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The Script Adult Sites Use To Generate Thousands Of Unique Visitors And Make Almost Any Site Viral Instantly!

The “Revenge” Site Script

I’m giving away a script that can be used to make sites like the following:

WARNING: Mature content below.

Click here for sample viral Site



virral Get the Viral Revenge Script



  How does 355,000 visitors to your site in less than a month sound with $0 on ads spent and less than 2 hours of work?

How about $2500+ profit within 3 days of launching a website, with no affiliates and no product?

How would you like to turn your website visitors into link dropping machines who promote your website every chance they get without paying them a dime?

Sound too good to be true? It’s true.

 The script allows you to reward your visitors for sending

traffic to your site. Here are just a few ideas…

“Send 10 visitors to my sales page and get a free report”.

CLICK HERE For another sample site using this Technique

“Send 25 people to my squeeze page and get access to my secret video”.

Included along with the script you will receive an information package with tons of great ideas to startup your site using The Viral Script. Here are a few samples from the package:

“If you own an Ebook Product you can split up the book into small chunks of text. Allowing a visitor to see more of the ebook by sending visitors.”

“If your into adult then you have tons of options with The Viral Script. Put up a site with a bunch of high quality videos in whatever niche you choose and let visitors unlock more videos with the more views they send.”

“Watching TV shows online is becoming very popular so make a site with a bunch of episodes for a particular tv season. The more visits your visitors send the more of that season they get to watch. Find some good converting Email Submits and this could be very popular.”

The script can be used for product promotion, list building, affiliate marketing, traffic contests, you name it, the power of “The  Script” is only limited by your imagination.



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