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A favorite of any marketer is the "No Brainer".

A deal so good that virtually no one will turn down the offer.

This is one of those that is so simple and so effective that it won’t take much for you to have a $100 plus daily income coming in each day from this even at the local level, however I recommend setting up a call campaign for maximum results when you get the system tweaked properly.

Car dealers are some of my favorite JV partners, mostly for the fact that they are just as much hustlers as any online marketer and in fact, many of the most successful online marketers out there were in the car business at one time or another. The skills you pick up in that game are truly priceless.

Just as priceless, is someone who sees opportunity and seizes it with little thought, and sales people are the creme of the crop for that mindset, the more money they can make, the more they are willing to do to make it.

Every single month in the automotive sales business, no matter if you are selling new vehicles, or used, you have a certain number of customers that you closed on a yes, but then couldn’t get the financing for.

There is nothing more frustrating to a car salesman than spending an hour, or in some cases, hours with someone only to find out their credit is in the toilet and you couldn’t get them financing for $5 even if they were willing to put down $4.99

Generally those customers are turned away never to be seen again, so the idea of monetizing those customers in any way at all is quite enticing to virtually any sales rep or dealer.

Companies like http://www.1800freshstart.com (this one is on CJ.com) will pay between $12 and $17 per lead for these customers.


That’s a win win for that sales rep/dealer on either of the two possible scenarios:

  1. Customer goes home and submits the form, they put $8-$10 in their pocket as a commission from you.

  2. The customer gets approved for the loan thanks to leveraging the power of hundreds of potential sub prime banks who specialize in high risk auto loans then goes back to that dealer the next day and buys the car from them.

You might think that if the dealer can’t approve them, the customer has little chance, but this is actually not true. Some dealers naturally have better connections than others but no one has all the connections and in the end the dealer could care less who finances the customer as long as they get their money.

Of course as we already know, even if the customer doesn’t get financed, they can still put some nice cash in their pocket each time just by bringing it up.

A sales rep as we all know, will say anything (especially in the car business) so it’s a natural thing for them as they are shaking hands and sending the dead beat on their way to say


Hey listen, we run into a number of these situations a month where we can’t get a customer financing through one of our banks, but we’ve had some great success with this other third party company called (loanaffilatelink.com), it will take you about 40 seconds to fill out the online form and get a decision and we’ve had dozens of customers come back the next morning with financing in hand. I can’t promise anything, but for the time you’ve spent here today and what it will take you to see if this company might be able to help, it’s more than worth a minute of your time.


How many people do you think are going to object to that pitch?

I’ll give you a hint, just about zero, nada – YES NONE of THEM.


To go a little Farther, here is a simple flyer I created that they can hand out:


car loan 1 CPA offers and Car Dealers


In the last few days alone my call campaign brought on 16 lots (12 used and 4 new). We’re actually targeting more used lots because they are an easy sell, big dealerships are hard to get on board with anything unless you have an inside relationship with one of the staff there.

To give you an idea if how quickly this can take off, a pretty high traffic used lot that we JUST brought on has about 7 deals fall through due to rejected applications each week, which could be averaged to one a day but really most of them are on the weekends, Saturday specifically which is the busiest day each week. For every 7 he pitches on the online lender, we see about 5-6 actually go home and give it a try.

We’re rotating a few companies to spread the cash around as usual even though this is completely whitehat outside the box marketing, but as I’ve always told you guys, never put all the cash into one source. The payouts range from $13 to $18 for me and the sales guy is getting $8 for each flat rate with bonus potential.

To be totally honest, not one  has told me about a single person that actually got financing from these companies, most are just a lead gen scam anyway where the data is sold off to credit repair companies, secured credit card providers, after it’s run through the banks but no one is complaining in the least since with commission and bonus, most of these guys are putting close to $300 in their pocket every month that is basically found money they would have never seen otherwise.

This is yet another easy way to leverage everyday people in generating leads for you automatically while you arbitrage the difference between what you pay your reps and what you receive from the merchants.

Now, if you’d like to really scale up like me, and I know you do, then you’ll use Ad-Ventures when it’s up to collect that data real time while passing the lead to the merchant. From there you can send them credit repair offers, etc with some pretty strong success. Also you are building a database of sub prime consumers which can be rented out to other companies for additional profit.

As always we’re willing to bring any of these offers on Elite ROI as well and float the money for you so you receive much faster payouts if that helps, so you have little excuse not to get out there and make some deals with the Car Dealers.

And, use your imagination.  This can be tweaked with other sales opportunities.  I have a friend in the Furniture sales Business that sends about 10-20 leads per week.




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