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logo(2) Your Road to Riches with CPA Lead


I have been Experimenting with CPA Lead recently and have found that there are lots of Web Servers who will actually fill out surveys and offers to get FREE stuff. 

I set up a test site to experiment with the scripting and was amazed that without any promotion at all, I was getting sign ups and people completing offers on my test site.   I have actually made over $200 with my test site with NO Promotion what so ever !!

So when, I actually created another site and promoted it a little, the money began to flood in using this script.


So What is CPA Lead? (for those who do not know)

CPA Lead is a performance-based, online advertising network that develops technologies to promote incentive-based advertisement. By using this service you can reward users who fill in surveys and offers, based on a set ratio of points to $. So you determine your own profit margins!

What surveys/offers are available at CPA Lead?

CPA Lead automatically geotargets your users, and only show surveys/competitions available in that country. Below, you can see the gateway in action. Full psds will be provided for this, the logo, and other grapical elements of the site.


Sample Gateway Window Included with Script

Custom Gateway Your Road to Riches with CPA Lead


What do I need to use this script?

- You will need to register at CPA Lead  (I will show you how to get instantly approved)
- You will need about 30 minutes to set it all up.

VIRAL Referral System Added !!

This will make your site go Viral in no time.  The system works by giving each member a unique link and ID, which they will email to others and post on forums or blogs , ect.  The referral system rewards points to the referring member every time one of referrals completes an offer.  So you will get an Army of others posting your site all over the Web.


Easy to Use Administration Area !!

admin area Your Road to Riches with CPA Lead


What do you Get:

-  The Complete Script – Un-encoded so you can make any changes you want.
-  Complete Setup insructions.
-  Photoshop and PNG source files for  the logo, Gateway, and all images.



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