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Step By Step Guide to Making Money With a CPA Offer


mediabuys Making Money with a CPA offerThis report focuses on one offer that is making me good money so you can copy it and start learning from actual experience.

I will go step by step and cover every detail from the CPA offer

Of course, I threw in a little Blackhat on the Method.


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Are you looking for some QUICK Cash?

Don't have much money to get you started in making Money Online ?


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stop black hat2 Blackhat Cash Machine


I will show you how to get a quick $100 a day to add to your existing income or if you are a Noob I will show you how to get started with minimal expense !

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I will show you how to get the Cash into your Paypal account in just a couple of days !


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Learn the One Simple Strategy  to Make HUNDREDS Each Day With PPC, WITHOUT Spending a Lot!


The secret to success with Pay Per Click is very simple.  But don’t let this fool you.  It’s also VERY profitable. 

Want to know what it is?  Of course you do !!

istock blackhat2 Secret of PPC ProfitsAre you scared of paying for traffic? I know I was. In fact, I resisted buying Pay Per Click for years !

Boy was that ever a mistake!

If I would have known how simple it can be to make big money with PPC, I would have done it long ago !

For the first year I was in IM, I worked diligently to:

-make a bunch of sites
-write a bunch of articles
-spend hours trying to put links on every site imaginable

All with the goal of trying to get to page one of Google. Well, you know what? I made it there for a couple of VERY competitive phrases. And all that work basically brought me… oh… maybe $50 a day if I was lucky.

Now, don't get be wrong… I was happy to make some extra cash each month. But I needed more. And so, I decided to buy PPC with a VERY small budget each day. At first, I did what just about everyone else does when they first start a PPC campaign, but then, I decided to try a different trick.

And that trick turned out to be VERY profitable. As in, BIG $$$$$$ !!

Needless to say, I began to like PPC!


  • The trick for maximizing PPC profits, and WHY it works
  • The types of markets you want to go after
  • The EXACT ad I use each and every time,  yes -  word for word
  • A BLACK HAT trick you can use to crush your competition


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A Unique Method to Making Money with

Adult Dating Websites and CPA OFFERS

Make $300-$500+ per Day

*Top Secret*


This Guide reveals a unique powerful system that can make you an incredible amount of money in a short amount of time.
**WARNING** This method does involve promoting Adult material and it can be considered “greyhat”.

I’m going to show you the exact steps that you can follow to setup a Viable income stream that you can rinse and repeat 1000x’s of times and start earning immediately after the system is implemented. ►From this step-by-step guide you’ll learn: How to try and harness the power of viral marketing to obtain wads of cash. If you know ANYTHING about driving traffic then your already have an advantage. If you’re not very good at driving traffic no worries. I’m going to explain everything step by step.

All you need to do is follow the steps outlined in this guide and use the templates and scripts I provide for you…

The best thing about this method is that it can work for

CPA Offers as well!!


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I will pull this Page after that.

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A FREE Members Account with Maverick Moneymakers

MMMaker Get a FREE membership to Maverick Moneymakers

I am not sure how long this will work so get it fast.

I have discovered a secret link that will get you a FREE account to Maverick MoneyMakers !


Copy and Paste the following Url into Notepad:


NOW YOU MUST CHANGE the Information in RED to:

FIRSTNAME – Change to any first name (example: cindy)

LASTNAME – Change to any last name (example: smith)

Make sure you use a fake name…..


YOUREMAIL – Change to your email name

DOMAIN.com – Change to the domain of your email

SO – if your email address is steph456@gmail.com  it would look like this  steph456%40gmail.com


Now – Just copy the revised link from notepad and pasted it into your browser and you have a free account !!

Just click through the One Time Offers and Upsells and you will get to the Main Members Page.

This site will give some great information for Newbie's and Seasoned Internet Marketers alike.




This method involves using

Blackhat codebreaker


CPA Gateway BHCB Blackhat CodeBreaker Method

This method can be twisted in so many ways, you
can continue to Make Money on AutoPilot.

This could Generate you an easy $200 a day !!

You can find so many niches and twists to this

that this should not ever get saturated.


You should only spend about 30-45 minutes a day on this.

Or you can just outsource the work and reap the profits.

This guide will teach you how to set up the website, using blackhatcodebreaker, how to outsource, how to set up a delayed autoresponder, and a few secret twists.


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moneyman 50 Ways to Make Money Online

Hey All,

I get email after email, and comment after comment about the same general question…..

How do I make Money Online ?

So I thought that I would sit down and brain storm for a few and jot down a few methods to post up.

Well, after about an hour I stopped at 50 – YES FIFTY, general methods to make money !!!


Instead of posting it up here on BHB – I created a short PDF so all of you could have the reference safely stored on your computer.

Even though you all probably have bookmarked any number of pages on the site. wink smile 50 Ways to Make Money Online

Keep in mind that this is a pretty comprehensive list, and you will have to use your creative side to spin them to your needs.

Many of the Ideas have been spun is some way on many of our posts.

Good Luck – Take Action – Make Some MONEY !!


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Are you using PLR articles or auto blogging to make money online with Adsense or CPA networks?

Are you getting no Money by the zillions of other marketers using the same content as you on their sites?

Are you Looking for the search engines to treat your articles as unique after you’ve used them on article directories?

Need a way to spin articles on your own site?

Now you can have Unique Content articles and PLR content as posts on blogs whose sole purpose is to make adsense earnings or CPA commissions.



What if we could stop the search engines seeing duplicate content in our posts…even if we used the same posts on different domain?



What if your articles were unique every single view?



What if the same content looked the same to the human eye but NOT to the search engines?



What if we could rank for the same content on many domains?



What if we could rule SERPS with the same article without resorting to using free sites like Squidoo and Hubpages where we run the risk of being banned and we were fighting for only 2 entries in Google on sites like Squidoo.



What if our content was viewed as unique even if another blogger was using the same content as you…even if that blogger is using the exact same article as you?



What if the content on your Autoblogs was unique to even the original content?


And what if this was achievable without 1 bit of content spinning needed. No more unreadable articles or blog posts.


Well there is a Solution !!

This  is a unique WordPresss plugin that achieves all of this with a 5 sec install on your blog.

Yep, totally unique content that’s readable in seconds. No rewriting, no copy and pasting, no spinning, no messing with code…just unique blog posts time after time.


What are the Benefits of this Plugin……

  • Duplicate Content is NON-EXISTANT
  • Rehash Articles in seconds so that the same content can be used over and over again.
  • Build multiply Blogs with the same Content in record time.
  • Get more traffic to your auto blogs from the SERPS.
  • ZERO Technical know how is needed.
  • You can even be 100% unique even if 1000's of bloggers are using the same content.
  • MAKE MORE MONEY from the increase in Traffic from Search Engines.

It's Simple……



So what is this going to Cost ?


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How would you like a CPA affiliate tactic you can get into right away?

What if it didn’t cost a thing to get started, the market was wide open and you could profit from this in just a few hours?

Good news: you can, and better news yet: as a loyal Buzzer, it’s yours free, although I may take this offline at any time…


CPA streaming Streaming CPA ProfitsYou can download the Streaming CPA Profits BUZZ report below.

It’s only 25 pages or so, a quick read and then you can get started…

This CPA tactic is based on very simple incentivized marketing. I wonder how long into the report before you realize how big such a thing can be scaled… Pretty amazing stuff.

Works anywhere in the world , so my international readers can benefit too….

Download the FREE report below.



Feel Free to leave your comments and questions in the box below…

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A lot of people agree that RoboForm is an invaluable tool for managing their passwords but if that's all you're using it for, you're missing out on some great possibilities.

In this Complete Guide, I will show you how you can use this great tool in many Blackhat avenues.

roboform Using Robo Form the Blackhat WayBy using RoboForm as a Marketing Machine, you will be able to submit articles, assist in exchanging links with other sites, doing research for product development as well as increasing your security by using RoboForms auto password generator.

Here is just a taste of what this Guide Covers……

  • Article Submissions
  • Link Trades
  • Classified Ad Submissions
  • Product Research
  • Password Management
  • Backing Up Your Data




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Introducing …

twitspam Twit Spam Now you can Automate your Tweets


This handy little script allows you to automate your tweets.

It can be used on Multiple accounts.

Each occurrence of the script sends 41 tweets.  This makes it so each of your Twitter accounts can run continuously throughout the day (and night) and never stop without worry of getting banned for spamming !!

I was going to Charge for this Script….

But, I am releasing it to all my

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Or You can also try this:

Copy the text below and paste it into Google’s SEARCH BOX (and use the quotation marks):



Or Here is another good one to try:



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Good Luck Searching

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VERY Black Hat CPA Method

 Make $50 per Network per Day

blackhatcpa(1) FREE BlackHat CPA Lead systemLet me begin right now by saying that this is an incredibly simple method and VERY Black Hat.

I am really hesitant with Sharing this, BUT, what the Heck !!

I  give you the SECRET Method and the SPECIAL Codes to make it all Work


It is SO BLACKHAT that I can't even post it in my Blog for fear the the Networks will stumble upon it !!

So you will have Download the Method and the SECRET Codes !!


Just Think

$50 per Network X 4 Networks = $200 PER DAY


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