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First off I just want to tell you ALL something.




You wouldn't fall for it so why would others? But here's a method YOU might actually fall for…


Oh, and did I mention this method won't get your YouTube account banned?


The Method:

SIMPLE – You will be commenting on popular music videos and claiming that a sex tape was released of the star. To make the video believable we need to associate the star with a scandal.


Here is a REAL EXAMPLE of a comment I used recently about Lady GaGa:


LOVE THIS SONG!!!   Poor Lady Gaga….first she is accused of being a man and now even a SEX TAPE of her got released. TMZ says the video can be viewed at:



You will only post on the videos that appear on the first page when you type " Lady Gaga", the rest aren't worth it. Sort the videos by most viewed so the videos you post on will receive more traffic.

I commented on a full page of videos in 5 minutes. Copy and paste the same comment for that star and just keep clicking back and move onto the next video. The captchas are a pain in the Butt, but it doesn't slow down the process of commenting as much as you think.

Ok now for some reason my accounts that I post with NEVER get banned, I think because they actually look half legit and I'm switching often between different celebrities.


SOOOOO –  How to Monetize This Type of Traffic


1. Use a gateway like CPA Content Wizard or BlackhatCodebreaker – or you can use ZangoCash.

2. Sometimes I used to place a Google search bar and make it look like users would have to search for a porn video. Then they would click on the ads that came up for their search term.

3. Start up a blog or forum that has to do with celebrities and turn this traffic into returning visitors.

4. If you can find a reliable person , hire some guy for 2-3$ per hour and sell the traffic.

DATING OFFERS DO NOT CONVERT. Even the free ones , trust me I tried.

This is not something that is old and saturated or a method that doesn't work now, this is something I used just about  1 hour ago to get traffic. THIS WORKS. On average with 20 minutes of posting you can get  between 300 -1000 visitors per day.

I am monetizing this in a different way but that I can't give out – Just Yet, Still in the Development Stage. But Stay Tuned……


You know I always share the GOOD STUFF with Ya !



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