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In this guide I will show you how you can earn some good cash if you are willing
to spend some time doing E-Whoring which really isn’t that bad.

Step 1 – Sign up for the Affiliate Program @

This is one of the best affiliate programs to register for because they
offer weekly payouts and they don’t require you to have a website therefore
you will immediately be accepted. For this method the best program will be
the pay per free signup because they pay you  for every free
member that you refer to them. In my opinion it has the best conversion

Step 2 – Imagine your an Escort Girl

Now this is the reason for this being a black hat method. It’s not illegal or
anything, it’s just black hat. You will need to imagine that you’re an escort
girl. Go and find some sexy pictures of a girl that you think would attract
many people and save these pictures so that you can post them in the
advertisements which I will explain in a bit. (Please do note that escort girl
advertising is 100% legal so you don’t have to worry about anything plus
anyway you’re not an escort, your just pretending to be one to trick people
into signing-up under your referral link.)

Step 3 – MSN, AIM or Yahoo Messenger

You will need to create an account for any one of these messengers above.
You don’t have to use all of them but it would be an advantage because
then more people would be able to add you to their contacts list. Make sure
that the names that you create are sexy and seductive, so for example you
could use something like “hotsexyjenny” @aim @yim @msn or something
similar. Just make sure it sounds sexy.

Step 4 – Posting Your Advertisement

Now it’s time to post your advertisement on Craigslist. Describe the girl from
the picture as good as you can put your email address and messenger details
in the ad so that people can contact you. Use the pictures you have saved
previously to post the ad and make sure you have some spare ones so that
when someone contacts you and asks you for more pictures, you can
actually give them some. Once the ad has been posted you will be flooded
with free customers via email and messenger; it’s very easy. Do remember
that you don’t have to use Craigslist only, you can use all sorts of Classified
Ad Sites such as Gumtree, Kijiji or even other escort/dating sites such as,, etc…

You can see some examples of escort ads here:


And if you are going to use Craigslist then you should always post in the
Erotic Services section which can be located here (remember that this is just
an example, you can post your ads in different cities):


Step 5 – Talk to your client via Instant Messenger – Getting Your First Sale!

After you’re done with posting your ads on Craigslist or whichever other
classified ads site you have chosen customers will start contacting you.
Before you respond to your customer you need to have the correct attitude
towards this. YOU are the escort, so you will need to act like it. When you’re
talking to a guy online, YOU are in control. If he wants your phone number
he has to sign up. Tell him it’s FREE. YOU are the boss. The guy wants the
girl on the pictures and he is willing to pay hundreds of dollars to see her. So
the $0.00 free credit card fee from Webcams is nothing to him. Tell him that
“due to the law you are forced to go through verification websites” and you
“DO NOT play with little kids that can’t verify that they are 18″ because your
services and lifestyles aren’t cheap. Use your common sense, be creative
and say things like you live near them and you are interested in the things
they are; it’s a great way to get sales. The more creative you are the more
better you will be at this. The main thing is to say what it takes to get the
sale. Most importantly they must actually think you’re the girl they are
talking to. If they believe you, they will buy. Even small things matter. So if
you happened to Google the weather in that guy’s city, it could make
everything easier and give you a faster sale.


When talking to customers, you are pretending to be an escort, who is a
woman on the pictures you have shown in the ad. You want to be as
believable as possible. Use pink, feminine font when talking to clients. Comic
Sans MS in bolded pink is very effective.


Have attitude! These girls ARE usually “bitchy”. Use winks and treat some of
them nice and some of them like this below:

Girl: they don’t let anybody who doesn’t get verified so stop wasting my time if you are not willing to play by my rules…freeloaders can’t be choosy
Steven Burberry: ok
Steven Burberry: ill do it
Girl: hurry up before I change my mind
Steven Burberry: ok

Get The Sale Quick!

To get the sale in the most efficient amount of time as possible, you want to
convince the customer that yes, you are the escort, and get them signed up
as quickly as possible. Here is the order of questions you should ask in order
to get the sale quickly:

Who they are? – Ask them A/S/L
What they want, Fs? – Massage, Greek etc
Where they want to Meet? In call, Outcall?
When do they want to Meet? – Tonight, Tomorrow?
How long they want? – Half an hour, Hour?
Price? – 300 roses an hour, 200 roses ½ hour. Negotiate only if they won’t pay that much to get the sale.
Send Your Webcams Link Code – Hey, they need you to verify on their site. Don’t worry it’s totally free and will only take a sec. You will get my phone number right after you verify. Go here: Paste your webcams affiliate link here. Let me know when you’re done k?
Close the sale – Ask them if they are done filling it out, Keep talking and get them to join. Close the sale. Block them and lol them.

Sample Conversation #1

Customer : Hey there saw your ad on craigslist
Customer : your pretty hot
Affiliate (you): Hi baby…want to get together tonight?
Customer : ya that was the plan, im really horny
Customer : why dont u come over and fuck me silly
Customer : for say…$200?
Affiliate (you): now, that would be prostitution and what you just did is called soliciting prostitution…let’s not break any laws, ok?
Affiliate (you):I’m not a prostitute, I’m an escort
Affiliate (you):Men enjoy my company and making them happy
Customer: your an escort… isnt that what you do?
Affiliate (you): sweetheart, think about this…we all know what we know, but they don’t want to break any laws, do we?
Customer : of course not
Affiliate (you): goood ~puuuurrrrr~
Affiliate (you): so tell me babe, how about coming to see me tonight?
Affiliate (you): so tell you what…I’ll tell you what I can do and you tell me if it sounds like fun
Affiliate (you): So, how about this. my time and companionship for an hour is rewarded with a donation of $200 in cash. Anything else that happens is just a choice between two consenting adults
Affiliate (you): I really LOOOVVEEE spending time with hot guys
Affiliate (you): are you hot?
Customer: of course I am
Affiliate (you): ya baby…then are we on?

Sample Conversation #2

Customer: what’s the rate
You: we can talk about that over the phone
You: its free to get ur id cleared. Always better to be safer than sorry
Customer: how does that take place?
You: Your Affiliate Link Here
just the trial not the membership
Customer: you are one of those webcam “models”?
You: the trial gets u my number and proves ur not a cop
You: no im not a cam girl
You: my agency uses this site to clear id coz cops cant sign up for it
You: and it proves im real plus we can webcam
chat for free before we meet
Customer: Not that it matters, but why wouldnt a cop sign up for it?
You: its concidered entrapment

You: and that is illegal

You: r u interested
Customer: Im looking this thing over… 2 day trial??? what is that all about?
Customer: they don’t want no stinking trial

You: the trial is used just to prove ur not le
You: it protects both of us
Customer: do you ever use euro’s?
You: i have
You: i don’t really like to
Customer: why not?
Customer: it is pretty good
You: it’s too expensive
You: so do u wanna Meet up?
You: how much are you looking to $$
Customer: yah
You: and what exactly are you looking for
Customer: what do you provide?
You: fs
You: gfe
You: I’am good at everything
Customer: nice!
Customer: I’m way out here by IAD in a hotel.. is that too far?
You: no baby nothing is too far
Customer: yah!
Customer: you dont have any more pictures thattheycan see?
You: yeah I do, here you have some baby
Customer: You are very pretty.
You: ty baby
Customer: The only deal with this hoteltheyam in,theywould have to let you in the door. You need a key to get in after 11
You: that’s fine baby, just hurry and get cleared I can be on my way
Customer: Like dominos pizza? 30 min or less?
Customer: Hey, do you deliver?
You: yes I deliver fresh and hot
Customer: nice! hahahhahaha funny too
Customer: your saying I have sign up for your website?
You: no no, you just need to do the free verification, that clears ur id and proves ur not a piggy
Customer: Should I be concerned about any STD’s or anything?
You: not at all everything is fully protected and I carry documentation to prove I’m disease free
Customer: thanks for that
Customer: How old are you?
You: I’m 19
Customer: nice!
You: u ok?
Customer: I really don’t I want to put my credit card # into this system…. It looks like Trouble
Customer: cash is king ya know
You: roses are accepted in person as a donation
You: the cc 2 roses proves ur legit
You: that is y cops cant do it
Customer: I have never had to do anything like this before……
You: it’s for safety reasons from all the police stings going on
Customer: police stings? Now that is not good
Customer: I don’t feel like getting arrested tonight
You: lol that is y they use the site
You: it proves ur not a cop and u know they aren’t either
You: entrapment honey
Customer: how long will it take you to get here?
You: what town did u say again?
Customer: herndon
You: not that long im not too far
Customer: okay, im ready
You: ok
You: u got cleared?
You: lol when u get ur id through u get my contact info
You: did you get approved yet babe?
Customer: ya,theyam in
You: all right great, I’m going to go fill up the car at the gas station, why don’t you call me in about 5-10min? my number is on the site there MWAH cya later babe

Knowing How to Speak Escort

Often times clients who contact you will be knowledgeable in the field of
escorts. They may use terms you do not understand or are not familiar with.
These terms refer to services an escort provides and are used to disguise
the real meaning from law enforcement and other agencies. As an escort,
you should be familiar with all these terms. Below is a link to a website with
terms. You need to know these terms. Escort – A woman who is paid for her
time and companionship. DO NOT promise sex over Yahoo messenger. You
MUST use escort terms. Try being “Honest”, surprisingly it works. Say
something like this, “I’ll go to one of the next 20 guys that want to see me
bad enough that they don’t mind verifying for free. I’m not looking for a
cheapskate, sorry. I am speaking to 5 other potential clients right now I work
on a first cum first serve basis” This website has terminology for many
escort terms. If you are not finding one you need, simply Google the word

and you will get a definition:


The Most used terms are BBBJ, Greek, GFE, FS, In call, Outcall, Cups. You
need to know these by heart. Go to the address above to find out what they

Key Selling Points

Use these selling points to influence a customer if they are unsure about
signing up with your website.

1. They can join for a FREE, YES, FREE!
2. Your customers can find girls all over the USA and more!
3. These girls are all verified with current contact information.
4. Discreet billing, shows on bill as czbbilling. His wife will never know
5. All escorts are pre-screened, safe and secure. (No undercover cops acting like an escort)
6. ***On ABC News 07/25/07-Cops are setting up stings to catch guys. They use craigslist and use a girl with a phone number. For NO $$$ they will have the comfort and security of knowing they are going with a pre-screened and REAL escort. ***HUGE SELLING POINT***
7. If they do not want to sign up because of credit card fraud worries, inform them that it is a secure site and the same system is used at Amazon and BestBuy.

Step 6 – Block Your Customer!

Now that the customer has signed-up under you referral link, block him and
never talk to them again. Enjoy your sales and have fun.


This method can earn you a very nice income very easily; all you have to do
is take action and apply this method. Why is this method better than any
other E-Whoring method out there? Because you are posting ads for
targeted customers which are almost guaranteed to signup. In a normal
E-Whoring method you just target random people on adult chat sites etc…
but using this method you actually target people who are looking for girls
therefore the conversion ratio is much, much higher! Or at least it should be.

Anyway, this method is based on the legalescortscash program but instead
of doing it there you apply it to an affiliate which will pay you more.
I have not tested this method because I can’t post ads on Craigslist which
really works best for this and I don’t really have the time to E-Whore but I
do believe this method should work very well.


Want to know More………

Download the entire manual – CLICK HERE


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