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riches from niches 287x300 Riches from Niches

This is probably one of my most guarded secrets I have shared to date. But what the hell. 

I am going to share how I set up campaigns and tell you exactly which niches earn tons of money.

Most of these niches are pretty much unknown to the masses, and most IM marketers never promote them (I am not sure why).   I stumbled upon them by accident while working on another project.

The niches are a goldmine, they are just huge and none of them have overwhelming competition. Saturation is not an issue with these niches.  You are guaranteed to make money.

Why would I reveal these secret niches you ask?

Well, I am not really revealing them for free, I make a little something off of this, which in turn earns me a nice side income as well.

But in this case, it is really because of an email I got from a lady in Florida.


Actual Email I received:

Hey Blackhatbuzz,

I love your site and have found tons of great information from it.  I have used a few of your methods and made some decent money.  Right now I do the IM thing part time.  I am a single mother with nothing more than a computer and ambition, and really need to get out of my dead end job and make a decent living doing the IM thing.  I need to go back to school but can’t afford it. I made about $500 in the last couple of months doing a lot of your methods but need to do more.  My question is this, can I pay you the $500 to coach me for a few months so I can make some big money.  Let me know if we can make some kind of arrangement.


Well this got me thinking about how hard it was when I first got into the IM game.  Try everything, buy everything. GO BROKE !!  Too many times those so called Guru’s just keep the real secrets for themselves and give you junk.  I honestly try not to do that.

Actual Email I responded with:

Hi Julie,

I respect your ambition and great job making some money online.  All it really takes is putting a plan into action and following through on it.  I have been where you are and kudo’s to you for sticking with it even when the going gets tough. I am going to tell you to keep your money and I am going to forward a method to you that will quadruple your money in a month.  I spent the last hour or so typing up a quick guide for you to get you started.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and good luck. I must admit that a lot of times I stumble upon something fabulous and unique and don’t really share it like I should, so here you go.

Take ACTION Today and Profit



So the inspiration of sharing this with you comes from Julie in Florida and to all the others out there needing to make a buck online……..


So…… What exactly am I going to give you?

I am going to give you Four powerful niches that can make you rich !! And if that is not enough…..  I give you my most powerful niche of all.  Simply speaking, this niche is my holy grail of making a fortune online.  And almost no one promotes it, not marketers or even the gurus (they are too busy trying to sell you junk!!)

Yes – That is FIVE totally untapped niches – each one guaranteed to make money!


I give you the blueprint that will double – triple – but mostly quadruple your money in a month.  Why buy the rusty chevy when you can have the Porsche !

AND……..  I am going to show you exactly where I promote these niches and what I use to make some serious cash.  How I promote them.  The super secret info that will get you conversions, and where to get the resources you need.  

Interested ??



Want to know how to Use Ebay with CPA offers ?

Method Details:

Using an Ebay seller account, post an auction.

Find an email submit offer that is giving away the same product you are selling. You should probably find the affiliate offer first.

Get a domain and redirect and mask to your affiliate link for the offer.

Now use a second ebay account to ask a question about your auction, making sure to find a way to discreetly add your domain in the question.

Using your seller account again, confirm that the domain and offer is legitimate and safe. Make sure you post the question to the listing.

This way you can now drive traffic from ebay without getting your accounts closed and auctions canceled.

Of course you will need to pay for the listings, but that is just like paying for advertising, just a whole lot cheaper.

You can also use this method to push traffic from ebay to your site, then bounce them back to ebay thru EPN. This is called roundtripping, but it would be very hard to catch on to this as long as you don’t make connections between your accounts.

The traffic will be type in traffic and hard to discover where it is coming from. Feel free to twist this method. I guess what I’m trying to say is you can use this method to push traffic to all kinds of stuff, just use some creative instincts.

Things you may Need.

  • Ebay Seller account

  • Ebay Buyer account

  • CPA Affiliate Network Accounts

  • A Domain that is redirected and masked

Now – What do you need to Do ?

Choose a product that matches some of your affiliate offers. For this example we will use an Blackberry Storm. Go to Ebay and post an auction for an Blackberry Storm with your seller account.

Get your domain and redirect it to a free Blackberry Storm email submit. Don’t forget to mask it.

Now that the auction is up, use your buyer account to ask a question about the item you just posted.

It should go something like this:

I saw these free Blackberry storm Phones,, think it’s legitimate?

Now using your seller account answer the question saying something like yes it is legit, that’s where I got mine. Click the post question to auction box so your affiliate link will now show on your auction.

It won’t be an active link, but even most Noobs know how to copy and paste a link.

As always – Enjoy and make money


willy RoundTripping CPA offers with Ebay

clickbankbuzzbox sXP ClickBank Buzz

eBooks are good to give away to build your list but software is soooo much BETTER………..

This Download Is The Extended Version Where You Can Edit The Look, Rename The Software And Load With Banners + Text Links – Even Add Your Own Welcome Page So Your Customers Won't Ever Forget You… Also Includes 3 different Sales Pages, 2 Promo Videos, 10 Articles And A Keywords List.

What This Amazing Software Does: Source important details of affiliates all in just one, easy- to- use software! Quietly spy on your competitor by seeing how many affiliates actually promote their products! Displays affiliate email and URL so you can contact your competitor's affiliates and offer them a sweeter deal! Save time yet get more information with the user-friendly interface! Swiftly export all affiliate details into one file which can be quickly assessed on your computer Keep track of the number of affiliates promoting your products and manage your product sales better.

Get it Now………………


IM blackbook The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Internet MarketersOriginally this was just my personal resource of WordPress plugins that I used to create sales pages, landing pages and AdSense sites. I recently decided to put it into this report form and share it with others. I hope you enjoy it.

I think you will find a lot of valuable resources in this report. Many of the plugins will be completely new to you, while others may be familiar.

These plugins provide an incredible opportunity for Internet marketers. No matter if you are an affiliate marketer, a resale/private label rights marketer, a product developer or some combination of all, you will find many gems here that can improve the profitability of your business or help you create stickier sites.

If you know of some great FREE plugin that I neglected to include in this report, please send me an email and I will get it added to the list and sent out in future updates.

Just remember, this list is for free plugins only. There are many great paid plugins out there too, I just decided to not include them in this report.

Download it Now – FREE – Only Here

Click Here to Download


Make Some Money Very Fast

 twitter logo Make some Money using Twitter

Step 1)Get one or more twitter accounts. Twitter requires no email activation, so get between 1-10 accounts to start with.


Step 2) Join twitterad. This is a advertising network specially for twitter. They pay by paypal, within 48 hours! You choose which ads you want to post on your twitter profile and you will get around  $.06 to $.20 per click. It doesn’t really matter as you will get a lot of clicks, so don’t worry!  After you joined twitterad you can add more twitter profiles. To post an ad, simply press ´post ad´ and select the profile.


Step 3) Mass follow people. If you follow them they will follow you back and then you can ‘promote your ad’.This can be done with the free website twollo. You can follow people that twitterad about certain items with twollo. To get an higher clickthrough rate, you should follow people that twitter about the same subject as the ppc ad. You can set it up in less then a minute and it will work for you till the limit has been reached. Now that’s what I call time-effective………..


To auto-follow you can also use hummingbird…

You an also use tweetlater to auto-tweet and auto-message followers with your ad. This will improve the amount of clicks significantly.

 twbird Make some Money using Twitter

Step 4) Wait for people to follow, and  rinse and repeat….


Click Here for Twitterad and sign up

 Enjoy and prosper….


I have been using Craigslist for a couple of months and making around $xxx per month with very minimum efforts.

Many of us think that we will get banned from CPA if we use CL, well, there is a way to do it without getting banned.

Just do it like this:

1. Login to your CPA Network site
2. Browse the CPA offers which allow email marketing
3. Now, with every offer, you will get the premade template.
(I mean they will give you body content and subject line.)
4. Go to craigslist and search for the people who are interested in it.
5. Make a list of their email ids.
6. Email them.

Important points to note:

1. When you send emails to them, dont put images and dont use html.
2. Try to use FREE offers, like email submits.
3. You will make around $10 for every hr you will work.
4. Conversion ratio will be low, so need of getting banned
5. Since you use offers which allow email marketing, so no need to hide the referrer.
6. Use creativity

How to send bulk emails?
Well, this part I will keep as a secret for some more days, and if I get good response from this Post then I will also share this part with you. I have got a way to email them which costs hardly $x per month and I am able to send more than 5000 emails daily.

The Script Adult Sites Use To Generate Thousands Of Unique Visitors And Make Almost Any Site Viral Instantly!

The “Revenge” Site Script

I’m giving away a script that can be used to make sites like the following:

WARNING: Mature content below.

Click here for sample viral Site



virral Get the Viral Revenge Script



  How does 355,000 visitors to your site in less than a month sound with $0 on ads spent and less than 2 hours of work?

How about $2500+ profit within 3 days of launching a website, with no affiliates and no product?

How would you like to turn your website visitors into link dropping machines who promote your website every chance they get without paying them a dime?

Sound too good to be true? It’s true.

 The script allows you to reward your visitors for sending

traffic to your site. Here are just a few ideas…

“Send 10 visitors to my sales page and get a free report”.

CLICK HERE For another sample site using this Technique

“Send 25 people to my squeeze page and get access to my secret video”.

Included along with the script you will receive an information package with tons of great ideas to startup your site using The Viral Script. Here are a few samples from the package:

“If you own an Ebook Product you can split up the book into small chunks of text. Allowing a visitor to see more of the ebook by sending visitors.”

“If your into adult then you have tons of options with The Viral Script. Put up a site with a bunch of high quality videos in whatever niche you choose and let visitors unlock more videos with the more views they send.”

“Watching TV shows online is becoming very popular so make a site with a bunch of episodes for a particular tv season. The more visits your visitors send the more of that season they get to watch. Find some good converting Email Submits and this could be very popular.”

The script can be used for product promotion, list building, affiliate marketing, traffic contests, you name it, the power of “The  Script” is only limited by your imagination.


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