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Headline Blackhat Email Sender






Honestly, if you got an email from a famous person, now would you not be Curious and open it up to find out ?


Brief outline

of the Blackhat Email Sender

Blackhat Email Sender is a  script that will allow you to send emails to anyone with an alias as someone else – Well, it will appear to be from anyone you choose.  Simply said, Blackhat Email Sender  allows you to use any identity you want to send emails. When the recipient gets and opens the email, it will be from the identity you put into the form.

For example:

 You can send an email to someone as:

From: Lady Gaga from email address
From: Britney Spears from email address
From: Paris Hilton from email address

Or for you marketers – it could be the hot guru of the month and you could be promoting his new product with an affiliate link.  The person receiving the email would think is was from them.

And so on and so on………

Let your imagination take off !! BUT…….
Please use this with discretion……..

See an Example here:


CLICK HERE for Example


Download the Script here FREE !!

bonusred 11 Blackhat Email Sender


WARNING: Use it at your own risk. It is Recommended that you do not use this for Spamming!


BHemail1 150x150 Blackhat Email Sender



Quick cash recipe Quick Cash Recipe

Let's cut the crap, shall we?

Making Instant Money Online is Easy…

There, I said it.

You see, people tend to make this process too damn hard. They get caught up in all sorts of stuff – worry if they are doing something wrong, worry if they are picking the wrong niche, obsessing over Google and its silly SEO game, and a bunch other stuff…

All the while, tens of thousands of people are effortlessly making thousands of dollars online each and every month.

So instead of some stupid motivational story about me and my life and how I “fell” into IM and how I was broke and then became wealthy and all that silly  filler, let’s get right to the meat of it…

To make money online, all you need is this simple little recipe….

You Mix a little of this in and some of that, Set the Oven just right , time it right and PRESTO – Success !!

Of course a Good Cook is also only as good a their tools.  So, this little recipe will also give you just the right tools for success.

You have probably heard that before, right?  The problem is that no one really explains it the right way.

Simple is Easy.  Simple is Great. Well, then I made this SUPER SIMPLE…..If you can take four steps then you can make money………..


Let's ask a few questions to ourselves first:

  • Does your Job Suck?
  • Having Trouble even finding a Job?
  • Is your Boss and Idiot?
  • Are you Broke the day after payday?
  • Never have enough money to do the things you want?
  • Like your Job but, just want some extra cash?

Well, if you answered Yes to even one of these questions, than you need to get into the kitchen and Crank out this QUICK CASH RECIPE !!



All the right ingredients you will need for Success at making money.

Some special tools that will get the Cash in your Pocket QUICK !!

SIMPLE – Precise Guidelines to reap the benefits.

SPECIAL Ingredients to take you to the next level.

AND MORE…………..


And, I have already gotten a few emails from some of the people who I gave an advance copy to:


"Good God, BlackhatBuzz !!   This is so simple.  I don't know how many guides I read that confuse the hell out of me.  I put this into action and made over $400 in less than a week.  Thanks again."



"Hey BHB, I never knew cooking up Quick Cash was so easy and so much fun.  You gave just the right stuff to put into the soup."



Put away the Mixer, toss the pots and pans, forget about what spices to use.  I am giving you super secret recipe that can make you 1000's of dollars every month.

Are you ready to start Cooking up Some CASH !!


Forget the Burger and Fries today for Lunch and Get into the Kitchen.


cher noob Totally Easy CPA MethodCould you Use and Extra $100 a Week?

How about and Extra $100 a Day ?

Are you a Noob at CPA Marketing ?

Or Maybe you are an Intermediate or Experienced Marketer That Just Wants to Join the Fun !!

Well,  I did a little testing and Came up with

Totally Easy CPA for Noob's

I almost made this fool-proof or rather Noob-Proof………

  • I give you the Niche I was using.
  • I give you the Offer that has been converting at an astonishing 12 percent.  (Yes , 12 out of every 100 people have completed this offer when it was presented to them.)  And at $2.60 per conversion, the earnings went through the roof.
  • I give you the Methods I used.
  • I give you the PLR Copy that converted like crazy !!


  • I give you a Bonus Method that made me $547.00 (that's Five Hundred Fourty Seven Dollars) in one weekend, with an investment of $8 Bucks……..

So if some asked you to hand them $8 Bucks in exchange for $547.00.  Would you take it ??


Yep, just follow the Guide and the possibilities are endless.  With a little twist here and there, your imagination can produce an endless stream of cash.

And of course, you can outsource the methods and double – triple – quadruple your earnings.


Time to Get Started !!


You have Two Ways to Get the Guide…. 

Check out my Offer and Get It Free here !

Buy me an expresso and get this Money  Machine instantly !!
button5 Totally Easy CPA Method



….Blackhat Twitter on Autopilot System….


BH twitter Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System

Yes…. I am going to Show you How to

How to Create a  Twitter Money Making System

That Runs on Complete AutoPilot

in a Few Easy Steps

Twit BH2 Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System



This step-by-step guide shows you How to make Serious Money using Twitter with a System that Runs on Autopilot. You can create your own Fully Automated Money Generating System(s) and make Cash from Lazer Targeted Twitter Traffic on a regular basis in any niche you can think of.



With this System, you will be able to  Create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot to make a substantial Income from Google Adsense™, (or) Clickbank™, (or) Amazon™, (or) Ebay®, (or) CPA Networks (or) any other Affiliate programs, (or) all of the above !!!  And Guess What ?  You can also use it to build a Fully Automated List Building System. You only need to spend around 15 to 25 minutes to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.


Twitter traffic flow Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


The whole system will work full Autopilot – you won't have to do anything to run it. This is Literally a Set it  and Forget it system where the Money continues to Roll in . The Instruction guide is arranged in a no-nonsense – straight to the point manner with full details and screen-shots. When you are reading the Guide, you can open your Browser at the same time and follow each step as outlined in the Guide.


No programming knowledge is necessary. It is helpful to have  have basic knowledge about Twitter, Gmail, Adsense etc. and  be familiar with uploading files to a website.  But the Guide takes you through this anyhow, so totally NOOB friendly !!

You need only 4 things to create a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot.

  •     The Step by Step Guide (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     A Firefox Browser connected to the Internet
  •     A special PHP Script that makes the Magic Work (Of Course – INCLUDED)
  •     15 to 25 minutes of your time


Once you create one Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot , you can start duplicating the whole thing again. This way, you can build a network of Fully Automated Twitter Money Machines. Just Rinse and repeat the  steps to make more money. The whole system is managed by the PHP Script provided with this Guide and some other  Tools available on the Internet.  Of Course I will walk you through it.

How this system works:

There are 2 Main Components in a Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot:

1)     A Self-updating Twitter Account

2)     A Self-updating Website


In a Self-updating Twitter account, tweets will be posted automatically in regular basis with links back to your self-updating website.


Script plan Blackhat Twitter Autopilot System


Every post in your Twitter account will be pointed to the Blackhat Twitter System that Runs on AutoPilot. So the traffic from all tweets will be directly sent to your Money Machine.    Blackhat Twitter System is a fully Template driven system, so you can easily modify it at any time by modifying a single template file and hundreds of pages will be updated automatically. For example; if you find a new Affiliate Offer and want to cash it, you can easily change the setting and all pages will be updated accordingly.


No dates present



Bee money Making $70 Hour with a Twist of Blackhat"Learn The Secret To Making $70 an Hour From  Highly Targeted People Wanting To Give You Money"

The system I'm about to hook you up with is responsible for bringing in from $500 to $1000 dollars a month, and it takes me only 10-15 minutes every day to keep this virtually passive income stream up and running. And of Course you can Outsource it !!

There are 6 videos which show step-by-step how to start making money online with this system and it's very easy  to copy and implement this success, as you will see from the videos.

As you enter the private video veiwing area you'll see 6 neatly organized videos, each showing you a crucial component for effortlessly getting money with this system. Besides the videos there is an E-Book, outlining all of the steps you need to take. Take a look at it first, browse through it, let your mind go into the "learning mode" and at the same time realize how simple, yet powerful this system is from reading the E-Book.

Now get comfortable in your seat and start watching the videos, where we literally take you by the hand and show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do and what buttons to push to reach the $500 a month mark. Keep watching and you will see how to turn the $500 a month into $1000 a month or even more, just by applying one of my super easy "Money-Sucking Machine" tactics. I promise that you'll get incredible value and profit out of this system.


You Absolutely Must Have A Working System
In Hand To Make Any Money Online

If you don’t have the kind of success you want with making money online, then you’re not doing the right things

The question is, WHEN  WHERE and HOW are are the right things to make Money Online?

Are you going to do them NOW? And are you going to try to do them yourself? Or are you going to take advantage of the incredible wealth of knowledge that’s available to you… knowledge that can save you literally YEARS of time and THOUSANDS of dollars in cash?

I'm Going To Teach You, Step-By-Step How To Reach Out and Grab This Practically Unlimited Amount of Cash That's Already Being Spent…

Don't You Think That You DESERVE Your Share ?

If you’ve decided that you’re ready for SUPER-SUCCESS with making money online, then what I’m about to tell you about could help you get it FAST.

I’ve put together what is arguably the most complete educational product on planet Earth for making money.

This digitally recorded and edited Online Video program contains videos  teaching all of the ideas, concepts, techniques, scripts, and secrets that took a LONG TIME to figure out and develop.

What You’re Going To Learn…

  • You won’t have to grind in front of your computer for 20-30 minutes writing an article for 5 Bucks, or promoting something that either nobody wants or everyone else is selling.  That’s THE WRONG WAY of making money.

  • Instead, I'll teach you how to choose and set it up so that you only have to spend about 5 minutes of your time to make some money. So let's do some math then…… If you can make $5 in 5 minutes, times 12 in an hour (that would be how many 5 min blocks in an hour) -  that would be $70 an hour in your pocket. Throw in the residual income I will tell you about and we can easily double or triple that !!

  • I will show you how to set up  in a way that will make other business owners crave for what you're offering. I'll teach you the rules of successful business and how they will make you easy $500 -$1000 a month if you follow this system.

  • You’ll learn how to structure your quick salesletter in a way that will fascinate people into giving you money, but in the same time won't obligate you to spend much time on numerous boring revisions and tedious customer support.

  • I will explain to you the secret of getting over 2000 hits and over 80 orders and how you can do the same, time and time again.

So Here’s What You Get…

  • 6 videos that literally take you by the hand and show you how to offer something that people will fight over, how to promote it (get thousands of views to it, and many dozens of orders) and how to sell the people that order from you further on, on the back end. This means people will pay you to have the OPPORTUNITY to buy even more stuff from you. This can be extremely powerful and profitable for you.
  • An Simple to the Point E-Book, showing you how to do these things step-by-step, in addition to the videos.  Don't you think it is about time to have people stand in line to throw money at you?


I guess your ready now, Share in the Secret of getting everyone fighting to throw money your way here……

There is a FREE Version and a Premium Version.

The Premium Version includes access to the Videos ! 


Get the FREE Version !

Buy me an expresso and get Premium Version instantly !!
button5 Making $70 Hour with a Twist of Blackhat


blogbooksale cover med Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack

"Get 9 Blogging & Web 2.0 guides, 20 Website Header Graphics, 300 Website Buttons, The Squeeze Page Profit System & 12 Squeeze Page Templates, That You Can Use – Sell or GiveAway ……."

Grab All these NOW, Before I Pull This Offer Forever

Yes they are Absolutely Free!



You can Discover the Secrets of Building Money Making Blogs & Driving Hordes of FREE Traffic from Web 2.0 Sites.  Yes……..  You get all these ebooks, courses, website graphics and MORE !!!

box 250 Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
20 Website Header Graphics
boxshot small Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack

300 Website Buttons

3d cover Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Blogging On Steroids
blogging smallcover Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Blogging Power
mbt150 Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Massive Blog Traffic
FireYourBoss Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Fire Your Boss
social madness cover Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Social Madness
ezine sm Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Social Marketing Directory
coversm Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Social Media Riches
ecover squidoo160x209 Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Squidoo Basics
3D Web20 Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Web 2 Sites Exposed
ecover combo sm Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack
Squeeze Page Profit System

Just Click the Download NOW Button below to instantly get access to all of these ebooks and resourcesYES….. TOTALLY FREE !!!!!


free download(1)(1) Free Blog & Web 2.0 Pack

Introducing the MarketPlace from BlackhatBuzz

Got an ebook or money making method you would like to Sell ?

Is your Hard Drive full of MRR or PLR products that you could make some great cash with ?


The BlackhatBuzz MarketPlace offers an easy and fast digital goods eShopping service for anyone selling or buying intangible goods online.

We provide a service to buy and sell downloadable items such as:

Software, eBooks, music, movies, graphics, manuals and how-tos and anything else that can be downloaded.

Our system operates with PayPal's online payment system, a reliable solution for sending and receiving money for your online business.

You can sell anywhere from web sites, to emails, and at auction sites. We highly integrate sites like Facebook with your customized pricing on the fly!

We DO NOT charge any Setup or Membership fees.


We also offer an affiliate program where you can get paid for each and every person you refer and makes a purchase from the BlackhatBuzz Marketplace. You can post your affiliate links in emails, forums, on your website or any other place you can place a URL link.  Just so you conform to our spam policies.


We Help You To sell Downloads:

We provide an efficient secure and fast reliable service for you to sell your downloadable items such as: Software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded.

Our automated service delivers your products to your customers instantly after payment. Our system operates using PayPal's online payment system. Our sellers see an average 1,000% increase in sales using our service.

Sell your PLR (private lable rights) and MRR (master resale rights) products.

Do you have tons of info stored on your computer in the form of PLR and/or MRR products. Now you can turn all that stored information into cash, by offering these products to the rest of the world.

Sellers Can Join Free:

You can Join for free, find new customers and start selling your Products instantly. Register Here

This system is integrated with PayPal for payment processing and the standard service backend to handle the digital file delivery. This means that all digital products can be delivered instantly when the customer continues after payment.



  • Store your digital products securely on our server.
  • Getlinks and sell the products on your own web site and on any other website.
  • Sell your digital goods and deliver instantly to buyers after payment via Paypal.
  • You can sell with any of these currencies – USA, British Pound or Euro.
  • Buyer receives an email with the product download link from our system.
  • Seller can restrict the number of downloads for security, so that the download link cannot be shared.
  • Default Download link expires in 2 days. Seller can increase this value.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis to Sellers.
  • Access buying and selling details in your members area 24 hours a day.
  • Run your own affiliate program and let the others sell your products.
  • Check your Affiliate Stats
  • Refer more members and earn more affiliate commissions fees.
  • Excellent support
howitworks The Marketplace from BlackhatBuzz

How It Works:

You post Product on the Marketplace at

  1. Customer browses product on the Marketplace at or on your Product Affiliate Site (Who added Product code to Sell on their site from the Marketplace)

  2. Customer purchases via paypal and continues after payment.

  3. Paypal IPN then notify about payment

  4. Customer redirected to secure product Delivery page instantly. Customer also receives an email with the Product download link.


Sell downloads free on the Marketplace at Sellers get unlimited Storage Space. No Monthly fees.

    There is :

    • NO Account setup fee
    • NO transaction limit
    • NO bandwidth limit.

    Easy to use, inexpensive solution that requires no programming skills. Alternative way to promote and sell your digital products. Only your paid customers will be able to download your products.

    To get a Free Seller Account Register Here

    To browse products either choose any category from the left or Click Here


    I have had a ton of requests for this Script so here you go…..

    The Viral Revenge or I Hate YOU script.

    How A Marketing Experiment Using A 'Secret Script' Turned Into An Out Of Control Website That Generated 200,000+ Unique Visitors, Thousands Of Backlinks, And $2,000+ In Less Than One Week With Less Than 2 Hours Of Total Work…


    hateyouscript Get the I hate You Script


    If you are interested in internet marketing, I don't care if you're experienced or brand new, this is THE MOST POWERFUL TRAFFIC GENERATION TECHNIQUE that I have come across in 10 years of marketing online, I urge you to take 5 minutes to find out what The Viral Script can mean for your business..

    When it came to making money online, I thought I had it all figured out. I have strong knowledge of search engine optimization, I know what products to sell and who to sell them to, and when it came to driving traffic, I thought I knew it all…

    It took an insane idea (even my wife called me crazy) and 4 months locked up in my office for me to realize the obvious, I was making this whole internet marketing thing WAY more complicated than it needed to be!

    Before my experiment, I made money the old fashioned way, hard work. I'd find or create a product to promote, make sure everything on my website was perfect, and then work day in and day out driving traffic, tracking conversions, doing everything in my power to make sure I was earning a comfortable living…

    There was just one problem. The money was fantastic, and I truly loved my work, but spending 12 hours a day in front of a computer is enough to drive anyone crazy, and to be completely honest…




    There Is A Much Easier Way To Make Money Online…

    I just hadn't discovered it yet. And I'm going to tell you what it is and exactly how it works, but first, I want to tell you why it works so well and my thought process when I was creating my new 'secret script'…

    I started to think about all of the successful websites on the internet and how they became so successful…

    • The guru's with the big product launches have thousands of dollars to spend on top copywriters and joint ventures…
    • The super affiliates can afford to burn through a thousand dollars for every offer that they test out…
    • Any successful content website, a blog, social network, anything, becomes successful over time by creating amazing content and slowly building up a following….

    I didn't want to buy traffic. And I didn't want to wait for it either. I wanted to create a system where I could generate my own traffic, on demand, for free, anytime I wanted to, in any niche I wanted to… So that's exactly what I did…

    There Is Only One Secret In This Business…

    While there are quite a few different approaches to making money on the internet, it's really a pretty basic formula. Take a website that is monetized by selling a product or advertising space, and drive traffic to it. That's it. That's how people get rich on the internet. The big secret is how people generate traffic. Ask a super affiliate how he drives traffic, he may give a vague answer like “Adwords”, but you'd have to put a gun to his head before he'll tell you what keywords he's using and which ones convert. And that's what separates the people who actually make real money online from the other 99%. They understand what to sell, and most importantly, how to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

    Traffic Is The Single Most Important Thing For Any Online Business To Succeed…

    It doesn't matter if you've created the most valuable product in the world. You could be selling a working time machine, but if no one ever sees your site, it's not going to matter. Traffic is the life blood of any business on the internet. But you probably already know that. What you don't know yet is how The Viral Script can automatically create millions of visitors and thousands of back links to any website, literally overnight.

    "There Has Got To Be A Better Way To Drive Traffic…"

    That was my problem before I created The Viral Script, and I set out to solve it. I was banging my head against the wall coming up with crazy ideas and concepts to drive traffic…and one of my ideas turned out to be bigger than anything I could have ever imagined… The secret to making money is traffic… but where does traffic come from? Links. How do you get links to your website? Well, you could write articles, post on forums, comment on blogs, or spend your time and money in any number of ways dropping your link all over the internet, OR…. You could have your website visitors actively promote your site for you.

    The Power Of The Viral Script…

    Before I created the script, if anyone asked me for a quick and easy way to make money online, I would have said “You can't, it takes hard work, time and patience to make anything online”… But now, I tell them about The Viral Script. It's literally the fastest and easiest way that I've seen in my 10 years of internet marketing experience to unleash a flood of traffic in any niche on complete auto pilot.It's such a simple concept, but more powerful than I ever could have imagined. The effect that the script creates is unlike anything I'd ever seen or experienced. The traffic literally explodes virally. Once you get a few visitors, they start spreading your link, more visitors come, and they start spreading your link, before you know it, you have thousands of visitors coming to your website, and the traffic continues to multiply on top of itself. It really is an amazing concept. I'm going to show you exactly how it works in a moment, first take a look at what our customers are saying about The Viral Script…

    Here's How It Works…

    People value content. Whether it's great videos, reports, games, this concept can be applied to almost anything that people are interested in. The way the script works is it “locks” certain aspects of your content. For example, the website, designed to be a list building site (and a highly effective one at that) has a free video that subscribers can unlock after they opt in to the list. The result? The site, which has hardly been promoted at all, has hundreds of back links and thousands of unique visitors over the last month. That's an example of how The Viral Script can be used with hardly any promotion at all, and all of the sudden you've got thousands of visitors on Autopilot.

    Download it HERE FREE:


    cookie Buzz head Cookie Buzz

    Yes … Of Course…  It is a little bit Black Hat !!

    Ever felt  like you were Cheated out of getting a Commission you Justly Deserved?

    By simply Using this Incredible WordPress Plugin you…

    Can Prevent ever losing a Commission again !!

    Cookie BUZZ is a WordPress plugin that ensures  you get your commissions by Dropping a Cookie on your visitors BEFORE they go to the destination site.

    They have no idea that by the time they hover your plain text link in your review, they ALREADY have your affiliate cookie on their PC. And, simple enough when they buy, you earn that commission.


    SO…..  How Does It Work?


    Cookie BUZZ works by allowing you to add your affiliate link to a WordPress post or page within the WordPress admin panel. When that post is viewed, your affiliate link is quietly and invisibly called in the background.

    The visitor has no idea that this is happening – all they see is a plain text link that you add to your post. After all, there's no need to make your affiliate link visible within the post any more, as the visitor to your blog has already been cookied.

    As far as the visitor is  concerned, you've written a product review with no intent of financial gain, and they're ready to go through to the site and buy.

    Cookie BUZZ is very easy to use. Just upload and activate the plugin, then go to the Cookie BUZZ settings page.

    Once you're there you can add your affiliate links to as many posts or pages as you like.


    SO…  Is this Black Hat?

    Well, Cookie BUZZ can be used in many different ways, but I recommend you use Cookie BUZZ responsibly. By that I mean only use one (or maybe two) affiliate links on each page or post.


    Cookie BUZZ can also be used in a extreme black hat manner by stuffing as many cookies as you like on a single page, and it's inevitable that some people will want to use it that way as the rewards are high.

    All we can say is, that's up to you. If you think it's worth it, then go right ahead, but it's your responsibility if you do.


    What Can Cookie BUZZ really do?


    This plug in is so powerful that you can surely use it on any of thousands upon thousands of products and affiliate links.


    Who Needs this Plugin?


    Anyone who has a blog or wants a blog and can use wordpress and install a plug in…

    Anyone who wants to prevent losing a commission on a sale.

    Anyone who wants to see their income triple or quadruple or even increase 10 fold !!

    Anyone who is tired of those so called commission hoppers, who by-pass your affiliate link and insert their own.

    NOTE:   If you want to stuff a bunch of cookies, this plugin will do it. BUT, remember to be responsible.


    I have two versions of the Plugin – FREE and Premium.

    The free version has a limit on how many Cookies you can Drop. The Premium Version is Totally Unlimited on how many Cookies you can Drop and can be used on an Unlimited Number of Blogs.


    Get the FREE Version of Cookie BUZZ !

    Buy me an expresso and get Premium Version instantly !!
    button5 Cookie Buzz

    BHB reloaded3 BlackhatBuzz Reloaded

    Cashing in on the Buzz !

    Taking Blackhat to the Next Level – Reloaded !

    Learn How you can Grab the Web by The Throat And Ride A Wave Of Traffic For Free! 

    All while lining your pockets with cash!


    All While the Other Guys do all the Wrong things just hoping For 10 Clicks,  You can bury these guys and get thousands of hits to any offer – product – or webpage you choose !!  Which Type would you like to be ?

    Today I am going to reveal to you a method that I used to generate around $700 in less than 5 hours. I am going to go into every detail so that you really understand the basis of the system. I am also going to reveal exactly what I did in a test case I did. By the way, it only took me about 5 minutes (seriously) to create the content and start raking in the sales. (I had more than 20 sales in a matter of hours).

    This is not just a one shot system. I have since used the system time and again with similar results. I have raked in hundreds of dollars in a day with same small amount of effort. I would implement the method more, but I’m really busy with other projects, so I have decided to unleash this incredible power to you.

    I just want to make this totally clear right now – This method when worked correctly can be a substantial source of income to you.  You will get varying results depending on what type of traffic you’re sucking in and what offers you’re pushing.  With a little effort, the rewards are substantial !!

    This method will make you a lot of cash if you implement everything and use some creativity.

    This method is GOLD. And no, before you ask,  it won’t get saturated anytime soon.

    You will get an Exclusive set of  resources, never before published, that will give you an extreme edge on turning your efforts into cash.   These are all tried and true and when utilized correctly will put you in a league above the Guru’s hawking all their worthless products. I am giving you the tools they may mention, but never reveal.

    Some of these resources are closely guarded secrets in the internet marketing community. While others may accuse me of going rogue for letting them out, I just look at it as sharing the fruits with you, in an effort to further your endeavors.

    But, why stop there.  I am also going to provide you with my distribution list. This has never been shared before, so keep it under your hat.  Other internet marketers would sell their mother for a list like this……

    I guess your ready now, Get Blackhat Buzz Reloaded here…….


    Get your Free Copy of BlackhatBuzz Reloaded !

    Buy me an expresso and get Premium Version instantly !!
    button5 BlackhatBuzz Reloaded



     Special Note - Some readers have asked why I charge a minimal fee for some of my Guides.  Well, I used to give everything on this site away – free of charge – only to have the same guide show up on another forum or else where on the web been sold as "their" product. And in many cases, there are the "leechers" that need content for their own blog and/or forum, of which they copy and paste my material, download the guide or tool and link the download to a pay-per-download site.   Most of my posts and Guides are still free and I strive to offer quality material and guides either FREE or at a Minimal cost. For  less than the cost of a burger and fries, you will get quality material that will put cash in your pocket for months or years to come.  Think of it this way, instead of buying that energy drink today, spend that couple of bucks on a guide that will allow you to purchase a truckload down the road.  Most of my guides go for $3-$5. This does not make me rich by any means, it just sorts out the real people serious  about making money, and gets rid of the "leechers", "copycats", and "wannabe's".





    Blackhat CPALead Guide


    blackhat cpalead Blackhat CPA Lead Guide

    Been trying to Make Money with CPA Lead?

    Not Making the Income you would Like?


    Well,  I am going to Give you SIX —-

    Yes * 6 * proven methods that will bring in a steady income using CPALead !!

    I even give you some bonus tools and Resources to help you on your way.

    Yes – I spell it all out – Step-By-Step !!



    Here is a Sample of what you may expect  …….

    • Cash in using FaceBook
    • The Money Rolls in Exploiting YouTube.
    • Using Google to Create Massive income.
    • Dominate the Forums for Quick Cash.
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    UPDATE:  If you downloaded an Early Version – There was a small error in the code affecting the redirected links . This has been fixed and the New Version is now available for download.  This Version has been Tested and is working with all current versions of WP up to 2.9.1..

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