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Make $30 or more a day with


Download the  PDF ebook HERE

1. Make an account on It doesn’t require any payments.

2. Go to, find many clips and movies. It would be great if you downloaded big files. (500mb+)

3. Split the big files with Hjsplit:It’s a great program for screenshots. 

4. Now upload the videos in parts on

5. Spam your download links with pictures from the clip or movie on porn or warez forums.

I’ve made much money following this guide. Uploading 100 movies/day like me, and you will see results. 

This is a really simple way to get over $30/day.

If you work really hard you can make much more cash every day.

I’ll hope this guide will bring you a stable and secure income every day, every month, every year. 



Learn how to make over $30/day with this method.



If you want to generate some thumbnails from your movie use the program called  bsplayer.



Ever seen something on a store that was out of you budget so you had to either prolong or abandon your purchase? Well with this trick, you will never have to wait again on stores that accepts PayPal as a form of payment. Here are 10 easy steps to tricking a store into believing you have paid for an item in full, while only sending whatever amount you want!


To do this hack, you need a FireFox add-on called “Tamper Data”. Get it here.

  1. Download and  install Tamper Data.
  2. Use Google to find sites that take Paypal as payment.
  3. Find something that you are interested in. (Paying for scripts seems safest)
  4. Turn on Tamper Data (can be found in tools once installed.)
  5. Click add to cart
  6. Continue to checkout
  7. Right before you click the button to be forwarded to Paypal for payment, turn on Tamper Data in the Tools section of FireFox.
  8. Every time the site tries to store something, Tamper Data pops up and asks what you want to do. Being very careful, glance down and look for the price of the item, if it’s not there, then click ok; If it is then select the price and change it to what you want to pay. Then click ok.
  9. Once Paypal has loaded, turn Tamper Data off by clicking stop tamper.
  10. Notice Paypal now charges you whatever price you entered earlier.

If you get to the Paypal confirm payment page, then you have gone too far, just go back to the beginning and try again.

Additional Notes:

  • Instead of setting the price to $0.01, set it to 1% of the actual price. This way if the shopkeeper does a quick glance at his Paypal account, he will see $1.50 and may (provided it’s a quick glance) think it’s the correct amount- $150. It’s human nature to speed things up and if the owner sees the order has been paid for in PayPal, most will automatically assume it’s correct.
  • In the chance that you do get caught this tactic of moving the decimal place also can help the store owner believe the messed up payment is due to a computer problem rather than hacking.

This article is only intended to help storekeepers be more aware of this PayPal flaw, Black Hat Library is not responsible for how you use it! icon smile Paypal Flaw get anything for $.01

Autoblogging on Blogger

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What will you need:
- Free hosting with cURL and Cron Jobs and for that i recomend:
- A wordpress blog with an autoposting plugin and a rewriting plugin(i’ll talk about it ahead)
- RSS Bookmarker from Mass Automation so you can do your social bookmarking on autopilot
- A little script that runs on a cron job to ping all your blogs at least once a day

So, here are the steps:
Create your account on 000webhost

Install wordpress on your newly created hosting account

Install UAW, wp-O-matic , feedwordpress or caffeinated content(not in included in the pack cause you can find those easily)

Define a category for each new blogger blog you wanna post to
for example you want to make a blog about cars then create a category on your wordpress blog named cars and set your autoposting plugin to post the content you want for the related blogger blog on that category!

Now that you have a category for each blogger blog you want to post to you can get custom feeds by category, here’s a little guide on that:

So, now you are autoposting to your wordpress blog which is your content source for all blogs, and you need to rewrite that content! For that download the wp-synonimizer plugin that i included on the package. If you choose to use caffeinated content you may skip this step cause it includes a rewriting engine

Ok, you got unique content for all the blogs you want so now you need to post it to blogger!

but for each blog you want to post to you must post the contents from the associated category on your wordpress blog (see step 5!)

Now that the autoposting is set and running you need to autobookmark your content, for that use RSS Bookmarker which is included on the pack at the end of this post!

Now you will need to ping your blogs on a defined time basis, for that i included a neat little script in the pack that does the job pretty well!
How to use it:
First update these 3 files that are included on the pinger script pack: proxylist.txt and place a list of proxies on that file (remember to update the list oftenly!!!), pinglist.txt that contains all the ping services you wanna ping(i included a nice list on the file) and blogs.csv that contains your blogger blogs in this format: ‘Title of the blog,

Now upload the pinger folder to your host and create a cron job to run the pinger.php file on the time rate you want(twice a day should be fine!)

And that’s all. If you follow this steps you can create fully automated blogger blogs with no hassle!!
If you have any other recomendations to add to this tutorial plz post it here and i’ll keep this thread updated!

Now the download link for the pack:

Affiliate sales amount to billions of dollars each year. Most successful online use affiliate sales for at least a portion of their business. To direct buyers to your affiliate products, it is necessary to include a link to the product that you are promoting. These are called affiliate links. Each link includes the name of the product you are recommending as well as you own personal ID for that program.

Affiliate links are a necessary component in the Internet marketing business. But we sometimes find that unscrupulous people steal them. There are shady people out there who will look at your affiliate link and consummate the sale after replacing your affiliate ID with their own. 

For that reason, if you want to make serious money in that arena, you should always cloak your affiliate links.

In addition to lost sales, there is another reason to cloak your affiliate links; they look unprofessional and announce that fact that it is an affiliate product.

And unfortunately, there are those out there who will not knowingly buy affiliate sponsored products. For those reasons, it is best to cloak your affiliate links.

There a number of techniques that you can use to do this. Following are four tactics that you can use to cloak your links:

1. Use free link cloaking sites. These sites will allow you to enter a URL and they will convert it into a cloaked link. Tinyurl is probably the most well known of these sites but there are many others that do the same thing. You can find these sites by doing a search for ‘free affiliate cloaking.’

 Examples of sites are:                                                         

2. You can also use software, both free and paid, that will cloak your links. You can find hundreds of software programs by searching for ‘affiliate cloaking software.’   


3. An option that most super affiliates use is the purchase of a domain name for one specific affiliate product. Using this tactic, they either develop a specialized landing page or use either domain forwarding or re-directs to link to the affiliate products.


4. As an alternative to purchasing your own domain, you can use a page within your existing site and re-direct traffic from that page. If you are uncertain how to use re-directs, you can see many examples by doing a search for ‘link redirects.’

How To Cloak Links The Simple Way

There are people on the Net who honestly think link cloaking is ‘not done’, because visitors can’t see where they are redirected too if the click the link. Hm, that’s a great argument to consider, until…

…your affiliate ID is taken from the link, so you will not earn a commission. In that case, you definitely WANT to cloak your links, don’t you?

Another reason to cloak links is that you want to count how many people have clicked on them. Thus you can discover which links work well and which don’t.

Yet another reason could be, because your (affiliate) links are long and ugly. Especially when using them in text email they take a lot of space and sometimes break up into two or more lines.

So yes, there are valid reasons to mask your links.

There’s a lot of software available that can do the job very well, but there are also easy ways to cloak your links yourself.

One of the ways is to use a simple HTML redirect. You simply add the following line inside the <head> and </head> meta tags:

<meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” content=”0;url=”>

Just replace ‘’ by your link and you’re done.

IF you have log files available and IF they record access to such pages, then you have a counter too. That’s two ‘IF’s’ however.
Also, from the information I read from the SEO experts, this kind of link cloaking isn’t appreciated by search engines, because lots of people have abused this method.

You can also use Javascript to cloak your links quite easy. Here’s an example:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
window.location = “”

This redirect doesn’t leave a single trace, but it’s hard to count clicks to this page.

The same applies to this link cloak in PHP:

You can also use a htaaccess redirect to cloak your links and even use a rewrite rule, but, although easy to implement, these solutions are too complicated for this post. I want to talk about an easier one.

You see, I use a simple PHP script that is very easy to set up. No PHP knowledge required. And it counts clicks! Nothing special, but it does its job very well.
Plus, and that’s another advantage of cloaking your links, if the page you’re referring to disappears from the Net, you can easily replace your cloaked link by another one!

Lots of these scripts use a MySQL database to store the information, but this one doesn’t. It’s a simple text file. No need to set up another database!
It’s a great balance between functionality and ease of installation.

this script allows you to backup the text file containing your links from the screen, so if anything goes wrong, you’ll have a backup copy at your hard disk.

And you may want to add a rel=”nofollow” to all of your cloaked links, as the refer to your counter script, which is useless in search engines.

Other software that you can check out is Smart Links. It allows you to turn your affiliate links that nobody wants to click on, into cash-generating magnets.

Another piece of very interesting software that is worth checking out is Affiliate ID Manager. It’s a program where you can store and manage all your IDs, passwords, affiliate links and other relevant details in ONE secured software. All your info will be orgazined and available to you so you can concentrate on your work instead of searching for your missing links… This essential tool will save lots of time and money and comes with …..Master Rebrandable Rights !!!

You can try to find this software at Google or receive it  completely Free.

(They are easy to find:  just do a search for the product name!)

So, how about you?
Do you cloak your links and if yes, how?

The Script Adult Sites Use To Generate Thousands Of Unique Visitors And Make Almost Any Site Viral Instantly!

The “Revenge” Site Script

I’m giving away a script that can be used to make sites like the following:

WARNING: Mature content below.

Click here for sample viral Site



virral Get the Viral Revenge Script



  How does 355,000 visitors to your site in less than a month sound with $0 on ads spent and less than 2 hours of work?

How about $2500+ profit within 3 days of launching a website, with no affiliates and no product?

How would you like to turn your website visitors into link dropping machines who promote your website every chance they get without paying them a dime?

Sound too good to be true? It’s true.

 The script allows you to reward your visitors for sending

traffic to your site. Here are just a few ideas…

“Send 10 visitors to my sales page and get a free report”.

CLICK HERE For another sample site using this Technique

“Send 25 people to my squeeze page and get access to my secret video”.

Included along with the script you will receive an information package with tons of great ideas to startup your site using The Viral Script. Here are a few samples from the package:

“If you own an Ebook Product you can split up the book into small chunks of text. Allowing a visitor to see more of the ebook by sending visitors.”

“If your into adult then you have tons of options with The Viral Script. Put up a site with a bunch of high quality videos in whatever niche you choose and let visitors unlock more videos with the more views they send.”

“Watching TV shows online is becoming very popular so make a site with a bunch of episodes for a particular tv season. The more visits your visitors send the more of that season they get to watch. Find some good converting Email Submits and this could be very popular.”

The script can be used for product promotion, list building, affiliate marketing, traffic contests, you name it, the power of “The  Script” is only limited by your imagination.


Here’s the basic step by step method to use: [oh before I go into it, I am going to do the step by step on how to get STARTED, not the method I use once I've configured all my plugins/themes with my information in them. This is as detailed as it should get because of this.]

blog blogging Step by Step to setting up an Autoblog

1. Create a folder on my desktop that says “100 blog setup” (yep it really says that)
2. Create a folder in that folder that says “plugins”
3. Create a folder in that folder that says “themes”
4. Create a txt file that says “important information” in the main folder
5. Create a txt file that says “blog_logins” in the main folder
6. Create a txt file that says “emails” in the main folder
7. Create a txt file that says “twitter logins” in the main folder
8. Add the robots.txt to my main folder:

Sitemap: /sitemap.xml

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-content/cache/
Disallow: /wp-content/themes/
Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-includes/
Disallow: /wp-login.php

9. Create a txt file called “pinglist” that holds your pinglist [duh]
10. Create a folder in the main folder called “keywords”
11. Create a folder in the main folder called “completed themes”
12. Create a php file in the main folder that is called “functions.php” and contains:

if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) )

[This is because some of the themes you choose will not be widget ready and you will want to make them widget ready later on]
13. Go register your domain names, and setup your hosting account etc. IE. Get a domain, configure your nameservers, and login to your account[s].
14. Setup blogs on your first 3-4 domains using Fantastico in your cpanel.
15. Copy the login information and paste it into your “blog_logins” file.
16. Open your ftp client and add the 3-4 sites to it [assuming different hosting accts]
17. Go to your first site, click on the www, and add the robots.txt to the root index
18. Go to wp-content then delete the plugins folder. Replace it with your plugins folder. [oops missed that step--once you set up your plugins folder, put all the plugins you will need into it and unzip them all. Remove the zipped files. The files I use for basic autoblog setups are:

About Me widget
Advanced Excerpt
All in One Adsense and YPN
Caffeinated Content for WordPress
Global Translator
Google XML Sitemaps
MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer
Platinum SEO Pack
Privacy Policy
SEO Post Link
SEO Smart Links
Twitter Tools
Unique Article Wizard
WordPress Database Backup
WordPress WriteAgain! [or some other wp rewriter plugin]
WP answers! [from the maker of WP VideoTube--this mate is spot on with his shit and a member here!]
WP VideoTube
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

19. Login to the blogs [use a tabbed browser and have them all open]
20. While you are ftping your files to each of the blog’s plugin folders, go to Settings–> Writing and turn on your XML-RPC publishing options if you want to use BlogSlammer! with these setups.
21. Go to Settings–> Permalinks and set your permalinks to Custom:/%postname%/
22. Go to Posts–> Categories and create about 6-7 if not more categories. The more, the better.
23. By now at least two of your blogs have their plugins installed. Go to them. Select all. Activate all. Update any out to date ones that you missed. Then activate the other two blog’s plugins too.
24. Go to Settings–>Max Blog Press ping optimizer and activate it by putting your name and email address in it. Copy and paste your pinglist from your pinglist file no less into the box, set the settings to where it will only post 1 time every 120 minutes or more or less in order to control excessive pinging.
25. Go to Tools–> WP Videotube and click on the link at top that says “here” to edit your template. Delete the {video_description} line and edit your height and widths to around 320*230 [just some arbitrary numbers here, but you need to reduce the width of the videos as they will overflow on some templates; you only need to do this part of the step if you have a plan to use such a theme].
26. Configure CC under the Settings–> CC link
27. Go to Post –> CC Management and run it at least once per blog so you have some content on your site to play with while editing your themes/widget/codes.
28. Go to themes and choose your theme and activate it. **You should have ftped these earlier too but I forgot to tell you =P***Edit the files of your theme with your adsense pub numbers if applicable to your theme
29. Go to widgets and edit your sidebars. You will want to add your global translator, text, tag, and recent posts in the very least, but mix it up from blog to blog by adding different others ones too. For the text one, use it to put adsense in your sidebars. I use the Old Adsense Code Generator from here:
Code: fast code generation.
<–Use next step before the above step if you find that your theme isn’t widget ready–>
30. Click on sidebar.php and at the top where it says

    to begin the list of one of the sidebar contents and add this line right below it:

|| !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?>

Then find the close tag and add this right above it:


Then edit the functions.php to include this:

if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) )

And if your theme does not have a functions.php, add the one you have in your 100 blog setup folder to it via your ftp client.
**As some themes have two sidebars, make sure that you are putting that line above the proper sidebar’s end list else your theme will be messed up.
31. Go to Settings–>global translator and adjust the settings so they look better in your theme as it sometimes does not look right.Try the div option first, and if that does not work, go to tables option with the option to show 5-7 flags per row.
32. Go to Settings–>Sociable option and configure those options the way you like. I take it a step further and only have a few key main ones and then adding random others to mix it up…cause yes I am weird like that. I usually just blind click these cause I don’t really care about the sociable options really…
33. Go to Settings–> Adsense and configure your adsense settings. I put min to only show the 300*250 and 468*60 ads in the top left or top center parts of my posts with around 5-7 pixels of space. I then look at the themes and see if it will look better with ads not showing on the front page and click that option if it does. Otherwise, just save. To make picking the colors easier, just open up Themes–>Editor in another tab and view the css file for the color scheme or the file that contains the add units if they are adsense ready themes and use the colors from there.
34. Go to Privacy Policy and configure to your liking. I don’t like the links on them, so I update my first options to show no links. Then I have it generate a page for me.
35. Go to SEO Post link and activate the settings there.
36. Go to UAW and configure the options there. I always add custom div titles and click all categories EXCEPT THE UNCATEGORIZED. Activate it.
37. Go to CC and finish finding more content. For what categories you cannot find content in, go to the Tools –> WP Answers and setup campaigns for your other categories [add to the ones you did find content to for more content on those if you want to as well].
38. Go to Tools –> WP Videotube and add a few video posts [I find that videos attract a lot more visitors] across 3-4 categories. ***MAKE SURE IF YOU ARE USING ONE HOSTING ACCOUNT TO HOST A LOT OF BLOGS THAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO HOW MANY PROCESSES YOU HAVE RUNNING AT ONCE….at least that is my theory
39. Go to Settings–> YARRP plugin and configure those settings the way you want.
40. Go to Settings –> Platinum SEO and configure it with a title, description, and keywords that you should have generated from w/e keyword generator you use while doing steps 1-39 but I forgot to tell you too. I use KW Elite most times.
41. Go to Twitter Tools and add your login info to the twitter accounts that you created with your awesome twitter account creator (or manually…) that I forgot to tell you to do but you can still do at this time (man, what a run-on!). Save those details.
42. Change your blogroll links to referral links on clickbank or other products/programs.
43. Once you have a network setup, interlink your blogs with posts and links in the post titles as well as in different posts posting to different posts.
44. Drive traffic to your sites/link build. I did do this before and only slowly started lately, but it does help with traffic.
45. Rinse and repeat with your profits. =D

**Optional steps would include an option that I believe is not supposed to be discussed in the open.
**Once you have setup your themes, you will want to ftp the completed setups to your “completed themes folder” so you don’t have to edit them each time you want to with your adsense codes or widget ready change.
**Use Blogslammer! to post Spin-ready articles to your blogs in general categories or post ebay rss posts.
***ETA: Edit your About Me widget to make your blog look a little more personable. Change it up from blog to blog too–some with, and some without.
I have made sales off Clickbank and made money through adsense with this method [only tweaked a little for my personal setups--added a couple of extra plugins and used different ad networks, but in general still basically the same]. There should be no reason now not to start earning as I have literally taken your hand and guided you the whole way. Any minor steps that I may have left out are common sense so I’m not gonna offer an addendum to this post with extra information as that would just totally give everything away, and who wants that?

Blackhat PR

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Have you seen a sudden increase in the interest in “Black PR”? If you haven’t… you will. black hat Blackhat PR

What is it? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, “Black PR” or BPR occurs when a person with malicious intent — often a competitor — uses various techniques to attack and even destroy an adversary’s reputation. It may be unethical, but in a zero-sum business world it is also survival of the fittest. It is a strategic alternative and a most effective one at that.

How’s it done? There are thousands of ways to screw with the basic relationship between the organization and its stakeholders frankly. But now with Web 2.0, it doesn’t get any easier.

By way of background, the term “Web 2.0″ was coined by O’Reilly Media in 2003 as a marketing buzzword used to capture the new ways of developing and interacting with on-line applications. Web 2.0 applications are by-directional and absolutely better suited for information gathering and analysis. Regrettably, these very same technologies can also be used by Black PR practitioners to reach the masses faster than ever before. Welcome to BPR 2.0.

For the record, BPR techniques in the Web 2.0 world are pretty much the same as their earlier iterations; only now the new tools can handle enormous volumes of information. While in Web 1.0 the data was hard to be found, analyzed and modified; today it is much more accessible and a lot more integrated. Simple fact, search engines query information more often than before and cached information sources never disappear.


Here, to spirit discussion, let’s look at some of the technical aspects of Web 2.0 and how each relate to potential Black PR practices:

Ajax — The term stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a new Web development practice which pushes key-business logic from the Web server down to the Web client in order to provide better user interface and in general improved user experience. However, often developers push down too much causing information leaks to appear around the internal application. These leaks may often contain sensitive information. BPR pros will then use the information obtained strategically as part of a reverse public relation campaign.

Feeds — Feeds are syndication formats designed to automatically deliver content to the user. RSS and ATOM are the two most popular formats. The idea behind feeds is rather than the need to visit a specific site as was the case in Web 1.0, a feed brings the information to the user. Due to their modularity and the remixable nature, feeds can very efficiently aggregate and re-distribute information.

Black PR professionals can take advantage of both RSS and ATOM by first locating key information channels and then using them to redistribute an alternative message. Once a carefully placed message is in circulation with important feed channels, it could potentially reach millions of users instantly. This type of technology can be used to spread forged messages in order to perform a negative BPR “stunt.” And remember, traces of these stunts remain on the Net (your Web portfolio) forever.

Social Networks — One of the key features of Web 2.0 is its social aspect. Social Networks are probably one of the most powerful BPR tools since they can be used to spread false messages virally.

Splogs – Blogging is now the undisputed 21st century media platform for delivering messages. However, Splogs, short for spam blogs, are false, forged and artificially created blogs by software agents. Splogs are usually used to generate income by abusing advertisement platforms such as Google Ad-Sense.

However, it is completely different story when it comes to BPR. Black PR practitioners can and do employ the power of splogging to deliver a message across multiple platforms. The actual splog content is dynamically generated out of completely legitimate blogs and deadly BPR messages are then subsequently embedded. The more splogs that are employed, the further the message is distributed.

SEO Power Tools — There are even power tools to enable even better and more successful BPR. One such is Paterva. Paterva is mega powerful tool which utilizes several social networks, search engines and information sources, such as the MIT PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) data to enable BPR professionals to extract and find links between entities in an easy to use and quite graphical way. Paterva can find links between e-mails, names, social profiles, locations, etc. Once the map is reveled the connections are obvious and leveragable.


Frankly, the real scary part… This stuff isn’t that hard. For instance, a hacker could very readily create hundreds of junk backlinks to your site within a short period of time. Most commonly they’ll set up a Splogs created using a free blog account. They’ll create it in such a way that the anchor text of these links to contain spam words like “online gambling” or “viagra”. Bottom line: Google sends up a red flag anytime you acquire too many backlinks too quickly (especially if the links look spammy). In short order, your Google PR (page rank) goes to hell.

You want a real example of BPR 2.0′s effectiveness? Here’s a BPR strategy designed steal the clients of their rival. One of the leading European airlines (name withheld here for security) recently launched a new version of its website. It’s Ajax Web2.0 orientated; it’s beautiful; and it’s vulnerable. What happened? The airline’s major competitor hired a small team of professional “black-hats” (hackers) to probe the site using light-weigh Web-apps. The hackers directly found various “leaks,” allowing them glean the names, contact details and many other personal data of the competitor’s customers. The competing airline used the information to target specific travel prospectives and prices. The result: the company with the beautiful new website lost about 25 percent the annual revenue as a result of client conversion.


A loss of 25 percent the annual revenue… That’s real money! And THAT should keep you up at night.

Well, at the very least, it should knock some sense into all the nuts-and-berries Social Media PR 2.0 freaks who think Web 2.0 is akin to the Second Coming.

Web 2.0 is without doubt the most innovative approach to technology. However, due to its flexibility, modularity and easy of use, it perfectly suits black public relations practices. The future is within the information, the single most valuable resource in the digital world. Black PR needs indefinite supply of it and Web 2.0 is here to make that happen.

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