you already haven’t guessed – you should have SEO sites for this. If you have 500 articles linking to one site – that’s a nice amount of links to just throw away on direct linking. Have an SEO site to go with this and you’re even more golden.

You should be submitting your articles to top article sites like GoArticles, eZineArticles, HubPages, Blogspot, Wordpess, other sites listed in SENuke, as well as a few other ones you can find with high PR’s.

Since this is such a long tutorial, I’m sure I left some small details out. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away. And if you have good results, post back letting everyone know how you did. I’m sure if I can generate $4k in one month with only two writers, anyone who goes nuts with this method and works with 10+ can make a lot more. Good luck!

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