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So……   You have found the perfect WP Theme for your project and you load up the theme in your site and Find that some unwanted links are in the footer.  You say to yourself,  I will just change the footer links to my own links and you attempt to do this.

Then…..   OMG….  The Site crashes and quits working and instead of your site showing you get this comment in this RED BOX saying something like "This Theme will not work if the footer links are removed".

Many so called Free WordPress Themes offered by such websites as – – – and many others offer so called Free WP themes.  However, these themes come with unwanted footer links hard coded into the theme, and changing or removing them is a challenge to say the least.

If the links are not eliminated or changed in the correct manner, your site may not  work correctly or as in the reference above, may crash completely and instead your get some comment in a dotted-red text box that says you cannot remove or change the links in the footer.

Very often, when you use free WordPress themes there will be unwanted links in the footer area. Those links might not be malicious in any way, but definitely will be irrelevant to what your web site is about. Then this means you will have spoiled SEO, which nobody wants. I mean, why would you want to build a web site if your SEO is on a low level….

Well,  this problem has come to me many times and I decided to put together a NOOB-friendly guide on how to change or remove the footer links in these so called "FREE" WP themes offered by these websites that want to rape you for $30 or more to remove the footer links so you can actually use the theme in your site and save your SEO.

Now with this guide you can safely remove any unwanted footer links in these "FREE" WP themes without paying those outrageous fees to these sites that offer the free themes.

You can get the guide free here…


download button transparent How to Remove Footer links from Themepix or NewWPthemes themes

Get the Buzz on Backlinks

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Plain and simple, backlinks bring sites up in the search engine rankings. The higher up the rankings, means the more traffic to your site. Which I don't have to tell you, means more money in your pocket !!

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You see, for a while I tried buying  those backlink packets. I did it for a while and I have nothing bad to say, because those packets DO work. But then I thought, man , why am I  paying for something that could make me money. Of course, I would rather make money than spend it.

With a some research and trial and error I stumbled upon the secrets that those packet sellers use. I found a virtually UNLIMITED source of all of the backlinks I could imagine.

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moneyman 50 Ways to Make Money Online

Hey All,

I get email after email, and comment after comment about the same general question…..

How do I make Money Online ?

So I thought that I would sit down and brain storm for a few and jot down a few methods to post up.

Well, after about an hour I stopped at 50 – YES FIFTY, general methods to make money !!!


Instead of posting it up here on BHB – I created a short PDF so all of you could have the reference safely stored on your computer.

Even though you all probably have bookmarked any number of pages on the site. wink smile 50 Ways to Make Money Online

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IM blackbook The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Internet MarketersOriginally this was just my personal resource of WordPress plugins that I used to create sales pages, landing pages and AdSense sites. I recently decided to put it into this report form and share it with others. I hope you enjoy it.

I think you will find a lot of valuable resources in this report. Many of the plugins will be completely new to you, while others may be familiar.

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If you know of some great FREE plugin that I neglected to include in this report, please send me an email and I will get it added to the list and sent out in future updates.

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We all need to generate backlinks to our websites to get top listings in Google.

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From a friend, So here it goes…

The following will build a successful site in 1 years time via Google alone. It can be done faster if you are a real go getter, or everyones favorite a self starter.

A) Prep work and begin building content. Long before the domain name is settled on, start putting together notes to build at least a 100 page site. That’s just for openers. That’s 100 pages of real content, as opposed to link pages, resource pages, about/copyright/ tos…etc eg: fluff pages.

B) Domain name:
Easily brandable. You want "" and not "" . Keyword domains are out – branding and name recognition are in – big time in. The value of keywords in a domain name have never been less to se’s. Learn the lesson of "" becomes "" and why they did it. It’s one of the most powerful gut check calls I’ve ever seen on the internet. That took serious resolve and nerve to blow away several years of branding. (that is a whole ‘nother article, but learn the lesson as it applies to all of us).

C) Site Design:
The simpler the better. Rule of thumb: text content should out weight the html content. The pages should validate and be usable in everything from Lynx to leading edge browsers. eg: keep it close to html 3.2 if you can. Spiders are not to the point they really like eating html 4.0 and the mess that it can bring. Stay away from heavy: flash, dom, java, java script. Go external with scripting languages if you must have them – there is little reason to have them that I can see – they will rarely help a site and stand to hurt it greatly due to many factors most people don’t appreciate (search engines distaste for js is just one of them).

Arrange the site in a logical manner with directory names hitting the top keywords you wish to hit.
You can also go the other route and just throw everything in root (this is rather controversial, but it’s been producing good long term results across many engines).
Don’t clutter and don’t spam your site with frivolous links like "best viewed" or other counter like junk. Keep it clean and professional to the best of your ability.

Learn the lesson of Google itself – simple is retro cool – simple is what surfers want.

Speed isn’t everything, it’s almost the only thing. Your site should respond almost instantly to a request. If you get into even 3-4 seconds delay until "something happens" in the browser, you are in long term trouble. That 3-4 seconds response time may vary for site destined to live in other countries than your native one. The site should respond locally within 3-4 seconds (max) to any request. Longer than that, and you’ll lose 10% of your audience for every second. That 10% could be the difference between success and not.

The pages:

D) Page Size:
The smaller the better. Keep it under 15k if you can. The smaller the better. Keep it under 12k if you can. The smaller the better. Keep it under 10k if you can – I trust you are getting the idea here. Over 5k and under 10k. Ya – that bites – it’s tough to do, but it works. It works for search engines, and it works for surfers. Remember, 80% of your surfers will be at 56k or even less.

E) Content:
Build one page of content and put online per day at 200-500 words. If you aren’t sure what you need for content, start with the Overture keyword suggester and find the core set of keywords for your topic area. Those are your subject starters.

F) Density, position, yada…
Simple old fashioned seo from the ground up.
Use the keyword once in title, once in description tag, once in a heading, once in the url, once in bold, once in italic, once high on the page, and hit the density between 5 and 20% (don’t fret about it). Use good sentences and speel check it  Spell checking is becoming important as se’s are moving to auto correction during searches. There is no longer a reason to look like you can’t spell (unless you really are phonetically challenged).

G) Outbound Links:
From every page, link to one or two high ranking sites under that particular keyword. Use your keyword in the link text (this is ultra important for the future).

H) Insite Cross links.
(cross links in this context are links WITHIN the same site)
Link to on topic quality content across your site. If a page is about food, then make sure it links it to the apples and veggies page. Specifically with Google, on topic cross linking is very important for sharing your pr value across your site. You do NOT want an "all star" page that out performs the rest of your site. You want 50 pages that produce 1 referral each a day and do NOT want 1 page that produces 50 referrals a day. If you do find one page that drastically out produces the rest of the site with Google, you need to off load some of that pr value to other pages by cross linking heavily. It’s the old share the wealth thing.

I) Put it Online.
Don’t go with virtual hosting – go with a stand alone ip.
Make sure the site is "crawlable" by a spider. All pages should be linked to more than one other page on your site, and not more than 2 levels deep from root. Link the topic vertically as much as possible back to root. A menu that is present on every page should link to your sites main "topic index" pages (the doorways and logical navigation system down into real content).
Don’t put it online before you have a quality site to put online. It’s worse to put a "nothing" site online, than no site at all. You want it flushed out from the start.

Go for a listing in the ODP. If you have the budget, then submit to Looksmart and Yahoo. If you don’t have the budget, then try for a freebie on Yahoo (don’t hold your breath).

J) Submit
Submit the root to: Google, Fast, Altavista, WiseNut, (write Teoma), DirectHit, and Hotbot. Now comes the hard part – forget about submissions for the next six months. That’s right – submit and forget.

K) Logging and Tracking:
Get a quality logger/tracker that can do justice to inbound referrals based on log files (don’t use a lame graphic counter – you need the real deal). If your host doesn’t support referrers, then back up and get a new host. You can’t run a modern site without full referrals available 24x7x365 in real time.

L) Spiderlings:
Watch for spiders from se’s. Make sure those that are crawling the full site, can do so easily. If not, double check your linking system (use standard hrefs) to make sure the spider found it’s way throughout the site. Don’t fret if it takes two spiderings to get your whole site done by Google or Fast. Other se’s are pot luck and doubtful that you will be added at all if not within 6 months.

M) Topic directories.
Almost every keyword sector has an authority hub on it’s topic. Go submit within the guidelines.

N) Links
Look around your keyword sector in Googles version of the ODP. (this is best done AFTER getting an odp listing – or two). Find sites that have links pages or freely exchange links. Simply request a swap. Put a page of on topic, in context links up your self as a collection spot.
Don’t freak if you can’t get people to swap links – move on. Try to swap links with one fresh site a day. A simple personal email is enough. Stay low key about it and don’t worry if site Z won’t link with you – they will – eventually they will.

O) Content.
One page of quality content per day. Timely, topical articles are always the best. Try to stay away from to much "bloggin" type personal stuff and look more for "article" topics that a general audience will like. Hone your writing skills and read up on the right style of "web speak" that tends to work with the fast and furious web crowd.

Lots of text breaks – short sentences – lots of dashes – something that reads quickly.

Most web users don’t actually read, they scan. This is why it is so important to keep low key pages today. People see a huge overblown page by random, and a portion of them will hit the back button before trying to decipher it. They’ve got better things to do that waste 15 seconds (a stretch) at understanding your whiz bang flash menu system. Because some big support site can run flashed out motorhead pages, that is no indication that you can. You don’t have the pull factor they do.

Use headers, and bold standout text liberally on your pages as logical separators. I call them scanner stoppers where the eye will logically come to rest on the page.

P) Gimmicks.
Stay far away from any "fades of the day" or anything that appears spammy, unethical, or tricky. Plant yourself firmly on the high ground in the middle of the road.

Q) Link backs
When YOU receive requests for links, check the site out before linking back with them. Check them through Google and their pr value. Look for directory listings. Don’t link back to junk just because they asked. Make sure it is a site similar to yours and on topic.

R) Rounding out the offerings:
Use options such as Email-a-friend, forums, and mailing lists to round out your sites offerings. Hit the top forums in your market and read, read, read until your eyes hurt you read so much.
Stay away from "affiliate fades" that insert content on to your site.

S) Beware of Flyer and Brochure Syndrome
If you have an ecom site or online version of bricks and mortar, be careful not to turn your site into a brochure. These don’t work at all. Think about what people want. They aren’t coming to your site to view "your content", they are coming to your site looking for "their content". Talk as little about your products and yourself as possible in articles (raise eyebrows…yes, I know).

T) Build one page of content per day.
Head back to the Overture suggestion tool to get ideas for fresh pages.

U) Study those logs.
After 30-60 days you will start to see a few referrals from places you’ve gotten listed. Look for the keywords people are using. See any bizarre combinations? Why are people using those to find your site? If there is something you have over looked, then build a page around that topic. Retro engineer your site to feed the search engine what it wants.
If your site is about "oranges", but your referrals are all about "orange citrus fruit", then you can get busy building articles around "citrus" and "fruit" instead of the generic "oranges".
The search engines will tell you exactly what they want to be fed – listen closely, there is gold in referral logs, it’s just a matter of panning for it.

V) Timely Topics
Nothing breeds success like success. Stay abreast of developments in your keyword sector. If big site "Z" is coming out with product "A" at the end of the year, then build a page and have it ready in October so that search engines get it by December. eg: go look at all the Xbox and XP sites in Google right now – those are sites that were on the ball last summer.

W) Friends and Family
Networking is critical to the success of a site. This is where all that time you spend in forums will pay off. pssst: Here’s the catch-22 about forums: lurking is almost useless. The value of a forum is in the interaction with your fellow colleagues and cohorts. You learn long term by the interaction – not by just reading.
Networking will pay off in link backs, tips, email exchanges, and it will put you "in the loop" of your keyword sector.

X) Notes, Notes, Notes
If you build one page per day, you will find that brain storm like inspiration will hit you in the head at some magic point. Whether it is in the shower (dry off first), driving down the road (please pull over), or just parked at your desk, write it down! 10 minutes of work later, you will have forgotten all about that great idea you just had. Write it down, and get detailed about what you are thinking. When the inspirational juices are no longer flowing, come back to those content ideas. It sounds simple, but it’s a life saver when the ideas stop coming.

Y) Submission check at six months
Walk back through your submissions and see if you got listed in all the search engines you submitted to after six months. If not, then resubmit and forget again. Try those freebie directories again too.

Z) Build one page of quality content per day.
Starting to see a theme here? Google loves content, lots of quality content. Broad based over a wide range of keywords. At the end of a years time, you should have around 400 pages of content. That will get you good placement under a wide range of keywords, generate recip links, and overall position your site to stand on it’s own two feet.

Do those 26 things, and I guarantee you that in ones years time you will call your site a success. It will be drawing between 500 and 2000 referrals a day from search engines. If you build a good site with an average of 4 to 5 pages per user, you should be in the 10-15k page views per day range in one years time. What you do with that traffic is up to you, but that is more than enough to "do something" with.

The biggest hidden SECRET is taking ACTION…

What you do today will change your tomorrow. I hope this post is useful and help you start to make a living from the internet.


I believe this is probably the blueprint that most people are actually seeking and will work for most marketing endeavors, here goes:

Targeted Traffic + Great Offer = $$$

This is the very simple blueprint but guess what, it works!

So how do we get targeted traffic?

Im sure you have read all the information possible about getting traffic from 100′s of different sources and the truth is that you only need to be KIND OF good with around 2 sources.

Here’s what you need to do:


Write 3 articles per day, ending up with 50+ articles all with varying anchor text (long tail keywords) and I generated alot of traffic just from these, I believe this is the best method when your just starting a new website and entering a new niche, you can become an expert, you build natural direct traffic that is pre-sold, you build authority in the niche and in the search engines and best of all, your articles get picked up by other sites which means your links actually grow over time WITHOUT you needing to do anything.

I only submitted to ezinearticles and originally I sent them to a squeeze page and collected email address, this was cool as I was getting lots of traffic and building my list, but guess what, list building is pointless unless you have cash flow!

The more people that see your offer the more likelly they are to buy it, put the sales letter up the front where it will get the most eyeballs, you can add the squeeze page when you know people actually want to buy your stuff.

I also have some previous experience with SEO, now I love free search traffic, its about as targeted as you can get if you find the right keywords, you see people who are searching are ACTIVELY seeking your product, anyways to learn SEO I recommend that you download and watch the stompernet CD’s, the red,blue, gold and purple pack, get ‘em, take a day off and learn it, take notes and implement the ideas as quick as humanly possible.

Lets say you get great at SEO and you decide to go for a term like "dog training", this traffic is great because it will build your list and you will get authority status BUT FOR CASH FLOW IT SUCKS!

There are 3 types of keywords:

a) info seekers (HD Televisions)
b) comparison/pricing (42" HD Televisions)
c) buyers (Samsung 42" HD Television with Wall Bracket)

Im sure you can see above just what im talking about, now the trick for this is to aim your site at high traffic terms (weird huh?) most people would say this was the worst way but I actually think its the best way, here’s why:

If you dominate for a broad phrase the search engines tend to rank you higher for long tail terms almost AUTOMATICALLY, this is especially the case in non-competitive niches, its like they cant find anything relivant so they just assume your the closest match and rank you at the top, this is great because we can get some traffic to the site and find out our buying keywords ($$$).

So how do we find those? Get traffic and install google analytics.

I then stick up an order form or a basic opt in box or something where I can set up a goal and measure the interest and track what keywords converted, if your just testing you can set up a landing page that says:

"Hey are you interested in buying {product xyz}? If so just hit the button below"

Then set up google analytics and set up a goal to track what conversion rate you get and which keywords converted, I see to many people trying to launch huge sales letters and spending so much money on adwords to build a list BUT THEY DONT KNOW IF THESE PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY BUY SOMETHING!

I’ve often found this easiest way to answer any question is just ask directly, forget surveys, forget opt ins, just have ONE question, the response rate is higher and you will get a faster feel for the market place.

So here is the summary of what you need to do:


Write lots of articles for, 1 per day for 30 days would be fine.

Learn SEO by watching stompernet CD’s (red, blue, yellow, purple)

Install google analytics, make a landing page with just ONE question on it (HINT: Would you buy product (XYZ) today for [PRICE]?)

Monitor conversion rates and get converting keywords.


A great offer can be the difference between a dead business and a thriving one (and I learned that the hard way), I initially ran a half price offer when I started to get some traffic and it did pretty well, It was just an order form and I billed them when I completed the work.

Then it got to sucessfull so I thought id change the offer around, I created a survey and the last question was about what kind of price the customer would expect to pay, they said a really low number so to test it I created a buy now button that was for that price and they would pay upfront, the result was shockingly bad, 1 conversion in 500 website visitors, I know for a fact that this was NOT due to rubbish traffic as my offer was working when I just had the order form up (and no buy now button).

Sometimes what people say and what they do are simply NOT congruent, they give logical answers instead of actual ones, price point is an example, when asking the customer what price they expected to pay they quoted a low price because they all wanted a cheap deal, when infact I know this was a total BS answer and I know that BECAUSE I TESTED AND GOT THE ACTUAL DATA.

The next thing id recommend is that you implement feedback loops, get to know the buying triggers and questions that you market place has, I mean really dig deep, your competition has probably NEVER done this but you need to if you want to suceed.

Just implement a small survey or even just one question every week or month, run it for 100 responses and take a look at the feedback, im sure you will find it facinating to read what actual visitors are saying.

One example you might do is under the buy now button or order form you should ask "If your still hesistant about purchasing today could you please tell me why?" I mean its such a simple idea but that data is GOLD, if I can find out why someone isnt buying from me then I can correct that problem and get more sales!

I think we often just ASSUME we know what people will do when they get to our website, we know what to do so they MUST know, however you cant just assume with these things, you have to test and get some feedback from the market, ask them so many damn questions over time that you could write a book about them as a "herd".

You should know why they buy, you should know how they buy, you should know what other products they want to buy, you should know what thier budget it, you should know how they found your site, you should know what they eat for damn breakfast!

Get as much data as possible on them by asking quick one question surveys, then all you do is take the feedback you get, find the trends and common issues and work them into your sales letter, pretty easy!

As for the offer you should test differnet ways to get the sale but I find the best one is giving them a chunk of the product and telling them to pay when happy, this is good for the service based industry, info products you can give away and tell them you will bill them 30 days later, membership sites give them a free 30 day trial, physical products you can do 3 easy payments with 30 day free trial or whatever.


Test different ways of getting conversions (30 day trial, bill me later, free shipping, 3 easy payments)

Put your offer where the most traffic is (homepage is preferable)

Focus on sales, nothing else matters but cash flow unless you are making BIG money.

DO lots of ONE QUESTION surveys and just ASK people directly what you want them to answer, you never know unless you ask!

Gather together the feedback and find commen problems in the marketplace then just work them into a sales letter and address each issue.


Install Google Analytics, monitor results and note down BUYING keyphrases, build links for those phrases and build out web 2.0 properties and dominate the entire page for your buying terms.

Implement ONE question surveys, what is your biggest question that you want to ask your website visitors?


Thats it, thats pretty much all you need to know.

Forget everything else and just focus on building THESE areas, seriously dont waste your time with anything else, its not important, you can be a great copywriter, ad tweaker, seo’er, carpet cleaner, fitness trainer, list builder…WHATEVER, but if you dont have any cash flow and sales and you dont know your marketplace and converting keywords then you aint gunna last long!

Go make some money.


I thought I will share this KILLER Twitter Trick with my fellow BlackHaters, this is SOO freaking simple but yet so powerful that without using any script you will get thousands of people following you day and night.

So lets get started –

Getting Followers at Twitter can be pain in butt, you can use some tools to automate your work but it sucks, because not everyone will follow you back. But with this trick people will follow you, no need to beg or follow them..these people will find you and follow you..

Step by Step

1. Go to:

There you will find list of top 100 twitters with most followers, now you can move on and see other people as well but I stick to the top guns.

2. Select 10 people that you wanna target, or in other words 10 people that you want to follow "like I follow top 10 guys sometimes I go to lower down the list and find people with 20-30k followers so on and so fourth. For time being to get started just start with top 10.

3. Open 10 tabs and in each tab you must have each profile open, so tab 1 = profile 1, tab 2 = profile 2, so on and so fourth so you have 10 tabs with 10 twitter profiles of top 10 twitter gamers.

4. Now follow all of them, one by one follow all the 10.

5. Now here is the TRICK, every time you follow someone your name comes on top of their list of followers, so anyone who is following them will follow you, anyone who is following their followers will follow you first, anyone checking their profile will check your profile, anyone that sees their twit see yours first, so if you have 10 profiles and you keep following and unfollowing them every 5 minutes within 10 minutes you will have 200-300 people following you.

How this works?

Basically top 10 twitter guys get 1000s and 1000s of adds every hour (not only that they get thousands and thousands of visitors to their profile), and when they are adding they check their followers so if you are on top of their list they follow you as well. Or if anyone else is using bot to follow the followers of these top 10 you will be the first one they will follow.

This is a bug and it works all the time. I have 30 profiles open and I just follow them and after 5 minutes I unfollow all of them, I do this for few hours a day and then I get 500 followers I stop and continue next day.

In just few days i got 2600 followers doing this.

I did get feed up so I made a macro with JitBit, so now i have 50 tabs on my Virtual Machine and I am following and unfollowing these guys every 5 minutes.

This works all the time, whats even funnier, YOUR PROFILE gets a high PR backlink LOL..

  • Once again, follow and unfollow do this again and again.
  • Profile really does not matter it can be of a chick or a guy, I go with girls just because, I like it and people go easy on them and there are tons of perverts on twitter makes the whole thing go smooth.

No need to pay 500-600 USD for a bot. THIS REALLY WORKS. And no GURU will share this trick with you..



I will show you an easy tip so you can get many dofollow backlinks with high page rank from

First. You need setup:

-NoDofollow FireFox Add-ons: Just a simple extension to highlight links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status.


-SearchStatus: is a toolbar extension for Firefox and Mozilla that allows you to see how any and every website in the world is performing. SearchStatus lets you view its Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, ranking, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN.



after setup. go to:

type keyword, any keyword you like

ex: Twitter

xf6rkg How to get High PR dofollow backlinks from

we will get result like this:

2hzonr4 How to get High PR dofollow backlinks from

click to More results from »

and see:

2itkh85 How to get High PR dofollow backlinks from

ok and know we will check PR and Dofollow Digg links.

example i will check this link:

34hun86 How to get High PR dofollow backlinks from

Now how do we check?

Right Click to page and choose NoDofollow tag

it will show you this page is dofollow or nofollow. red is nofollow, blue is dofollow.

check image below:

2zzku37 How to get High PR dofollow backlinks from


SEE you can get lots of HIGH PR Backlinks for your Website !!

One of the biggest factors of ranking high in the search engines is other websites linking to yours. And one of the most often asked questions  is……. Wait for it……….. How or where do i get them.

Cbox Links – CBox; a Tagboard software that bloggers and website owners can add to their website. It works much like the WordPress comments part of the wordpress script only its a simple shoutbox type script that you can throw a few links onto.
Google query to find an updated list of sites running this vulnerable software: allintext:[get a cbox]

Two Quick free links – Two simple ones that you have probably seen around a lot when your searching for sites is the and the wiki directory , these can just be thrown up in about 1 minute flat, and make sure in the wiki directory you add some related categories for better potential. They should get you indexed pretty fast.

Referer Spamming – Quite a simple method and a software called PRstorm thats found around this board should easily get you started, you add in the urls you want to referer spam, and the ones you want to be linked. This shows up in referer logs and you can easily get a fresh list by searching sites with referer logs with good PR or those sites with the My top referers list. Yes you can find PRstorm around this forum somewhere.

Unlimited free .edu and .gov links – Another great potential is edu and gov links as Google and others give authority over these types of domain extentions.
The ’site:’ feature in Google allows only results with that domain name or domain extension to show up. You can “hack” this feature to allow Google to find the most relevant university and government websites related to your sites.

Heres a few examples.
Google query: blog [or blog]
Results in: Google finds any .gov website that is running a blog or has a /blog/ directory. You can then visit these blogs and post comments (if you can find wordpress blogs like this one), and get hundreds of free .gov backlinks.
[Alternative queries: ‘blog’ ‘blogs’ ‘wordpress’ ‘comment’ ‘guestbook’ ‘2007′ ‘2006′]

Google query: *your niche* + blog
For example: internet marketing blog
The top result is a .edu blog that links to a non edu blog, but that blog is related and is PR3 and has edu backlinks. That is also a great relevant place to comment, even if it is not directly a .edu. On the other hand, the third result was a PR3 highly related .edu internet marketing blog with zero comments. That is easy .edu backlinks!

You can easily replicate these queries to fit your needs, and it is highly scalable. You can find .edu, .gov, and if you are lucky, .mil blogs. If you are not as picky, you can just search specifically for the blogs without the .edu or .gov extension, and you can find some high pageranked blogs on the first pages of results. Play around with it, enjoy it, it’s free! Then ofourse you know how to drop a link on the comments.

Edu Guestbooks – Guestbooks can too be quite good for dropping backlinks

RSS Feed Directories – This ones for the bloggers and forum owners too, anything really with an RSS feed, even if you fake an RSS feed and randomize it, it can still work.
Here is a good list of places to submit your feeds or you can use those automated software like RSS Announcer or Submitter, Or Bloggergenerators free blog and ping tools, theres a ton out there.

* Yahoo RSS Guide
* News

Tagbox Linkdropping – Another like the Cbox is Tagbox it works the exact same way.
Powered by Tagbox

Contests – Contests are a good way of word of mouth or bloggers blogging about it, another good example is a giveaway for say the person who sends the most traffic to you, you can use a link trading script to check whos best or a referer script to see which person sends the most, this will bring links to you if you work it smartly.

Digging – Digging the same as any network like such brings an incredible amount of backlinks and gets the buzz around fast.

Digg Comments – Digg comments can get you a few links and the latest comment is always usually at the top. So its an idea maybe to post on the popular diggs.

Commenthunt – Most of you already know this but commenthunt searches blogs without nofollow tags its a search engine type thing you can search for relevent blogs the url is – heres another shoutbox type way of backlinks Check This Query and get dumping links.

A Free EDU blog of your own – Get a free EDU blog of your own or many just by signing up heres the link. Free Edu Blog

Digitalpoint CO-Op Network – Another one that can work in some cases.
Digitalpoint developed a mass link exchange program called the DP Co-op Advertising Network (aff). After signing up, you then add 3-5 links on every one of your pages, and this earns you more linking power (coop weight). The more weight you have, the more links to your site you receive from other members in the coop. You can choose up to 15 anchor texts and there are over 30,000,000 available links in the network today. Sites have been using it to rank #1 for “Debt” “credit cards” “bankruptcy” and “loans.” Such a simple method is allowing them to outrank massive authority sites like Wikipedia, but the main concern is how long will this gravy train last and when will Google do something about it?

Google staff already know about the network, but have not yet done anything to prevent people from quickly ranking for popular terms. I just want to clarify that I would NOT recommend this technique to anyone that is going to be doing a long term link building campaign for their blogs, but I would recommend it for “made for adsense” sites, and even blackhat/greyhat temporary high profit earning sites.

Flickr Spamming – Flickr allows comments on photos taken by other people, now you can go wild and mass comment but i wouldnt recommend it, instead pick suitable pics about your niche and simply write a comment saying something smart like can i use this picture on my blog here, then drop your link, or go wild and do it anywhere.

Article Submission – If you have a product thats going to be released or a new site, its best to get the word around fast, using something like Article Equaliser or something that mass submits to a ton of article directories, this builds fast backlinks but sometimes takes time to get approved, and its best not using spammy type articles but interesting ones work better. And you’ll find that a lot of other sites scrape article sites for there own content. Giving even more backlinks.

Using Software – You can also use software like Internet Business Promoter, I prefer version 8, because it scans the engines for you, and gets links using keywords, to semi-automatically fill link submission forms to niche related directories. It works well and although is a slow process works perfectly

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